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5k in Sub 25 minutes - Sal - 30-05-2012


I have only been running for around 9 months and have recently run a 10k race in 54:53. I would like to eventually aim to run a 5k in under 25 minutes and then go for a 10k in under 50 minutes.

I appreciate that I have a long way to go and would like to aim for the 5k target first. Is there a way of adapting the plans for a 5k as they are all based on 10k.

Many thanks

5k in Sub 25 minutes - TheEd - 30-05-2012

Hi Sal and welcome to the forums

what kind of time are you spending on your training currently?

If you able to give me a break down of your week etc then I can look to formulate something

the benefit of using the 10k program structure is that allows for faster 5k's as well, so I would recommend you looking to a 10k program structure, this depending on what training you doing currently



5k in Sub 25 minutes - Sal - 30-05-2012

Thank you for such a quick response.

I did look at the 10k under 50 plan but on day 12 I think it says run 5k at sub 25, which at the moment I can't do.

At the moment I run about 4 times a week;
one speed session of either 400's, 800's etc
one longer run - at the moment the furthest in time I have done is around an hour and 15 minutes
and then 2 shorter say 3 or 4 mile easy runs.

I'm happy with the same of training days in the 10k plan but just not sure if the long run is just a bit of a jump for me and the speed of the interval runs might be just a bit too fast for me.

Having said that my most recent speed sessions are 400's at 1:38 and 800's approx 3:35. However the further in distance I go the slower my speed is at a disproportionate rate (I think). My fastest 5k I've run (although not in race conditions) is 27:45

Many thanks

5k in Sub 25 minutes - TheEd - 30-05-2012

OK .. we will play it by ear and work from there

if you able to shoot out a 4k time-trial so we have a 'marker' for exact current level

then from that we will use the sub 50 minute 10k schedule and revamp it to your requirements

over to you


5k in Sub 25 minutes - Sal - 31-05-2012

Thank you. I'll go out tomorrow and run a 4k and let you know my time.

Kind regards


5k in Sub 25 minutes - Sal - 02-06-2012

Just run the 4k time trial in 21:06.

I wonder whether I should be aiming initially for sub 26 5k and sub 53 for 10k.

My first race is in 4 weeks - it's a 5k on 24th June.

Kind regards


5k in Sub 25 minutes - TheEd - 02-06-2012

nice going Sal .. we will set something up ..

we will use the sub 50 minute 10k program as the 'frame' and change it according to your level

you can go for an easy 20 to 30 minutes light recovery tomorrow

Monday Rest

Tuesday .. easy up to 1hr .. can also be 40 minutes

Wed - Rest

Thursday .. 3 x 2k session .. will provide pace for this session shortly

please ask questions .. have a nice weekend


5k in Sub 25 minutes - Sal - 04-06-2012

Thank you - I've just noticed that I said the race was in 4 weeks, it's actually 3 weeks until the 24th June!

As well as running I also do a pilates class to help with core strength. Do you think I should also add a couple of strength training sessions a week as well and should I do these on rest days or leave those days for complete rest and do them on the 30 minute easy run days?

Kind regards


5k in Sub 25 minutes - TheEd - 04-06-2012

Hi Sal, the race should slot into the 3 week cycle quite well

continue with the core strength sessions but rather not do anything leg strength related before the 3 x 2k session and the day after the 2k session, as this session will be quite a shock to the system

will provide pace for 2k session after your reply


5k in Sub 25 minutes - Sal - 04-06-2012

Thank you - I will plan anything strength training as suggested neither immediately before or after the hard sessions.

I have just checked my garmin and the splits for the 4k were are follows:


Not sure if this helps with the pacing?

If you need anything else from me, just let me know.

Kind regards