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Yoga can change us... - shaunx - 15-01-2008

I have heard that Yoga can improve our mental strenght and stamina....when i runs for 1600m usually it will be at afternoon.i would get exhausted and dehydrated if Yoga can help to overcome that situation it would be helpful for me..experts please give any suggestions....

Yoga can change us... - TheEd - 24-01-2008

here is our section on Yoga

Yoga - What is yoga and what are the benefits
People from all walks of life benefit from the wonderful gains derived through the use of yoga. It assists a great deal in ones attempt to achieve a state of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Yoga can change us... - shaunx - 01-02-2008

Hey thanks for the link...i was searching more and want to get into a deep knowledge of Yoga..thanks for the same...