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Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 05-06-2012

Hi TheEd/All,

I am
• 40 years old Ahem..smoker/drinker
• Intermittently active runner/cyclist
• Looking for achievable goals
• Max HR ~184, measured on a treadmill 3 months ago.

I did a 5x2k 90r test run yesterday
Split|Time | Dist|Avg Pa|BstPce|AvgHR| Max HR
1 |07:45.3 | 1.77| 4:23 | 3:36 | 145 | 157
2 |01:30.0 | AvgHR | 126 |
3 |08:47.1 | 1.93| 4:33 | 3:58 | 153 | 162
4 |01:18.7 |AvgHR| 134 |
5 |09:04.2 | 1.95| 4:39 | 3:56 | 157 | 165
6 |01:30.0 |AvgHR| 129 |
7 |09:06.1 | 1.95| 4:40 | 3:46 | 158 | 166
8 |01:30.0 |AvgHR| 137 |
9 |08:25.4 | 1.91| 4:24 | 3:49 | 162 | 170
10|01:30.0 |AvgHR | 141 |
T | 50:26 | 9.75| 5:11 | 3:36 | 152 | 170

The course was a straight line 1k course. I have access to a running track but it is a bit difficult.
I had to stop 25m from the end, I was pooped.

Details (Sorry can't add links yet)

At the moment I have no goals or races in the calendar. I am looking for a little guidance and direction to create achievable goals with your 10k programs.
If you need any other information about me please ask.


Oops, Can this thread be moved to the 10k training forum.

Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 05-06-2012

Hi mic and welcome to the forums

best thing you could have done for a marker was to run a 4k time-trial, so if you up to this towards the end of the week then that would be great .. thereafter according to the 4k time we can have you start Day 1 next Tuesday

what we need to know is what training and background you have currently, so that we don't make any mistakes which can hinder your progress

over to you


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 07-06-2012

Hi TheEd/All,

Thank you for your response. You asked about my background and 4k.

5 years ago, after 10 years of relative inactivity, I seen a picture of myself at 100kg. I started running but was mostly injured. I switched to forefoot running. As a consequence of this, or focusing on form, my injuries mostly disappeared.

Up until 2011 I was focusing on Marathon, but I found it a little boring.

In March 2012 I was running 13km in 1hr 10mins, but decided I needed speed, so I started interval training. I did too much and plateaued/ over-trained.

TheEd, the reason I enjoy your feedback to others is that you can see when users are over-training and encourage them against it.

I try to run 3 times a week, but with no easy runs. I try to bike as a replacement.

At your suggestion I ran a 4k tt. I think I paced it well, as I would not have been able to run another 500m.
Spl Time Dist AvgP BestP AvgHR MaxHR
1 04:14 1 4:14 3:38 149 161
2 04:09 1 4:10 3:56 167 172
3 04:06 1 4:06 3:51 174 175
4 03:58 1 3:58 3:38 179 182

Tot16:30 4 4:07 3:38 167 182

If you need more data you can find it here

Any questions, please ask.

Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 08-06-2012

OK .. that is a fairly solid 4k to start with

you can have a longish run over the weekend at a distance you currently used to ..

the Tuesday will be day 1 and Thursday will be the 5 x 2k session

you have recovery days in-between the quality sessions currently and there is no need to push up mileage etc

core of training between days 5 to 8

during this time the long run is also something we need to work on where 1hr becomes something of ease

pace for 2k session will start at 4.20 per k = 8.20

any questions?


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 08-06-2012

Thanks TheEd,

which program am I following? The reason I ask is some programs have 5x2k and some 4x2k.

What heart rate should I be aiming for in the easy runs? 150? I have no problem running 2 hrs sloooww.

"pace for 2k session will start at 4.20 per k = 8.20"
Should it be 4.10 or 8.40?

When do you want me to report back? Thursday?


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 08-06-2012

Hi Michael

you are on the

sub 40 minute 10km program structure

though with your pace according to your needs

so we will start with 5 x 2k @ 4.20 per k = 8.40 (my bad on the 8.20 but maybe you can try that pace for the last one Wink)

onwards and forwards


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 14-06-2012

Hi TheEd,

Here is my feedback from days 1,2 & 3.

Tue (1hr)
Distance: 10.75 km Time: 58:34 Avg Pace: 5:27 min/km AHR 143

Wed(30 mins)
Distance: 5.05 km Time: 27:41 Avg Pace: 5:29 min/km AHR 140

Thursday (5x2 4.20/k)
Time |AvPce|Avg HR
08:41|4:21|167 (erroneous HR spikes)
01:30| |139
01:30| |143
01:30| |149
01:30| |149
01:30| |150

Last 2k tried to hit 4.10/k, but I didn't have the pace in my legs.

OK. So do you need extra info from me?


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 14-06-2012

decent session Mic


roll though your days and the come Tuesday session

6 x 1000m Rest 60 second @ 4.10 per k

if you feeling strong the last 1km, you can pick up

please let me know how the weekend's training goes?



Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 17-06-2012

Hi TheEd,

Here is my long run Saturday (day 5)
distance 13.93km Time 1:18 Av Pace 5:36 min/km AHR 142

Sunday was an easy bike ride.

Most of my goals, (sub 20 5km, sub 43 10km) require me to maintain a ~4min/k pace. I do not have a race at the end of this cycle of training. I am lacking speed.
Therefore, should I
1) continue to the end of this program and get some benchmark times, or
2) start from the beginning after day 8 and work on gaining the speed I need ~20sec per k

Also day 7 is a relaxed 10k. Was is the difference between easy and relaxed? My easy pace, 140BPM is about a 5.25k


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 17-06-2012

Hi Mic .. if you attempt to run too fast too soon you will cause a reverse training effect which leads to injuries etc

the 10k program is 'progressive' and will develop you in a way to achieve your goals accordingly

once you do a session such as 5 x 2k in 3.55 to 4 minutes per k (7.50 to 8 minutes) with Rest 90 seconds, you will be ready to run sub 40 minutes for 10km

so hang in there, be patient and you will note that things become easier and everything speeds up naturally according to the fitness developing

the programs work, it is then down to the individual to balance life and training in the correct manner

with the advice here, we aim to achieve these requirements for you as well as getting the results while 'attempting' to avoid the pitfalls of sickness and injuries

onwards and forwards

ps.. keep your easy runs closer to the 140 bpm, despite it feeling slow .. you will speed up naturally as you progress .. easy & relaxed is in an attempt to avoid problems between the quality sessions .. they mean more or less the same thing Wink