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Running on a treadmill - shaunx - 15-01-2008

Hi Everybody,

More often than not, I find myself running on a treadmill - probably because it is in front of a TV.I find that the workout is just as good and I can monitor both my pace and HBPM. It seems to also be softer on my knees and works great in the Winter.

What are your thoughts?

Running on a treadmill - bigmike - 22-03-2008

Hi Shaun

I find that I get more injuries running on a treadmill as you seem to keep hitting the same spot. 30-40min latter the body starts to hurt. My ankles took strain.

When I am on the road the road is always throwing something different at you. You don't get that repeaditive movement

This sounds quite strange coming from me. I always used the treadmill. But since I have hit the road I have never been back on the treadmill. I have even hit the road at 10pm at night because I got home late from work


Running on a treadmill - Tensolator - 27-08-2008

It depends. I live in an area where the wind can hit 20-40 miles an hour on a regular basis. Since I live in the high desert 20-40 mile an hour winds mean a lot of dust and dirt blowing around. Winters can also be quite inclement. So I also find myself on a treadmill regularly. I don't notice a difference in aches or pains. However, I do find the treadmill to be not as mentally engaging as when I am outside.