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Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 13-06-2012

excellent .. this looks good .. then at the end of this you can come back with a 4k time-trial

everything OK with you?


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 13-06-2012

Sure, will keep you informed.

Thank you very much!! :notworthy:

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 18-06-2012

Good morning everybody!

Just came to give the summary of this last week on the off-period. Not much to say really, dealt with the planned schedule, easy sessions and so far so good Smile

Monday 40' easy on the mill - 8.4 Km - avg pace 4:45 - avg HR 150
Tuesday rest
Wednesday 30' relaxed street run - 6 Km - avg pace 4:57 - avg HR 142
Thursday 30' easy on the mill - 6.2 Km - avg pace 4:50 - avg HR 151
Friday 40' relaxed street run - 8 Km - avg pace 4:59 -avg HR 142
Saturday rest
Sunday 52' easy street run (slightly hilly) - 10.8 Km - avg pace 4:55 - avg HR 148

Starting the planned build up this week with 1h easy sessions.

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 18-06-2012

I do believe you going to come back very strongly after this 'short' build-up

nice to read


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 18-06-2012

Thank you very much TheEd for the cheers, I hope so!

BTW, today 1h relaxed by the street in the very center of the city, up & down streets. Total 11.86 Km, avg HR 145, avg pace 5:04... with quite a few stops in the semaphores.

I'm starting to enjoy this thing of running relaxed... I hope when I come back I haven't become a lazy ass... :whistle: hehe.

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 23-06-2012

Good morning everybody!

Came to report back this week's summary:

Monday - 1h relaxed by the street, 11.9 Km at 5:00 avg pace - HR 145 avg.
Tuesday - 1h relaxed by the street again, with some friends and lot of stops at semaphores, 11.03 Km at 5:20 avg pace - HR 137 avg.
Wednesday - 1h easy at 6PM, very hot and sunny, 12.3 Km at 4:49 avg pace - HR 155
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 50' on the mill, 5x8 at 75% with 2' easy (11 Km). For '75%' I choose near marathon pace, 4:15 since 74% of max HR is almost what I run on easy runs... easy pace at 5:15, pulsometer started to fail at the end, I guess avg was near 160-165 or so..
Today - 45' by the street with hills. 9.9 Km avg pace 4:31 with 212m acumulated, I hope it has been 'enough hilly'

Have to leave home, will talk later about tomorrow since if I have to perform the 4K trial I'm not sure that it's a good idea to run tomorrow and do it on monday?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 23-06-2012

you can run tomorrow .. take Monday off .. and do the 4k time-trial Tuesday

then from that we will have your 2k session for Thursday

hope this suits you



Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 23-06-2012

It looks like a great plan for me.

The only possible problem might be that today we'll go to spend the night at the beach for the 'San Juan' party so I'm not sure if tomorrow I will be as rested and feeling strong as I hope for the 75' run... will try my best Big Grin

In any case, Tuesday 4K trial and start Thursday with the 5x2000 seems perfect Smile

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 25-06-2012

Well, as I anticipated yesterday I woke up feeling quite like crap because we ate lot of chip potatoes and many other sugary and fatty junk food and some beer... but with proper hydration and clean eating during the day at noon I felt ok and went up for my 75' run. Did 17.80 Km in 77' at avg. pace 4'20 min/km, first part uphill and second part downhill. Garmin softband failed at the middle of the training for the 3rd day in a row... maybe I should start looking for a replacement, if I interpolate the 'trustable' time working fine I guess it would have been around 160-165 HR avg, felt pretty good during the whole session.

Today rest of running as planned, looking forward to tomorrow's 4K trial Big Grin

Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 25-06-2012

Well done! I found that running is actually quite a good way to get rid of a hangover:great: