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Obsessive Runner - Snads - 26-04-2009

I've become an obsessive runner, I think. Been following the programs since September 2008 and have made some good progress. 5k down to 21:27 (Apr'09) and 10k down to 45:51 (Apr'09)and Half Mara 1:53:20 (Nov'08).

Reading the other threads I think I'm not paying enough attention to my HR and probably running too hard in the easy runs. Equally my warm ups and cool downs are minimal. I have a HRM and occasionally it goes up to 230-248 within the first mile and then settles down. I certainly never get an average below 140.

I'm lucky with flexible working so my training is easy to schedule and I've not had any injuries or colds/flu's etc.

Could do with some guidance please.

Obsessive Runner - TheEd - 26-04-2009

Welcome Snads

where would you say you are in your training at this moment, are you aiming towards a

sub 45 minute 10km

regarding your heart rate, the 230 to 248 would not be accurate, it would be more to do with the way the device is sitting which is causing false readings

if you want to follow a similar routine as the rest you could do a 4k time-trial on a 400m track and give us lap splits and heart rate for each lap

this will then help in providing you with more detailed info long-term

By the way, when did you do the 45min 10k you mention, please?



Obsessive Runner - Snads - 26-04-2009

Hi thanks for the quick response. I completed the sub50min 10k prog and on day 19 ran a 5k race and PB'd at 22.34 (29/03/09). I then started the prog again but moved the times to half way between the sub50 and sub45 and on day 19 did a 10k time trial and posted the PB of 45:51 (19/04/09). I then started the sub45 in full and have today (Day3) knocked out the 4x2k's (murder!) as follows:
1/4:21/167/179 slight decline
2/4:24/184/190 slight incline
3/4:20/178/186 slight decline
4/4:31/181/190 slight incline
My 405 showed average pace including the rests which was rubbish so I couldn't see my pace so just ran, pretty good considering that.
I've got my next 10k race on 12/5 (Day19). Do you still need me to do the 4k?

Obsessive Runner - TheEd - 26-04-2009

no need for the 4k .. you can start providing feedback of heart rate etc from your sessions so we can learn a little more about you

ps.. please monitor the health of your legs and body as you have improved a fair amount already.

Obsessive Runner - Snads - 26-04-2009

Re the PS will do but how do I do that?

By the way Day 1 was 11.74k in 1:08:23 avg pace 5:49km/h avg hr 145 and max 170 (it was a bit hilly in places). Day 2 was easy 5k in 30mins on treadmill (0%inc) max hr 162.

Obsessive Runner - TheEd - 26-04-2009

monitor health .. check your am pulse rate and make sure to be cautious if it is 10 bpm higher than the normal morning pulse, for one

don't run hard on legs which are tired or still recovering

basically be cautious



Obsessive Runner - Snads - 28-04-2009

Hi Ed, OK progress so far:
Day 4 Rest, Day 5 = 90 minutes on feet, covered 16.1k, ave HR 155, max 182, long incline at end.
My lowest resting pulse when taken first thing is about 55 though doesn't stay there long. I suppose I should also tell you I'm 38, 80kg and 5ft 9". Tomorrow is Day6 easy 30mins. I'm interested in your feedback on the above and at what pace you think tomorrows easy should be. Cheers, Snads.

Obsessive Runner - TheEd - 28-04-2009

hazard a guess that the easy run would be around 145 bpm however when you do your easy run then check the pulse and if it is 'dead' slow, then it means the hr is at the wrong level

give us a little longer to gather further data

ps.. thanks for the other details


Obsessive Runner - Snads - 30-04-2009

Day 6 - Tried to keep my 30min easy at 145 bpm, too slow, so did 5k in 30 mins at 155bpm, though my first 1k ave was 165 with a max of 217bpm, without this the average was 150bpm with a max of 160bpm.
Due to other commitments I've had to swap day 7 & 8 so I have just done Day 8 - 6x1ks:
How do I look Ed?
Day 7 tomorrow 30 mins easy.

Obsessive Runner - TheEd - 30-04-2009

From the above session you are still around 21:27, 5k shape, so don't look for too much improvement just yet

enjoy the cycles and the results will follow

consistency is the key