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Half Marathon Training Schedule - jd912 - 07-06-2012

Hi theEd,

I'm thinking of trying a half marathon later this year.

I've been following the sub-40 10k program for about 1 year. How would you suggest I modify the schedule to train for the half marathon?

Also, I've seen a couple of mentions of a marathon training program but not been able to find any links. Tentatively thinking of marathon next year.


Half Marathon Training Schedule - TheEd - 08-06-2012

Hi Joe, if you were looking to run half marathon then we suggest doing a longer run on the weekends (minimum of 18k)

please let me know your thoughts on this

ps.. the marathon program that we have spoken about is an advanced program for those running a fair amount under 40 minutes for 10k .. at a later stage we will add the more standard type of marathon training schedules