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England Athletics Board Election Results - TheEd - 03-04-2014

England Athletics is pleased to announce the results of its 2014 Board Elections.

The candidates who clubs and member organisations have elected to the two positions on the England Athletics Board are Tim Soutar (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC) and Neil Costello (Cambridge & Coleridge AC).

Chair of England Athletics Peter King said, “I would like to congratulate Tim and Neil on their election and wish them every success in the roles that they will take on as Board of Directors. I also want to thank each of the other candidates. It has been good to see a range of candidates come forward for our clubs and member organisations to consider. These elections form an important component of the democratic process.
“This is the first time England Athletics has held Board Elections. It is essential our clubs are properly represented on the Board and these positions, in addition to the two allocated to National Council, are a vital part of ensuring our clubs are integral to the decision making processes of England Athletics.
“These Board Elections came about as a result of views expressed by clubs at our previous consultation. As this year’s Club Conferences get underway I hope that this encourages people to see the importance and value of our Consultation work.”

Chair of the England Athletics National Council Tony Shiret said, “I am really pleased that Tim and Neil are joining the Board. They clearly represent the interests of the clubs and both are known hard-workers on behalf of their clubs and the sport in their areas.
“The National Council has been leading a major effort to make the areas of the sport of greatest relevance to the members and their clubs more transparent and accountable. This is still in its early stages and the path will be long and difficult. But we welcome further independent elected Board members. To its credit the Board and its leadership has been fully behind this important move. It is also pleasing to see so many clubs voting. The sport is finding its voice and will change for the better.”

The successful candidates have both commented on their election and the work that lies ahead for them. Tim Soutar said, “Our clubs are the bedrock of our sport. We all benefit from their proper engagement in key decision-making. With our strengthened governance process, we are better placed to confront the challenges facing us. I am very grateful for the support I have received and will do my best to continue to work with everyone to ensure a secure future for our sport and its participants.”

Neil Costello said, “I’m delighted and a bit daunted by the election results. I was nominated by clubs from five counties reflecting the breadth of activities in our sport. I hope I can represent the range of interests effectively. I’m looking forward to working with the other members of the Board and to the opportunity to use my experience inside and outside athletics so that it continues to be a sport of which we can all be proud. Thank you to all the clubs that supported me.”

All clubs and organisations who were Members of England Athletics as at 30 January 2014 (closing date for candidate nominations) were entitled to vote in the election. The voting entitlements of Member clubs and organisations were as stated in the Election Regulations (see below).

The ballot was conducted by Electoral Reform Services with the full results as follows:
Total Weight
SOUTAR, Tim 153 265 Elected
COSTELLO, Neil 125 201 * Elected
GAINES, Steve 120 175 *
SIMPSON, Jean 99 134
MOULDER, Dave 91 113
LITTLE, David 38 56

*votes confirmed by recount.