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going for sub 40 - TheEd - 03-11-2013

good stuff .. 4.10 it is ..

and yes, if you able to manage 1hr runs then it is great, but balance yourself, you do not have to do a 1hr run for the sake of it, in weeks 2 and 3 it may feel easier to do the 1hr runs

hope this makes sense?


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 07-11-2013

5x2k (4:10/k)

+4°, rain and pitch dark. Decided to go anyways.

Lights were out at the track. So I couldn't use my HR monitor (no backlight).

1| 8:19
2| 8:34
3| 8:44
4| 8:46
5| 8:34

I was running in thighs and t-shirt. Before last rep my hands were already so cold it was hard hitting the start/stop button on my stopwatch. So I gave everything I got on the last rep.

Touch session mentally.

The dark track just isn't working anymore. I gotta find someplace else to do the 6x1 session. Then I might even wear a jacket Wink

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 07-11-2013

welcome to winter woolly warmers Wink

I am sure some people watching must have wanted to call the insane house Smile

well done

ps.. here's hoping you able to find a decent place to do the 1k session .. it is not easy at this time of year

going for sub 40 - gjoko - 12-11-2013

Found a paved road near by for the 1k session. My plan was to run back and forth the same strip @ 4.05/k pace.

I ate way too much for lunch and the weather was stormy so I wasn't expecting much

Little did I know...

6|3:28 !!

I may have to skip all this 'going for sub 40' and start training for the sub 35 :jester:

But seriously. I triple checked the distance afterwards and it was correct.

I am content.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 12-11-2013

you have had such an up & down summer that it would be great to jump to a new level now

you have a paced run this weekend, what are you planning?


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 14-11-2013

Yesterday 30min easy. Legs (hip flexors) were somewhat tight.

Today already feeling better. 45min easy: 6,7km, 6:45/k, avg. 146.

Tomorrow day of rest.

On Saturday my plan is to go under 20 mins for the 5k.

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 15-11-2013

have a good one gjoko and may the weather be on your side


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 16-11-2013

Nice paced run seaside in sunset (3 p.m.)

Old course, new time. 19:46. :great:

Splits will remain mystery as my gps gathered only 4.64km...

At around 4km mark there is a steep hill which turned my legs into wobbly mode. Not an all out effort but definitely harder than I expected.

BTW. It looks I can't make it to the next week's race. So I may have to slot in a 10k time trial or something. Any suggestions?

going for sub 40 - TheEd - 16-11-2013

nice going gjoko .. if you unable to race a 10km maybe you can consider doing a 4k timetrial which we can use towards your next training cycle

enjoy your weekend


going for sub 40 - gjoko - 19-11-2013

10 x 400 @ 86

Ran on road back and forth the same strip. moderate head-/tailwinds.

4|92 (blame wind)

Session felt fast and relaxed.