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Running Form - Steven - 31-01-2014

Hello everybody. I am fairly new to running and new to this forum so please take it easy!

I run around 3 to 4 times a week, usually around 4 miles. I am only doing this to keep fit and because I enjoy it. It also keeps my German Shepherd out of trouble.

Just recently, I have started to get a pain up the inside of my left ankle, kind of between my ankle bone and my achilles tendon. It hurts more towards the start of my run but tends to fade to a dull ache once I get going but then hurts again when I finish.

I have had this for a while now. I've tried warming up longer and I always make sure I warm down and stretch after a run.

I thought it might be my shoes so I got my gait analysed. I really over pronate so bought some new shoes to try to sort this out, although the shoes have made a slight difference, they have not solved the problem.

I started looking at running form. I have all my life (36 years) walked with my feet at 10 to 2 and on the outside of my heel(I got called "The Penguin" at school), so I guess this is reflected in my running. I strike on the outside of my heel and pronate all the way over to the inside.

Could this be the problem? I tried to strike more on the centre of my heel and it seemed to ease the pain a little but this is so unnatural to me.

I would like your thoughts on what my problem could be and if it is my running form, is it possible to change a 36 year habit?

Many thanks in advance.


Running Form - TheEd - 04-02-2014

Apologies for only seeing this now Steven and welcome to the forums

thanks for registering and we shall hope to address the question of running form related to what you have written

We shall need to do a series of images and create an article which discusses the 'plum line' and the swing of the runner's arms while they run

this is is directly related in-turn to foot placement

please give me a short while to prepare the article

many thanks