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New to program - Armand - 21-04-2014

My training partner and I (I am 43, he is 31) will be going on the sub 35min 10k program as we are both sub 28min 8k time trial runners @ 1600m altitude.

I suggested we just go through the build-up program first as we have come just come off a rather long hard block of hard running and need to recover a bit before we get onto the 10k program.

What do you suggest?


New to program - TheEd - 21-04-2014

Hi Armand and welcome to the forums

depending on how tired you are currently will see where you can go forward

are there any races around over the next couple of months you would like to race?

as you would be able to go through 2 x 3 week cycles before then considering the Build-up

as sometimes runners coming onto the program who have got training behind them can get good results quickly, due to the nature of the paced running and balance of the program for performance

over to you


New to program - Armand - 21-04-2014

Thank you for the feedback.

I have come off my training block very tired as it was a long block and I over-reached at the end.

So I will follow your suggestion of a 2x3week build-up. In the 5x8min intervals what pace do you suggest?

Then on a 2x3week build-up the 4k time trial is at the end of the 2nd block?

Not planning any races as we are nearing winter but would like to get 8k time closer to 27minutes and then in the summer (September onwards) target a couple of sub 35minute 10ks'.


New to program - TheEd - 22-04-2014

to start with, make the 8 minutes around 21k race pace, so that you can tick over quite comfortably

I don't normally recommend going straight onto the Build-up phase of the program, to be honest

however, if you an experienced runner you may be OK

on we go

ps.. once you have the actual dates for your races planned, please let me know

New to program - Armand - 22-04-2014

Thank you.

I will do that and keep you posted.

What heart rate should be targeted on the 1hr aerobic runs around 70 to 80% of HRmax?

Will proceed on the 2x3 week build-up then.


New to program - TheEd - 22-04-2014

what you should work off for now is for the easy aerobic runs to start by keeping the pulse range closer to 140 bpm to start

this you will find is probably slower than your previous pace

however, if you provide feedback then we will be able to work closer to your needs related to the data



New to program - Armand - 22-04-2014

Thank you.

Will provide you with the weekly detail during the build-up period.


New to program - Armand - 26-04-2014

Hi TheEd,

Feedback on week1:

Monday am: 11k 47min AHR 144
Tuesday pm: 13k 59min AHR 145
Wednesday pm: 13k 59min AHR 145
Thursday pm: 13k 59min AHR 142
Friday pm: 13k 55min AHR 154
Saturday am: 14k 1:03 AHR 137
Sunday : REST

Week : 77k 5:43 4:28ave

Onward to week 2.


New to program - TheEd - 28-04-2014

during this period, when the runs go over 75 minutes, you must look to have your pulse closer to 140 within the first 50 minutes

so you don't take too much out the tank early on and have successful aerobic runs

it all looks quite decent


New to program - Armand - 28-04-2014

Thank you Ed.

Will follow advise on HR and update progress after week 2 which includes 75min run, rolling hill run, 60min with 15min @ pace and 60min with 5x8min @ pace and two 60min runs.

Rest day on Friday.