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Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 05-07-2012

Hi Mic, we will look to hit 4.15 to 4.20 per k

8.30 to 8.40

hopefully the session can go smoothly

good luck


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 06-07-2012

Hi TheEd,

My 5x2 was very difficult and I could not complete it. The humidity yesterday was horrid, and hard for me to deal with.
As a result my workout was as follows

Dist 3.25k T 15:24 AHR 151bpm
1 8:30 P 4:15 AHR 160
2 AHR 161
3 Gave up half way through

  • I knew that I would get no quality into this session after the first 2k. In a situation like this should I quit the session, or just complete it as best I can?
  • Should I try to reschedule the 5x2? It is much cooler today.
  • Is there anything specific I should look at to run in humid conditions, or is it a matter of training through it?


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 06-07-2012

Mic when the conditions are too hot then it is not worth trying to complete the session .. if weather conditions are fine then, yes .. complete the session even if you slow

don't try make up for the lost 2k session, simply continue with the cycle

the 6 x 1k is normally a more enjoyable session

don't be too hard on yourself .. simply look forward

patience is often needed when such things happen

enjoy your weekend


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 14-07-2012

Hi TheEd,

Here is my update from the last week, not that there is much to say.

I have 1 kid with chicken pox. I have another kid who is about to catch them. I get a spin on the bike trainer every now and then.

When things return to normal (should be in a week), should I run a 4k tt and start over, or do you have another recommendation?


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 14-07-2012

hope everything returns to normal shortly

have a fine weekend


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 17-12-2012

Hi TheEd,

A little update from the last 5 months.
I did little or no running for 3 months Jul-Sept. A combination of family, work and personal stuff did not help.
But mostly the hot weather. I really need to get a strategy for hot weather running.

I started again in Mid Sept, after 2 week build up, I have have been roughly following the program.

So this is where I am at the moment:
Long run : 24k, 2:02hr, Pace 5.16k, ahr 144
6x1 : pace 3:55 with AHR 158
5x2 : pace 4:08 with AHR 154
5k : 19:52 AHR 162
easy run: 10.49k, 51 mins, pace 4.56k/m, AHR 145

Sept 100k
Oct 180k
Nov 260k
Dec 90k

I had planned off period over Christmas but icy conditions have forced me to take the last 10 days off.

Just wondering where I should go from here?

I don't have any races planned, I just battle myself at the mo.

I have been following the forum and you talk a lot about balance. Could you point me to a blog article that explains a little more about balance?


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 17-12-2012

Hi Mickey, welcome back .. give me a day or two and I shall write an article about 'balance'

thanks for that prompt

after Christmas, you can look to do a 4k time-trial and from there we can build on your pace for the new training cycles

have a good Festive Season


Lurker looking for direction - TheEd - 19-12-2012

Hi Mickey, a new post has been written

[URL=""]Balance in Running

hopefully it doesn't come across as too much googlie-gook


Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 19-12-2012

Thanks for the clarification TheEd.

I had assumed that balance that you had referred to on numerous posts previously had to do with the balance of speed and stamina or some such alien concept to me, a relatively inexperienced runner.

It turns out to be far more important..

Lurker looking for direction - mic72key - 18-07-2018

Hi TheEd,
Been a while. Since I was last here I haven't done much apart from put on weight.

I would like to get myself in a position where I can restart your program.

I restarted running 5 weeks ago. My aim until until now was to keep my heart below 140.
Here is a summary
w1 15k, w2 36k, w3 37k, w4 21k, w5 40k
Last run 8k 1hr AHR 136.

What would your advice be to get into a position to start on the sub 60 10k program?

Thanks in advance.