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Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 25-06-2012

Hehe it's true that in this cases I feel better when returning from having had exercise than before!

BTW, I didn't drink a lot, just two good-quality Dark Leffe Belgian beers Big Grin but carbo loading too much with chips and the like makes me feel awful some hours later, in fact now I'm more into fresh fruit and veggies because of this, despite I love so much sugary things and starches :please:

ps: well done in your last race Wink

Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 25-06-2012

Thanks! And good luck to you with the 4k time trial tomorrow!

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 26-06-2012

Good nite everybody.

Sheesh, today has been a very harsh day regarding my "real life" (the other one besides the "running life" which sometimes seems to overtake the real life...) and maybe it hasn't been a good day to perform the 4K trial, and I guess a "normal" person wouldn't even consider training, but since I find a little bit of time later at noon on the time I was planning to go training, I did. It also helps me evade a little bit of the stress and problemes of the "real life".

Ok that's enough with the philosophic stuff (sorry, this helps me evade too), lets get into running. I did 1 Km warmup and two strides to get into the pace. The place I choose last time it's very near home so I can get there in no time. It's just a long 2KM asphalt road with low transit.

So just about 5' warmup and I started with the trial. Full effort, race like, could not have ran faster.

The full activity data:

And the summary:
Distance: 4KM according to the Garmin GPS
Time: 14:12
Pace: 3:33 min/km
Avg. HR: 176
Max. HR: 186
Climatic conditions: 9:45 PM, no sun at that time but warm weather (between 27-26ºC), 55% humidity, some wind (avg. 11 kmph).

Compared to 8th April, almost 2 and a half months ago, its a little bit of an improvement, so not that bad, but just a slightly improvement I guess. Back then, after the marathon, I ran 4.01 Km in 14:24, avg pace 3:36. HR profile pretty similar, avg HR 177 and Max HR 188, slightly higher back then.

According to the formula...

Quote:4K at 3:33 pace means a 5K in 17:44, that translates into 17:44 x 2 + 1' minute compensation = 36:28 for a 10K (avg pace 3:38)

... the paces for the intervals should be:

5x2000 at 3:40 (if we round up)
6x1000 at 3:30
10x400 at 3:20

Well, that's more or less what I have been doing this two last months. I guess it's natural since I'm not very far away from where I started.

What are your thoughts on this TheEd?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 27-06-2012

Well done Albert considering how you felt before running the 4km

this is a progressive result and very good considering the training before this and a little better than I thought you would run

just be careful now that you don't get sick, colds etc .. so make sure to drink more water during the day and look to get a few early nights' sleep

we will increase the pace of the 2k session by 5 seconds

3.35 to 3.40 per k = 7.10 to 7.20

3.25 to 3.30 per k for the 1k session

400m pace up to 3.15 to 3.20

maintain the 1hr runs as normal .. so from now on you can run 1hr easy recovery each day (please ask questions about this, if not clear)

my main concern is avoiding colds etc

onwards and forwards and well done


Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 27-06-2012

Thank you very much for the quick feedback as always :notworthy:

I like the idea of trying to bump up a little bit the times in the intervals, trying to get near 3:35 pace at the 5x2000 will be challenging for sure, like it Big Grin

As for the 1h runs... you mean every easy run on the schedule (like the 30' easy, 40' easy or the 10K easy) should be 1h relaxed run? I see this is not prescribed even in the sub 33 minutes plan... are you sure about this? Big Grin I can try and see how it works, despite 30-40' easy/recovery runs were pretty convenient the days I go to the gym since they are easy to fit in the end of the training with the mill. Maybe I could up this ones to 45' and then the days I plan running by the street do it 1h relaxed?

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 27-06-2012

Hi Albert, this normally recommended after the Build Up phase, it can't be added to the 10k programs as the programs are progressive and that is what the return is due to feedback from the forums

1hr provides an aerobic alternative that helps a tremendous amount for recovery between events, sessions and overall ability to race harder in the long-term

the 1hr is meant to be done if you have no problems and can do so without any side effects

do ask questions

ps.. there are am (morning) runs which are also a progressive part of the programs Wink , soon I will show you photos of athletes who have run 33 minutes off these programs and who do not look like athletes at all and they all worked full time jobs .. the more talented athletes ran sub 29 and 62 minutes for 21km

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 27-06-2012

:wow: you should be a politician... you have convinced me with these numbers :please: hehehe

Ok I see, I think that everything is clear now. Tomorrow I'll come with a graphical schedule for the next weeks to check that everything is planned accordingly, for now I'll go to bed to get some good rest since tomorrow I'll have to wake up early to do the 5x2000 first thing in the morning, otherwise I could not guarantee I could find a hole on the rest of the day, tomorrow will be quite busy.

Goood night! ;D

Sub 36 in 10K - Albert83BCN - 28-06-2012

Good morning! Man, I think I don't give you proper recovery between sessions, I'm here again :mmm:

I went to the track this morning to do the 5x2000. It has been very tough, It's a good thing that there's 3 weeks between these sessions so by the time I get there once again I don't remember how much I suffered the last time Big Grin

I started at 3:38 pace and the first one ok, then the sun started to raise and I could clearly feel it, weather started to get hot in no time and by the 3rd interval I was pretty worn out and I have to start to drop pace, I almost call it a day at the end of this 3rd interval but in the end I found the will to end at least at whatever pace I could.

This is the full activity:

And the summary:

[COLOR="Red"]4 1:29.3 0,42 3:33
5 1:28.3 0,43 3:26
6 1:27.8 0,43 3:25
7 1:26.4 0,42 3:27
8 1:26.7 0,43 3:24[/COLOR] -> Max HR 175
9 1:30.8 0,13 11:34 -> HR Down to 119
[COLOR="Red"]10 1:25.8 0,42 3:27
11 1:27.0 0,42 3:26
12 1:27.1 0,43 3:24
13 1:27.5 0,42 3:28
14 1:27.5 0,41 3:32[/COLOR] -> Max HR 180
15 1:31.2 0,12 12:50 -> HR Down to 128
[COLOR="Red"]16 1:27.7 0,43 3:26
17 1:27.2 0,42 3:27
18 1:29.3 0,42 3:34
19 1:28.9 0,42 3:33
20 1:28.8 0,42 3:32[/COLOR] -> Max HR 181
21 1:32.6 0,14 11:10 -> HR Down to 139
[COLOR="Red"]22 1:27.6 0,42 3:28
23 1:31.6 0,41 3:43
24 1:32.7 0,41 3:46
25 1:31.7 0,41 3:43
26 1:29.2 0,42 3:35[/COLOR] -> Max HR 182
27 1:32.7 0,11 13:57 -> HR Down to 139
[COLOR="Red"]28 1:32.4 0,41 3:46
29 1:35.1 0,41 3:50
30 1:33.9 0,42 3:46
31 1:32.9 0,42 3:42
32 1:27.8 0,42 3:31[/COLOR] -> Max HR 182
33 2:30.4 0,20 12:32 -> HR Down to 138

Condensed into 2K laps:


Compared to 8 weeks ago (last 5x2000 4 weeks ago I did it with 2' recovery if you remember so it wouldn't be a fair comparison) I think today's has been pretty weak:


Well, I guess it will get better next time. Onwards and forwards Smile

Sub 36 in 10K - IamWill - 28-06-2012

For the first time in over a month we had a hot and humid day in the Netherlands. I almost forgot how it is to run in such conditions and how much of a difference it makes when it comes to pace & effort... So what I want say about your 2k session is: well doneBig Grin!

Sub 36 in 10K - TheEd - 28-06-2012

Albert, the heat does have a negative effect on performance .. make sure to hydrate and enjoy the weekend, come the 1000m session you should be flying again

a positive heads up