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Here we go.... - muralhape - 06-07-2013

Hey TheEd,

first of all, thank you for accept this challenge LOL reading the forums I have seen that you are too busy! But let's go...

I don't know from where I begin or what I should tell you. I ran serioulsy since March 2012 and I'm trying to improve myself since. I ran my first half-marathon last Sunday (2h01min13s , not a great time but I'm glad since the I'm not focus in 21k and I had spent 3 weeks on the field without run, came back and had three weeks to prep to the half) , so this week I just ran on Wed and Thursday , both easy runs.

So I was planning to start the sub 50min 10k next Tuesday, and for that today I want to do a 4k trial-test. I ran with a HRM and GPS watch, I can pass you the data later if you want to.

What do you think about it?

P.S In the half I did the first 10k in easily 56min while was talking to a friend since the beginning of the race (big mistake!) , I don't know if that can be a parameter for you.

Another datas about me...

Age : 26
Height : 1,83m
Weight : 89 kg

Best regards,

Fábio Luiz

Here we go.... - muralhape - 06-07-2013

Hey Ed,

here is the result from the 4k trial-test from today...

k | Time | AHR
1 4:37 167
2 4:35 178
3 4:54 183
4 4:56 186
Total 19min 02 sec

It looks like 2 differents 2 k race... lol

What do you think Ed ... ? What can we do now , waiting for you after this feedback..

Tks and enjoy your weekend .. : )

Fabio Luiz

Here we go.... - muralhape - 06-07-2013

I forgot to say Ed, My city is not very flat, so the route I do there are many ups and some downs .. and for the trial-test I did 1k of warm up and continued to run, don't know if that changes something...

Here we go.... - TheEd - 06-07-2013

Hi and welcome to the forums Fabio

thanks for all your great feedback, from what I read here you are certainly keen and dedicated Smile

you should be able to go onto the sub 50 minute 10km program starting with Day 1 on Tuesday and the 2k session on Thursday

onwards we go


Here we go.... - muralhape - 06-07-2013

Awesome! I'm really excited to start this training Ed ... I'm back later and give you the feedback ...

Best regards!

Here we go.... - muralhape - 09-07-2013

Hey Ed! How are u? Big Grin
So, here is the feedback

Cycle #1 Day #1

Time | Distance | AHR
70min 10.3k 155

I was aiming to run around 155 bpm and got it! It was an easy run at slow pace. The weather help too, I ran in the afternoon (22º C). What do you think about it? Should I run faster / Slower? At a specific pace or is better run by HR?

The training tomorrow is 30 min of easy run, I want to run a bit faster, do you agree?

Best regards,


Here we go.... - TheEd - 10-07-2013

after the 2k session on Thursday we will learn more about your pulse range

the run on Wednesday is always easy, as it is a day before the 2k session which is a core session (important session)



Here we go.... - muralhape - 10-07-2013

Cycle #1 Day #2

Time | Distance | AHR
30min 4.4k 152

Again in the afternoon, today was hot and dry. Since you said before about it, I tried to run in a slower pace, in the next time probably I'll try to run a bit faster in the "easy distance" and maintain the slow pace in all "easy runs" .



Here we go.... - muralhape - 11-07-2013

Hey Ed! What's up?

So here is the data from today's workout.. This afternoon was hot (28ºC).

Cycle #1 Day #3

Lap |Distance | Time | AHR

WU 1k 06:51 149
L1 2k 09:46 171
R1 0.1k 01:30 157
L2 2k 09:40 176
R2 0.1k 01:30 164
L3 2k 09:46 180

WU - Warm Up.

How you can see Ed, I had some trouble to fit the right pace. In the last 100m in all laps I had to slow down, especially the last 2k since I faced some small hills so I ran faster trying to keep the pace. But I think that wasn't a big problem at all.


Seeing this, what do you advises me in the next training, 1h45min on feet. Should I run freely? or do I have to stick a pace or HR?

Thanks for all support.

Best regards,


Here we go.... - TheEd - 12-07-2013

try to set a route for yourself which has less hills (I know it is difficult, but once you have the route you can use it for both the 2k and 1k sessions)

the heat plays a major part in 'slowing' one down

This Saturday's run 1hr 45 .. as easy as possible, simply getting the run in, time on feet