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Reasonable 10k Goal? - Andrew - 01-08-2012

Hi there,

New time user. I'm training for a 10k on the 9th September and am trying to decide on a goal. My time for the event last year was 45.35. But my training for that was pretty minimal, probably 10-15km per week with my longest training run being 30 min.

I'm one week into my training program (with each week: tempo run, 1km intervals, long run and one other run e.g. short intervals/hill run/fartlek). I feel 40min might be too ambitious... so aiming for sub-43min (4.18m/k pace). Any thoughts on a feasible goal?

Reasonable 10k Goal? - TheEd - 01-08-2012

Hi Andrew and welcome to the forums

If you were able to do a 4k time-trial then I would be able to guide you according to that result, as well as give you a more accurate 10k time to aim for

once we have this time then the 4 x 2k session will provide you with further data to work from and you will know whether; for now, you being overtly ambitious

so over to you


Reasonable 10k Goal? - Andrew - 10-09-2012


Apologies for the delayed response. Shortly after posting this I strained my medial ligament. Was restricted to cross-training for a few weeks, but with a couple of weeks of running I was able to do it in just over 42 min, which I was happy with!

Reasonable 10k Goal? - TheEd - 10-09-2012

good stuff Andrew .. hopefully the ligament problems are a thing of the past and you can look forward to pain free running