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Sub 40min 10k - TheEd - 01-06-2012

you will need to give this a few days recovery .. you are able to swim and cycle (spinning, if you know how to do this properly)

and try to do ankle exercises from tomorrow

do you know how to do the alphabet with your big toe

this is a good exercise



Sub 40min 10k - Chris.C - 01-06-2012

I have a race for next Sat, think that may be 50/50 now as today has been a real struggle, the first few strides hurt like hell then calms off a bit! Weird!

Will give it a rest and try the spinning as you suggest for now, stretches etc! No idea about the alphabet, never done that before!

I'm gutted as was really getting into it, your programme has been a breath of fresh air as each run is different!

Sub 40min 10k - TheEd - 01-06-2012

ALPHABET .. sit down stretch your leg out (shoes off) point toe out and then start drawing the alphabet in the air

A .. move your ankle toe pointing down start / then \ and swoosh across - to create A

then B .. work your way through the alphabet accordingly

ICE ankle each day and then take a 'panodol' type painkiller before bedtime

no walking .. hopefully everything all right by Monday

don't test the ankle in-between and don't try run

these things happen unfortunately



Sub 40min 10k - Chris.C - 27-08-2012

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help, after having a break and then going on holiday, I thought I would start running again. My ankle surprisingly hurt, so I thought I would put my barefoot runners in the cupboard and bought some with more cushioning.

I tried to run, but it hurt and had no strength it in it. I was booked to do the Stockholm midnattsloppet", if I pulled out, the Mrs would too, so I wasnt going to let that happen, since it cost a fair bit. So loaded with Ibruafen, and heavy strapping, it hurt like hell and the swelling was still there. So I went for a check up, had it x ray'd and it turns out there was a "distal fibula fracture", which really shocked me as I never felt the ankle go over, etc.

Well at least I now know that how I strapped it was correct as it had healed straight, fortunately!

So, will stay away from the forests for at least 6 weeks Sad

My tip and what I learnt, if you ankle is still giving problems after 4 weeks, get it checked out! even if you didnt feel it go over! :duh:

Sub 40min 10k - TheEd - 27-08-2012

wow Chris .. that is quite radical .. here's hoping that your recovery goes well without too many problems

I didn't realise that you have been using 'barefoot' runners?

thanks for the update


Sub 40min 10k - Chris.C - 28-08-2012

Ive used them for the last 2 years, started with Nike 3.0 and then the last was the merrell road runners, which I love, my stride was excellent, but hey ho.

So eventhough I have strength and flexibility it just hurts a lot when running, mainly due to the callus built above the ankle bone, but Im doing physio at home and hopefully now I know it was a fracture, Ill stop running for at least 4 weeks and see how it goes. Weirdly I didnt know that when running, your ankles are taking up to three times your body weight!

As Arnie once said, or probably many more times, Ill be back!

Sub 40min 10k - TheEd - 28-08-2012

your calf muscles are more or less your natural shock absorbers

if your calf muscles are being overloaded with weight bearing / shock absorption they stop supporting the ligaments of the ankle

which in turn leads to ankle problems

in the earlier posts we spoke of exercises to improve the ankle however at the time I did not know what type of 'tyres' (read shoes) you had on

keep this in mind with going forward