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NZ Results ending 20th Feb 2014 - TheEd - 20-01-2014

Athletics Auckland Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 18 January 2014
Anita Punt 60m 7.67 (+2.4) and 100m 11.93 (+3.3). James Mortimer 60m 6.95 (+2.4) and 100m 10.73 (+3.30. Isaac Tatoa 100m 10.82. Anna Bramley 800m 2:18.39. Niven Longopoa U/18 LJ 6.64m (+1.6) and 100m H 13.67 (+3.2). Tamara Anstis HJ 1.68m. Jerram Huston SP 14.11m. Kyle van der Merwe 6kg SP 15.72m. Siositina Hakeai DT 56.96m and Te Rina Keenan 54.37m. Marshall Hall DT 54.70m and Richard Callister 1.75kg DT 47.07m.

North Shore Throws Competition, AUT Millennium Stadium – 19 January 2014
American visitor Kibwe Johnson, 2011 Pan American Games gold medallist in the hammer throw, was out to 70.45m in the senior HT. Matthew Bloxham with the senior hammer struck 60.91m and with the 6kg shot cleared 16.41m. Marshall Hall 53.63m with the discus and Alexander Parkinson 43.19m. Ben Chong Wong had a PB of 14.25m with the senior shot in his first trial with the rotational technique and another PB in the 1.75kg DT 43.21m. Richard Callister 1.75kg DT 47.45m and 6kg HT 52.22m. James Brandon had a PB of 43.63m with the 1.5kg DT. Siositina Hakeai DT 55.88m, Nicole Bradley HT 57.99m and Anthony Nobilo PB 5kg HT 49.24m.

Trans Tasman Junior Challenge, Auckland v. NSW, Mt Smart Stadium – 19 January 2014
Auckland won with 954 points to New South Wales 581. This is only the third time in the history of the event for 10 and 11 year old athletes that Auckland has won.

Northern Region Combined Events Champs, Tauranga Domain – 18/19 January 2014
Junior men decathlon Aaron Booth Waitakere 6165 points from Max Attwell Wanganui 5317. Junior women heptathlon Paige Harwood Waitakere 4949. Masters decathlon Stephen Te Whaiti Tauranga 5900.

Jump to the Music, Hicks Park – 17 January 2014
In strong winds which were shielded by four buses parked alongside the triple jump runway Phillip Wyatt was out to 15.10m (+3.8). Scott Thomson was second clearing 15.02m (+4.7), Todd Swanson managed 14.38m (+3.4) and Sean Pay 13.28m (+3.0). Anna Thomson won the women’s triple with 11.39m (+4.4), from Aprille Mincher 11.11m (+4.5 and Jade Graham 10.93m (+3.0). Billy Clayford was over the high jump at 2.02m, Jordan Peters was second with 1.97m and Liz Lamb cleared 1.72m in the tricky conditions.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Kiwi Throwers Meet, Newtown Park – 18 January 2014
Ariana Blackwood JT 30.11m, DT 35.25m. Josh Springgay U/18 LJ 6.32m (0.0). Liam Mitchell 100m 11.34 (+1.5). Tim Cornish 400m 52.20. Rowan Hooper 1500m 4:06.24. Stephen Day 3km St 9:58.12. 5km TW Peter Baillie 28:03.44. Jacqueline Wilson 32:41.47.

South Island Colgate Games, Aorangi Park – 17/19 January 2014
Highlights from the three days of competition:
Girls 14: Lucy Sheat 100m 12.77 (-2.2), 200m 24.90 (+4.9) and 400m 1:01.51. Charlotte Blair 800m 2:30.14 and 1500m 5:08.29. Ngarama O’Keefe DT 36.24m.
Girls 13: Lily Trotter 800m 2:24.74 and 1500m 5:01.77. Caitlin Bonne SP 11.20m and DT 28.00m. McKenzie Jacques 1600m RW 9:25.60.
Girls 12: Hannah Ashton 80m H 14.00 (+6.2) and HJ 1.46m.
Girls 11: Jayda Stewart 400m 1:05.02 and 800m 2:28.72. Erin Downie 1500m 5:19.35 and LJ 4.63m (+0.3).
Girls 10: Lainy Pitt 200m 29.95 (+4.3) and 400m 1:09.62. Sophie Williamson 1500m 5:32.51 and LJ 4.00m (0.0). Violette Perry SP 8.54m and DT 20.42m.

Boys 14: Cameron McCully 100m 11.57 (+4.9), 200m 24.00 (-0.7) and 400m 53.31. McCully won the 200m at the NI Games. James Uhlenberg 800m 2:05.02 and 1500m 4:22.79. Uhlenberg won the 1500m at the NI Games. Taine Te Whata DT 35.50m. Lwamba Chileshe 2000m RW 13:30.68. Jake Southey HJ 1.80m.
Boys 13: Sam King 100m 11.78 (+3.7), 200m 24.57 (-0.4) and 400m 56.38. Jackson Stewart LJ 5.32m (-0.7) and HJ 1.64m. Michael Poa 1500m 4:45.00. Poa won the 800m and 1500m at the NI Games. Patrick Thacker SP 12.12m. Jared Neighbours 1600m RW 9:21.45.
Boys 12: Johnny Baker 100m 12.63 (+3.3), 200m 26.72 and 400m 1:03.12. Ben Sewell 80m H 12.79 (+7.0) and HJ 1.43m. Hamish Mears SP 10.62m and DT 30.69m. Charlie Marsh 800m 2:25.61.
Boys 11: Chanel Muir 800m 2:27.10 and 1500m 5:00.99. Brandon Lockyer HJ 1.38m.
Boys 10: Thomas Clarke 200m 29.46 (-0.4) and 400m 1:07.73. Harley Patel-Muxlow 100m 13.68 (+4.8) and LJ 4.36m (-0.6). Callum Chirnside 1200m RW 9:07.30.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 18 January 2014
Fiona Morrison 100m 12.43 (+0.3) and 200m 25.19 (-0.7). Nathan Baxter 5000m 15:23.60. Alex Gorrie 1500m 4:05.27. Todd Bates 7.26kg HT 46.45m.

Hunter Track Classic, Hunter Sports Centre Newcastle NSW – 18 January 2014
National 800m champion for the last two seasons Brad Mathas ran a personal best 800m of 1:49.17 in finishing second to Nicholas Toohey of Queensland who recorded 1:47.97. Arianna Lord was eleventh in the 1500m in 4:31.68, just outside her best of 4:31.60 set in Auckland in March last year.