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Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 03-07-2009


1hr Sunday and 30 to 40 minutes Monday

then Day1

enjoy the time


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 09-07-2009

Hello Ed Here's some recent feedback for you.
Sat' 4th July (No set Day number) 58mins easy
Sun' 5th July (No set Day number) 33mins easy
Mon' 6th July (No set Day number) Rest
Tues 7th July Day 1 63mins 49secs easy. 13.06km, 4mins 53secs per km HR 139av,141max. Warm, raining, flat, all road.
Wed' 8th July Day2 28mins 22secs easy. ?km
HR 134av, max? Warm, flat, partly off road
Thur' 9th July Day 3 5X2K. Luke warm, slight breeze, flat, road.
Ideal running conditions.

8mins 4secs HR145av, 158max 1min 29secs rest HR120av, max?
7mins 59secs HR154av, 160max 1min 29secs rest HR130av.max?
7mins 56secs HR158av, 168max 1mins 29secs rest HR138av, max?
8mins 6secs HR159av, 167max 1mins 29secs rest HR139av, max?
8mins 12secs HR?av, ?max? HR monitor went strange again but timer ok.

Although I could feel the lactate in my legs on the last couple of reps and my HR was soaring I was really impressed with my progress. I knew that the weather had a very big impact last 5x2k session last Thursday. HOWEVER, I ALSO KNOW THAT THE IMPROVEMENT IS DOWN TO YOUR ADVICE. THANK YOU.
I will rest on day 4 tomorrow and continue with the schedule. Please let me know if there is anything else that I should be doing.

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 10-07-2009

a good 2000m session D

that certainly must give you confidence and after the 1000's you should become even more confident


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 14-07-2009

Hello Ed Feedback since and including Day 4.

Day 4 Rest
Day 5 92mins easy. HR 136av, 141max. Distance ? as partly off road.
Day 6 28mins 35secs easy. HR? 5.7km = 5mins 1sec per km
Day 7 47mins 41secs easy. HR 129av, 139max. 9.64km=4mins 57secs per k
Day 8 6 x 1km as follows:

3mins 44secs HR ?
1min rest HR ?
3mins 47secs HR ?
1min rest HR 140av
3mins 49secs HR 153av, 163max
1min rest HR 145av
3mins 51secs HR 151av, 167max
1min rest HR 149av
3mins 57secs HR 155av, 165max
1min rest HR 150av
3mins 56secs HR 158av, 171max

Av 3mins 51secs per km. Humid, breezy, flat road. My legs really felt the lactate on last two reps. Overall a good session but very hard.

What sort of pace should I aim to run the 10miler on Sat' 25th July 2009? Also should I keep to schedule or increase the speed and/or distance on some runs?

Many thanks

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 14-07-2009

D that is an improvement in pace .. don't get too hasty now .. let the body adapt in its own good time and the results will follow


what kind of terrain will the 10 miler be across (hilly?)

and what are you wanting to achieve from Saturday?


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 14-07-2009

Thanks for reply Ed. The terrain is totally flat except for one bridge over a road. That's as hilly as it gets around here! I have to travel about 15miles to get hills.
I'm not looking at the 10miler as a preparation for 10k's or anything like that. It is just part of a day out with my running partner and our family at a local country show. :mmm:I hope to race it but am very unsure about what pace to run it at for fear of 'blowing up too early'. I hope that this helps to clarify.

Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 15-07-2009

Start at 4.30 per k and see how you feel after a few k's

not sure what that is for mile pace

After 3k's you should have no fear of blowing up

Cheers and enjoy


Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 26-07-2009

Good morning Ed How are you? I completed my 10mile road race yesterday and would like your advice on where to start the 10k programme again. My next race is a semi off road 10k on Monday 31st Aug'. Am I right in saying that I do the following?
Today 30mins easy (that's plenty for me today)
Monday 30mins easy
Tuesday Day one

Here's some feedback for you since my last feedback post (Day 8 1k's):
Day 12 5k in 20mins 12secs which is a PB!
Day 15 10x400m av' 1mins 24 or 1mins 25secs
Day 19 10mile road race in 69mins 57secs which is PB and smashed last years time of 75 mins 49secs! It was not as hot as last year but hot enough. Felt very strong and relaxed throughout and did not get overtaken by anyone. Started at 6mins 50secs per mile and finished on 6mins 51secs last mile but flat out at the end. Slowest mile was mile 9 in 7mins 16secs but was head wind. Really enjoyed the race and was the best paced race that I had ever ran.

I kept to easy runs for the days in between but took a rest day on Day 17 as I was really tired. I am pleased that I did rest.

All in all I am very happy with how things are going and thank you. Although I am increasing my pace and getting PB's all I can think about is that I ran yesterdays race at an average pace of 7mins/mile or 4mins 22secs/km which is far away from the target 3mins 59secs per km for sub 40 10k. However, I suppose this race was for an extra 3.8miles and I paced myself accordingly.


Sub 40min training advice please - TheEd - 26-07-2009

D .. congrats on the various PB's .. the improvement is significant

don't focus on the sub 40 minute goal but focus rather on the training, the rest will take care of itself

it was wise to take that rest day before the race, nothing to lose and everything to gain by feeling fresh before a race

yes .. you have it right about the next training level .. Day 1 Tuesday

Remember to remain patient and not to seek results, those will come naturally with consistent training

20:12 is your PB for 5km currently, do not put pressure on yourself, do the sessions and you should see this time tumble down according to the sessions done. The paced 5km can be your indicator of your progress, will explain this as you progress.

for now you doing damn fine



Sub 40min training advice please - Determinator - 26-07-2009

SmileCheers for the honest assessment and advice Ed. I felt good just reading it. I'll drop you a line after this Thursdays 2k's.