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Sub 40 by April 21, 2013 - sirchimp - 03-01-2013

Hey TheEd, I am back for more punishment. Since last years 10k and 21k, i've only kept up the running on a casual level. I've done a few cycles of the program here and there and mixed in between a lot of light/easy 5k and 10k runs. I've been very bad in the last 2 months only getting in very few 5k runs, but i added a number of 25min intervals on the treadmill - where by I following this routine:
5min warmup @ 10km/hr
1min @ 17km/hr
2min @ 10km/hr
repeat 5 times
5min cooldown @ 10km/hr

Anyway, the last 3 weeks of christmas and new years have seen me doing very little in the running department. Today that changes.

I have the same race i was training for last year, a 10k run, in april on the 21st. I believe in order to win the bet I've made with people, I'm going to have to improve my time by 5minutes. I ran in just under 42minutes last time. I was under the weather for that day and figure i could have maybe eaked out 40min in better conditions (not hung over and jet lagged for a start, as well as seeding near the front vs running through a myriad of pylons).

So my goal basic goal is sub 40. But my stretch goal is going to be sub 38. I am here for the training component and plan to start on the sub 40 program. I'm going out to do a 4k time trial to see where I'm at, and will post my starting stats with that...Its going to be a tough slog, but I think its doable.

Sub 40 by April 21, 2013 - TheEd - 03-01-2013

great stuff sirchimp and welcome back

will await your 4k time-trial feedback

good to have you and your bet




Sub 40 by April 21, 2013 - sirchimp - 03-01-2013


Hmm...well that run was embarrassing. Did it on the ol' treadmill (forgot to set it to 1% i normally did). My HR monitor is broken as well so i didn't get HR data (getting replacement sensor today):

KM | Time | AHR | MHR
1 | 4:15.7 | - | -
2 | 4:14.1 | - | -
3 | 4:27.6 | - | -
4 | 4:16.6 | - | -
Total: 17:14.0

I know i had more to give, but gave up on km 3 and dialed it back. I remembered something you said awhile back about the 6x1km and especially the 5x2km sessions training mental toughness...i agree, but it is definitely goes away after awhile. My legs and lungs were ok, but it just was uncomfortable. LOL.

So working backwards from the race date, i have 5 full cycles if i start day 1 of the cycles on wednesday next week. So I'm planning on doing a 30min easy run today, a 60min run on friday, another 30min easy run on saturday, and maybe a light easy run/fartlek on sunday, followed by another 4k time trial on monday...then rest tuesday, and start the first cycle on wednesday calibrated to that second 4k time trial...

How does that sound? I'll post my easy run data in the mean time...

On a side note regarding my HR monitor - any experience with the polar RS300X? It appears the watch can see/hear the sensor, but the data coming in is erratic...either its 00bpm (because it can't fixate on a thinks i'm having a super erratic heart beat) or its 180+ and doesn't really change...same issue. I'm wondering if its the little sensor pod that attaches to the chest strap, or if its the actual chest strap (which would have the electrodes in it)....To replace both is $ replace the strap is maybe only $15...Annoying.

Sub 40 by April 21, 2013 - sirchimp - 04-01-2013

Ohhhh boy. Got myself a new strap/sensor for my HR monitor - old sensor works, just the strap failed. Oh well....the real tragedy is how out of shape I appear to be! Did an 'easy' recovery 30min type run indoors on the ol' treadmil (near 0 and raining outside):

Tread Mill – 1%
KM | Time | AHR | MHR
1 | 6:39.2 | 124 | 141 * walk 1 min@6kph
2 | 7:07.4 | 143 | 147
3 | 7:08.4 | 143 | 147
4 | 7:25.9 | 140 | 143
4.33 | 2:36.6 | 143 | 145
Total: 30:57.5
138/147 AHR/MHR

Aimed to keep my HR @ or below 140...which i found difficult. At my peak last year I could run almost 10km at 12kph and keep my HR below 140....i started out at 10kph and eventually was almost at 8...terrible.

Well, baring alternate advice from you TheEd, I'm going to do an easy 60min run tomorrow, 30min easy run saturday, fartlek (like from the sub40 plan's fartlek) sunday, rest monday, and try another 4k time trail with my working HR monitor on tuesday - I think I can maintain my actual potential with the HR monitor as i'm quite confident i know how long i can last at various HR levels so i won't just give up when i feel my diapers chaffing.... Smile

Then begin the program on Wednesday. If all works out, 5 cycles and 15 weeks less 2 days later i'll be racing....(I assume i've got that wednesday -> april 21st == the 5th cycles day 19...race day)

On second thought, I'm wondering if maybe i should throw in an extra rest day...or skip the 60min run tomorrow...having really been on my feet running much in the last month..don't want to do too much too soon and hurt myself...

Sub 40 by April 21, 2013 - TheEd - 06-01-2013

sirchimp, maybe consider doing a more relaxed approach to getting back into things

less is better for now

for the 3 week-cycle consider cutting back by 20% and you will probably find yourself getting back into shape with less complications

what say you