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Sub 4 Hour Marathon - Ant - 15-04-2014

Hi The Ed

Your training plans have been recommended to me and I'm thinking of starting on the sub 45 min 10k plan.

My ultimate goal is a sub 4 hour marathon on 5 October. My current pb is 4:02.

I have completed the 4k time trial in 18:27.

Any suggestion on pace for the 2k and 1k reps gratefully received.

If you need any further info just let me know.



Sub 4 Hour Marathon - TheEd - 16-04-2014

Hi Ant, and welcome to the forums .. from what I understand you would like to try something similar to AB - 10k training to marathon

18:26 is our starting marker .. what I need to hear from you is to what is the longest run you are used to currently, please?

for future tips relating to the 10k programs see:

whereas you can train on the sub 45 minute schedule, we need to change the pace according to you level currently

2k pace will be 4.40 to 4.45 (this session is quite tough to adapt to)

your 1k will be 10 seconds per k quicker .. 4.30 to 4.35 per k

we will look to establish a consistent routine and then after 2 cycles we will need to focus on getting the long run up to a decent length

on we go


Sub 4 Hour Marathon - Ant - 17-04-2014

Thanks for the feedback.

My most recent long run is around 21k in 1 hour 47.

I completed the day one 70 min easy run yesterday. My average pace was 5:22, but my average HR was 164. Should I be aiming for a specific HR for the easy runs.?



Sub 4 Hour Marathon - TheEd - 17-04-2014

Ant, if you able to provide HR data after the 2k session, we will be able to give more specific data to you

the norm for most runners and an easy run pulse should be around a 140

however, there more we learn the more we can balance things

Ideally we should get your long run up to 2hrs quite soon, to start with

however, we should use the first 3 week cycle for adaptation

little steps