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5km training - beatule1 - 30-09-2009

Hi there!

Hope i can get some help here!Smile

I'm looking for 5km race training plan. Looked everywhere, but it's so not specific programmes..
I just done Run to The Beat half marathon - 1:37:25. Happy with a time, but such a long training - it's just not for me.. I prefer short distances, but fast as i also do some other training - boxing, little olympic lifting..
My target would be (for the next cople races) 19-20min. for 5km. If it's posible..?:mmm:

Also, i wish to run not more than 3 times a week as in total i would do 6-7training sessions per week..

Looking forward to hear from somebody soon..

Best Regards!

5km training - TheEd - 30-09-2009

Hi beatule1

you could take the 10k training program and change it slightly to achieve specific training for the 5km

what shape are you in for 5km currently as the 1.37 for the half would not be easy to work from

Till your reply


5km training - beatule1 - 02-10-2009

Hi The Ed!

Thank you for your reply.

My shape - i did my half marathon last Sunday, this week i had a recovery week. So i gues i'm in ok shape..:mmm:

With 10km race programme, shall just take intense workauts, reduce the length and increase speed?

Which do you think work for me the best?

Thank you!

Best Regards

5km training - TheEd - 02-10-2009

as for the speed sessions .. nope

drop the 2000's and we will add a new session at the other end

so for day 3 instead of 2000's that will be 1000's

we have to take in to consideration what time you would like to run for 5km and then have a current shape in 5k time and format the sessions around that feedback

1000's are pretty straight forward to assess

and you will need to have access to a 400m track if possible, please

Will await your reply

ps.. please note that if you drop the 2000's you cannot expect to race a solid 10k

5km training - beatule1 - 02-10-2009

it's very unlikely that i will have access to 400m track, but i'll try to find one!
for now: just treadmill and outdoors.. if that's gonna work?

If i understood right you want that i would try to run for 1km and check my speed or all 5km? i'll do it over the weekend.

For now i would like to do atleast in 20min or little under.

With training programme - i mentioned i wish to run 3 times a week, will that work for me?

Thank you!

5km training - TheEd - 02-10-2009

you can do a 1500m test if you like


and we will put something together for 3 times a week training



5km training - beatule1 - 02-10-2009

thank you so much!! :duh:

5km training - beatule1 - 03-10-2009

Hi TheEd,

Did my 1500m - 5:55min! Felt quet strong, but it's just 1,5km..Smile


5km training - TheEd - 04-10-2009

interesting beatule

what is your background to running?

have you any Personal Best (PB's) for 5 and 10km?

we will start you on a 5 x 1000m session on Tuesday

speed 4.10 per km with 2 minute rest in-between

this is an introductory session

you mention you would like to train 3 times a week, is this due to lack of time or that u do other activities because we need to balance everything

so your daily routine is needed to see if there are no conflicts on

Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday

those on the 3 main days of training



5km training - beatule1 - 04-10-2009

Interesting how? Smile

Background - not much. I used to run in a school and was quet good. That was 10years ago! Smile Now I'm 24. At the moment - I'm running over 2 years. My PB for 10km was 44:20 last year. Then I slowed down- did other training and the last race I was prepairing - was half marathon. But i allways enjoy speed and interval sessions!Smile

I asked for 3 sessions as I'm busy with other training. With 3 running days I'll do 1 Thi Boxing training, 2 Olympic lifts - just love weight training( I gues I will have to add some plyometrics to it to improve my power and speed?) and keep promising myself to add 1 yoga class per week- relax and stretch..

Tuesday nights I have Thiboxing training, but I usualy run in the mornings..?
With lifting and yoga I can work around my running days..

Thank you so much!

p.s. May I ask you- are you a runner? Maybe professional?Smile