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10k training for a PB - goldfeld - 06-07-2009


I was hoping for some guidelines for the 10k sub-40 program.

First some info:

I've been running on and off for several years, including a half-marathon and marathon, and some triathlons. Never ran a 10k official race.

I started on the 10k sub40 program and I'm now at day 16 (easy 40min).

I've not been running regularly for a while, so for the first cycle decided to cut-off 20-30 percent off of each training session.

Interval sessions:

the 5X2k: did 2 sets of 8min 2k's. was a course with steep uphills. decided to end the session at the middle of the third set.

the 1k's: decided in advance to do only 4 sets. results:

the 5k paced run: 19:22. Felt like a near race effort, so, guess I did not adhere to the program's advice.

I'm still struggling a bit with the longer runs - getting used to them, but keeping it at a relaxed pace.

I have a polar RS200, though the battery is dead, so won't be having HR data until I get a new one.

Would appreciate any thoughts, as well as recommendations for day 19 (race day) of the program.

Cheers Smile

10k training for a PB - goldfeld - 06-07-2009

Just found an old thread I opened a year ago:

From looking at the results I had back then, I can only surmise that either

1) I'm in better shape than I thought


2) The 1k course I used back then (both for the 1k's and the 2k's) was inaccurate.

or (which is likely) both.


10k training for a PB - TheEd - 06-07-2009

welcome back J

try to put the quality sessions on to an easier course or even a 'mondo' track

and in truth ... instead of trying to run the 'quality' sessions as fast as you are now I would recommend you dropping the tempo by at least 5 to 10 seconds per kilometer so you able to complete the session and by this get the recquired training in

the secret to training is consistency and using the complete program

so see if you able to reshape things as you not training on the schedule in the correct manner to develop consistently

I am sure it is something that could be sorted out quite easily


10k training for a PB - goldfeld - 06-07-2009

Thanks for the quick reply Ed.

I'll make sure to follow the plan from now on. I'm not in a hurry, so willing to take the time to build a solid base for development.

2 questions:

1) What should I do on race day (3 days from now). Should I run a 4/5/8k trial?

2) I would like to include 2 swim sessions and 2 bike sessions a week. I want these to be light cross-training exercises, for development of technique in these areas. Can this be done with minimum hampering to the running program? Maybe using some of the rest days and the 30min easy run days?


10k training for a PB - TheEd - 06-07-2009

J .. you have the choice for the distance .. from 4/5 or 8k .. so ball in your court to decide

the 4k is good as it is used by us as the marker

as for the swimming and cycling, and especially the cycling, please make sure that you have yourself measured out correctly so that the cycling is actually a recovery session

swimming is pretty good as your recovery from that is quite good, except in the beginning where the water time can be quite tiring in the evening, this does pass with time.

back to the cycling ... learn to spin from a cyclist and not a gym instructor, as the gym has the whole concept of spinning wrong

Hope this helps


10k training for a PB - goldfeld - 07-07-2009

OK coach, I think I'll do the 4k time trial. Will come back with result.

As for cycling - I actually have some road experience, and been to two triathlons last year. I'm looking to simply preserve a decent base in both cycling and swimming: For variance in training, and so when I'll want to brave a triathlon again I'll do it without much fuss...

Guess I'll play around with it during the next couple of cycles and see if it's not to much for me... I do want to step up in my running abilities.

So, looking forward to that 4k.
Will be in touch :yes:

10k training for a PB - goldfeld - 10-07-2009

Hi coach Smile

Yesterday I ran a 4k time trial: 14:58

On to recovery and a new cycle!

Any reccomendations?


10k training for a PB - TheEd - 10-07-2009

Interesting as you may be hovering around sub 40 minute 10k shape now

continue with the

sub 40 minute 10k program

and see if you can cope with the 2000's next week

or had you something else in mind?



10k training for a PB - goldfeld - 10-07-2009

I'll keep to it for the next cycle and yes... I'll see how I cope with the 2k's.

I'm being a bit cautious because my results so far for the 4k and the 5k may be more from inherent speed than a solid basis of speed endurance. Guess I'll be wiser after the 2k's.

I'll try to slot a race at the end of the next cycle.

Later, and keep it cool :yes:

10k training for a PB - TheEd - 11-07-2009

you spot on about the inherent speed J .. its the last 2k of the 10k that catches people out and this is where the speed endurance gained from the 2000's benefits