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training advice wanted - michel28 - 10-05-2012


my situation,
seriously started running an losing weight 3 months ago. build a base of 40-50 km a week, spread over 4/5/6 runs a week dependent on my work/social long run is a weekly 16k.

i am 28 years, 182 cm long 78.8 kg and male.
i did a 3 k time trial in 11:08.

this prompted me to try the 40min 10k program. While the paces seem relatively easy, the number of reps is very hard on my legs(interfering with running up to 3 days after an interval session). Is this because i have an insufficient base?

i thought of 2 options for myself:

1) stop running intervals, build my base until i run around 75k a week.

2) reduce the number of reps to the number of reps in the 50min 10k program (4*1000 and 3*2000, skip the 400's) but keep the sub 40 pace.

What are your thoughts on how to proceed?


training advice wanted - TheEd - 11-05-2012

Hi Michel and welcome to the forums

if you used your 3k time to determine that you shall do the sub 40 minute 10k schedule, then the pace would have been quite tough to start with

I would have had you start off around 4.05 to 4.10 per k for the 2k session

so 8.10 - 8.20 for the 2k session

and we would also have juggled your days of easy running around to provide for better adaptation

if you willing to start over again and then provide feedback then we can see if we can ease you back into things without as much problems

over to you


training advice wanted - michel28 - 11-05-2012

Ill take it easy for a few days, run easy 1hr runs each day and let my body rest up.

i have a 5k on may 20th, ill run that on my existing base and i will pick it up after that.

Thanks for the feedback, ill adjust my paces!

so 4:10/4:05 for the 2k reps and 4 flat for the 1k reps?


training advice wanted - michel28 - 11-05-2012

ps. for what its worth i didnt feel 3:40 to 3:50 was to fast for the 1k reps, i just found the number of reps and the number of hard workout days in a week hard to manage/recover from.


training advice wanted - TheEd - 11-05-2012

the short rest periods are very significant in the development and training

if you able to run 3.40 per k it augers well for further development

when you do the 2k session, that is very much the pace you would like to race 10k at and the same applies for the 5k

enjoy the race on the 20th