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Looking to go Sub45...again - Boony - 30-06-2014

Hi (The) Ed,

back again after a winter of discontent (from a running perspective)!

Got some good running in at the back end of last year, but failed to follow through and am now back on the case, starting from square 1 again!

I have 2x10K, a 5K and 2xHalf Marathon scheduled in between now and October. Then I plan on doing the 2 week recovery and 2x the 3 week build up programmes before Christmas. Before cracking on with the 10K programmes after the new year.

I've started on the sub 50min programme, and completed the 3x2K last week, and the 90mins on Saturday with no problems.

I was running at slightly over 5min pace for the 2K session.

First goal is to run under 50mins for either of the 10K races I have coming up.

Second goal is to run under 1hr 50min for the Half Marathon I have in October.

Third goal is to continue my running and stay healthy and consistent through Oct, Nov and Dec so I can start the new year in good shape and well motivated.

Anyway, 30min run today followed by the 4x1K session tomorrow. Aiming for 4.45-4.50 pace for that. Will update you.



Weight 91.4kg
Resting HR 60bpm

PS: if anyone on here wants to connect of Garmin i'm nick_kay

Looking to go Sub45...again - Boony - 01-07-2014

5x1Km this morning

1. 4.55
2. 4.42
3. 4.38
4. 4.44
5. 4.39


Looking to go Sub45...again - TheEd - 02-07-2014

good stuff Boony and great to hear from you

allow the speed to come back naturally and don't push the pace unnecessarily during the fast sessions

even if you run 5 to 10 seconds slower in the 2k and 1k

getting back without complications should be the plan


ps.. and welcome back, winter is never easy