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Sub 17 min 5km race - mark - 17-04-2014

Hi TheEd,

I would welcome some advice.

My goal is to run a sub 17 min 5k race. I am not interested in running longer race distances until I have hit this target. I am prepared to be patient in building up to this target.

I am familiar with the time-to-run 10km programmes and the science and thinking behind them. My PB for 10k (36:26) was achieved on these programmes about two years ago. The advice I require is how to adapt the programme for the 5km distance.

I currently run about 4 times per week. Typically this includes a 60 min run (around 6:00/k), 40 min run (around 5:00/k), some intervals (e.g. 1km x 6 - around 3:45/k R60- or 400m x 10) and 30 min run (around 6:00/k).

I tend to find that if I run too many times in the week my right calf flares up. It is fine at the moment and I have been running injury free for a couple of months, but I am cautious and add rest/recovery runs if I start to feel and strain.

I am currently in reasonable form. I ran a 20min 5km two weeks back and I have another 5km scheduled for 26th April, when I hope to go close to 19 mins.

Following my run on the 26th April, I would like to start on the time-to-run 5k programme variation. Although depending on how my legs feel I may decide to take a week’s easy running first.

How are the key sessions adapted? 2k x5 / 1k x6 / 400m x10/ 5k race pace? I am the kind of person that like to know what is coming up!

With warm regards,


Sub 17 min 5km race - TheEd - 17-04-2014

Hi Mark and welcome to the forums

after the 26th April we can see what we can structure together

instead of dropping the 2k session completely we would look at doing

3 x 2k

then the 6 x 1k session still applies

10 x 400m 10 seconds quicker

then we add a further session related to 1500m pace

till after the 26th