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Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - Boony - 18-05-2012


looking forward to using the 10K programmes on this site, and hope I can acheive as much as some of the others on here.

I started running in January this year after almost 2 years out of regular exercise.

I've ran 2 10K races so far this year, I clocked 52mins in the first race (25th March) and 50mins in the second (15th April).

My aim is to run my home town 10K under/around 45mins, this is on 23rd Sep and will be my last race of the summer before going on holiday (for a much earned rest I'm expecting!)

Between now and then I am registered for other races,

27th May - 10K (hoping to break 50mins)
17th June - 10K
15th July - 10K
29th July - 5K Assault Course
19th Aug - 10K

I'm happy to treat these races as easy training runs/race experience opportunities with the race on the 23rd being my main goal.

I'm thinking of starting the programme on the Tuesday after my 10K race on 27th May, but unsure if I should start on the sub 50min or sub 45min.

There are 16 weeks available for training (29th May - 18th Sep), so not sure if there is the time available to complete the sub 50 and move onto the sub 45 .

Any advice you can offer would be appeciated, if there is any other info I can provide that is useful please let me know. All my workouts from Jan to date are recorded



PS. Have noticed that most people provide HR info, is this something you require? At the moment I use the Runmeter app to plan and record my running, the Wahoo HR kit costs around £100 so don't want to fork out on something unless really needed.

Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - Boony - 18-05-2012

Hi, further to my post above.

I've been looking for the info on your website and have worked back from the date of the race in September (my main goal).

If I begin the off-training programme on Wednesday 30th May, complete the 2 weeks and then follow it with 6 weeks of the build-up plan I will be able to complete 3 cycles of the 10K plan perfectly to coincide with the race in September.

How deos this sound?



Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - TheEd - 18-05-2012

Hi Boony and welcome to the forums

consider doing the sub 50 minute 10km program for the run down to next 10km race and then straight after that we can start working on the next level of running thereafter

hope that is suitable and look forward to running you down to achieving your goal in September


ps.. apologies in advance for any slow response this weekend .. busy with

Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - Boony - 18-05-2012

Hi TheEd,

Thanks for the reply, I'll start the 21 day cycle on the Wednesday after my race on the 27th. I'll post my progress on here.

Best of luck with the IM.



Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - Boony - 23-05-2012

Using the last week of the 50min programme to prepare for a 10K race on Sunday, before starting a full 3 week cycle next Wednesday in prep for a race on the 17th June

Progress this week

Monday - 10K easy - average 5:53, 10.04 km, total time 59:06

Tuesday - 30min easy - average 5:55, 5.10 km, total time 30:08

Wednesday - 3 x 5min (race pace), 1min easy - average 5:02, 3.58 km, total time 18:04

1: Av 4.34min per/km
2: Av 4.58min per/km
3: Av 5.04min per/km

Was aiming at 5.00 min per/km, struggled to slow myself down for the first 5 min interval, that wasn't a problem for the other 2!

Thurs & Friday are both 30min easy before resting on Saturday.

Looking forward to doing a full 3 week cycle, after the run today I can tell the 3 x 2K are going to be challenging! Can already see the benefits of going slower than I normally would on the easy runs and saving myself for the quality interval work.


Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - TheEd - 23-05-2012

good luck for the upcoming event

you will find that as you become more experienced with the program you will see the difference in training to race

you will know the program works and will then hold yourself back accordingly

now is very much the feel stage of the new program



Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - Boony - 28-05-2012

Well, was aiming at sub 50 on Sunday. Ended up finishing in 54 minutes, was 25:50 through the 1st 5K and 28:23 through the 2nd 5K. Not too unhappy as it was very hot, and all good experience for the future.

Doing a final 30 min easy run tomorrow then starting the sub 50 programme on Wednesday.

Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - TheEd - 28-05-2012

it is always difficult in the heat .. good positive response putting it down to experience

start with Day 1 on Tuesday ..

Place Day 3 on Thursday

chat soon


Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - Boony - 31-05-2012

Morning TheEd,

update so far for the 1st week, after the 3 x 2K training this morning.

65 min easy - run time 1:05:04, 10.82 km, average 6:01/km

30 min easy - run time 30:03, 5.10 km, average 5:53/km

3 x 2K (target 4:55/km) w/ 2min rest

1. 2K - 9:35 (av.4:48/km)
2. 2K - 9:59 (av 4:59/km)
3. 2K - 9:46 (av 4:53/km)

Felt good, went off too quick for the 1st Km in the 1st interval, which is probbaly reflected in the slower time for the 2nd interval.

The 3rd interval felt tough, so I did my best to relax, keep good form and use my arms. Overall really pleased at my first attempt of the 3 x 2km.

for the rest of the week its

Fri - Rest
Sat - 90min
Sun - 30min
Mon - 30min

Enjoy your weekend,



Sub 45 by 23rd September 2012 - TheEd - 31-05-2012

good stuff Nick .. no need to put a run in after the 90 minutes on Saturday

you can do a swim if you want but rather don't overload the system too soon

ps.. enjoy weekend