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going for sub 40 - gjoko - 22-05-2013


I've been reading the forums for some time and decided to join for some feedback on the progress to go sub 40 for 31th August.

I began running regularly in June 2012 and after the summer I attended my first 10K and finished it in 43:30. Autumn to winter I continued the with easy running. Everything when great until the snow came down and the uneven surfaces started tightening my left IT band. Nevertheless I kept on going and eventually got injured. I had to cross-trained the first three months of 2013 and slowly built my runs from 2 km back to normal...

Anyway, somewhere in late-March I felt like running regularly again. With six weeks of decent practice, including interval workouts (5x1km @ ~4.00) and long runs (15km+), I finished a half-marathon in 1:37 with a huge positive split. After the race I took few days off and then started the Off Training Period found on this site. I have done the sessions at HR around 140-150 and ~6:30 min/km pace.

At the moment I'm running the first week of the 3 week the Build Up. I guess the pace for easy sessions should remain? There are some notes like "simply run the hills" and "75% effort". What should I make out of these? I'm also looking forward on the 4K time trial on 8th June to see if I could start with the sub 40 program Smile

Btw, I'm 28 years old, 180cm, 73kg and running in Vivobarefoot EVOs.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 23-05-2013

terve gjoko and welcome to the forums

I feel for you when it comes to the long winter for your running, have mentioned elsewhere about the benefits of skiing

as for: simply run the hills .. in this case don't put any further effort into maintaining a pace over the hills, but simply run them, shorten stride and relax, DON'T look to 'pump the arms' or push hard but simply run over them

as you develop, this session would become 'work the hills' and this is where you would look DO all the above efforts

75% effort is based upon how you 'perceive' the effort, it is a state of relaxed running below an effort (pace) where you would be at a pace faster than the 'easy' runs ..

as we progress and as we receive your feedback we will be able to provide more accurate pulse ranges for you

however I would say your 75% effort currently would be around 150 to 155

and as mentioned, we shall learn more about this as we progress



going for sub 40 - gjoko - 25-05-2013

Thanks for the advice. I simply ran the hills without further effort.

The first week of build up looks like this:

Day 1 8,6km, 62min, avg.153, 0:07:13 min/km - easy
Day 2 8,9km, 58min, avg.149, 0:06:31 min/km- easy
Day 3 8,9km, 53min, avg.153, 0:05:57 min/km - easy
Day 4 8,8km, 52min, avg.151, 0:05:55 min/km - easy
Day 5 REST
Day 6 8,35, 54min avg.150, 0:06:28 min/km - 181m of ascent
Day 7 11km, 79min, avg.147, 0:07:11 min/km - time on feet

Trying to strictly keeping HR below 150 makes the running unenjoyable. To me jogging at 7min/km speed feels rather unnatural state of locomotion. I actually tried a fast 40min walk with baby in a stroller and my HR was 138 @ 7.09min/km pace.... so I'm running slower than walking with the same effort.:mmm:

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 26-05-2013

well then that is your general fitness and shows the importance that 'adaptation' needs to take place

be patient and you should see changes within 2 weeks

keep me informed


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 02-06-2013

Yes, patience is needed indeed.

The jogging felt biomechanically odd first but I'm starting to get used to it Smile

The second week of build up looked like this:

Day 08 10,3km 64min avg.154 0:06:13 - 75% efforts 5x8min
Day 09 7km 46min avg.145 0:06:34 - easy
Day 10 9,69km 62min avg.147 0:06:24 - easy
Day 11 8,95km 56min avg.147 0:06:15 - easy
Day 12 Rest
Day 13 9,69km 64min avg.146 0:06:36 - easy
Day 14 12km 89min avg.148 0:07:25 - time on feet

I've decided to make the full 6 week build up, just to make sure my legs get enough time to adapt to the training load. Especially my Achilles tendons and calves feel bit sore from five days of continuous running.

So.. no time trial next week.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 03-06-2013

Hi gjoko, no need to go onto 6 weeks build-up

rather consider doing the 4k time-trial and we can work forward from there

I do have a concern regarding your achilles and calf muscles as you are running in the 'minimalist' shoes and therefore need to keep on top of this

over to you


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 10-06-2013

I was aiming to do the time-trial on Saturday, but on Thursday while running I started feel dull stiffness above my right heel.. so I walked home.

I took four days off running.

First I thought my Achilles was inflamed, but there has been no swelling or pain in the Achilles. My both Solei were just super tight.

Things I've done since the soreness on my calves started (about 2 week ago):
- eccentric heel drops twice a day (3x15 both legs)
- foam rolling and massaging calves
- warm water to heat up the tendons before runs
- ice after runs

Today I went for a 40min easy run. Really fresh legs, no problems.

I planning on doing the 4k time-trial on tomorrow if there are no symptoms in the morning

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 11-06-2013

good stuff gjoko .. looking forward to the feedback



going for sub 40 - gjoko - 11-06-2013

Did the 4K time-trial today

1| 3:58 - 3:58 - 193
2| 8:06 - 4:08 - 191
3| 12:15 - 4:07 - 189
4| 16:10 - 3:55 - 196

It was fun Smile

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 12-06-2013

hyvä gjoko .. an easy day Wednesday (20 to 30 minutes or Rest) and then we can look to introduce you to the 2k session on Thursday

have you a 400m track nearby or a route you can measure out that can be used for this session in the future

to start 4x2k Rest 90 seconds .. pace 4.20 per k for 2k in 8.40

please ask questions