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Improving my running - PYL - 07-07-2014

Hello the Ed and runners!

I've been reading this forum along with the website and found lots of great info.
I've been looking at the training for 10K program. I started the sub 45 minutes program since I was hoping to hit that at the end of August or start of October (2 races).

I haven't done any 4k TT yet unfortunately and started the sub 45 program last week anyway :taped:. I could try and tackle a 4K next week-end if you want with HR and 1k split.

Here is a bit of "history" about myself. I'm 29 years old 5'11 and have been 160 lbs +/- 5lb since forever. I've been playing volleyball since my last high school year and still play nowadays. During the summer, I train in beach volleyball twice a week (Wed-Thu) with a session of plyo (Thu). I started running 3 years ago and only ran 4 10K races first was 50 minutes, then last 3 were 48 minutes or so PR is 47:44 from 2 years ago. It seems I hit some kind of plateau where not training means I won't improve... logical I know :duh:.

In the past I did about 10K a week during a single interval session with a group, started that 3-4 weeks ago. Last week I did a few more runs but skipped the 60-70 minutes and one more run since I didn't want to just go from 10K to 40K in a single week and plyo was pretty hard. I did 23K for the week, intervals were 2 sets of 3 x 2 min at 5K pace R 2min with a 5 min break between each set, ran each 2 min at around 3:55 min/K pace and was feeling great after.
So far this week (Sat+Sun) I ran the time on feet 1h30 and a 30 min easy run. Ended with 13.9K (avg 6:30/k) and 4.8K (6:17/K). I took my pulse for 15 sec after 32 minutes and twice after that (around 45-50min and 1h10+ in) and it was 130-100-140 for the time on feet run yesterday. Today I'll run about 10K when coming back from work including warmup and CD.
I find it hard to keep a consistent pace on the easy runs though. My pace ranged from 5:30 to 7:00 per K on the 1h30 run and easy run. Is this normal, is it because I'm not experienced enough?

Question barrage!
I was wondering if the sub 45 program was appropriate?
Is a long term goal of sub 40 possible while playing and training for volleyball?
Are easy runs mostly based off HR? I have a garmin "belt" for HR that I could use (I'll try it tonight).
I'd really like to keep my group training on Tuesday, a bunch of them are sub 40 runners and it helps keep me motivated... Should I substitute the interval in the program for what they're doing there (at my own pace of course) or should I do both? Or should I just scrap the Tuesday group?
Do I have to follow the exact same order for the training? I was thinking on having longer runs / harder races on the week-end where I had more time and keep shorter runs after my plyo and after my Wednesday beach volleyball training. Group run for interval is on Tuesday and Monday I'd do the slightly longer running since work is 10K from home (not that I can't stop earlier and walk if needed before interval training).
Allright question barrage is done. :jester:

Seems pretty sure I would beat my 47"44 if I added some distance. I did 2 courses at uni one was running heavy the other was more muscular and had a bit or running and lots of stairs.

Improving my running - PYL - 09-07-2014

So I have yet to skip a day so far this week.

Monday I did a 10 minutes warm up then my easy run.

6.89 Km (4.28 mi) in 44:26
Avg HR at 141

Yesterday I did some interval training

warm up for 3K for 24 minutes
then we did 9 x 1K at these guys marathon pace (4"30 avg, started at 4:40 finished faster) last 2 K were done in a single interval of 2K instead of 8 R 9 R.
Avg pace was 4:30/k (7,27/mi) and avg HR was 169

Today I have my volleyball practice again and then I play 2 games so I'll see about running and how I feel afterward / what time it is. Might take it easy and rest my legs Wed, Thur and Fri. I find it hard to run with work then volleyball. I get home at 8pm+ so I need to eat and then it's 9-10pm which is pretty much time to sleep if I want to be well rested for the next day.

Improving my running - TheEd - 11-07-2014

my sincere apologies for missing your initial post PYL .. my bad

is it possible to do that 4k time-trial this weekend then, please?

all the best


Improving my running - PYL - 14-07-2014

No problem as I don't think it was visible until I posted again hehe. At least I couldn't find it without the direct link to it.

Since then i ended busting my knee at volleyball and running hurt my illiotibial band now. We did lots of sidestep and change of direction. My legs were probably tired from the new running volume despite not running on since Tues.

So no 4K TT last week-end nor any running for a month or more I guess. Would probably get in the range of high 16 to low 17 minutes.

I might try and get on the bike or maybe even learn to properly swim. If I am to ever do a triathlon I should start swimming someday right? Do you have any recommandation or should I just try and get rolling if it doesn't hurt? Hoping I won't lose too much fitness as I have no idea what training on a bike can look like. Would you recommend actually running anyway? I tried a couple step here and there and it usually hurts right on the side of my left knee after a few steps.

Keeping the morale up but will likely abandon the sub 45 hope for end of August and be happy to just be able to race it without pain. If a PB comes along that'd be great but sub 45 is out of my mind for now and anything in the 47:XX would be great. I still have the October race afterward too.


Improving my running - TheEd - 15-07-2014

so will you take time off to recover now?


Improving my running - PYL - 15-07-2014

Seems like I should I haven't done anything since then. Walking is fine, sometimes stairs is fine some others it isn't. :mad:
I'll see my friend, who is a physio, tomorrow so I should know more by then.

I tried running about 5 steps and it started to hurt right away, I doubt running will be in any plan but I'll definitely keep on going since doing nothing is probably worse. Work on core, hip and glutes strenght. Bike should allow me not to lose the small gains I might have done hehe.

Will likely just start from scratch and might as well get my running mechanic checked on when I get back up running. Start fresh!

I'll be back here when I get better I guess. Will get some bike training program going and we'll see from there?
Will know more Thursday I guess!

thanks for your time Smile

Improving my running - TheEd - 16-07-2014

take care to look after yourself


Improving my running - PYL - 22-07-2014

Hello theEd,

Seems it's not going to take as long as I thought it would. Big Grin
I already made a few very short and easy runs. Only 15-10-25 min but had no pain in any of them. I might try and push it a bit faster to a moderate pace on a 20-30 minutes run and see how it goes.

I was wondering what is recommended for the "off season"? Seems I'm most likely screwed out of my races for this autumn now. :rip: I doubt 4 weeks is enough time especially after an injury to start a training program so I'm starting back slowly.
My plan is to build up mileage until I get back to 25-30K per week then maybe do the off-training for a small break and then start on the build up and a 10K program?

But then what? My next 10K race will be on May 3rd which is quite a while away. Am I supposed to just do a 10K plan then off-training then buildup then another 4K TT. See if I move up to a faster plan or stay at the same one, repeat until then?

Sounds like a long time to run "without a purpose" but I'm pretty sure I could sustain it for the most part. Should I just take it easy some and just keep mileage up and do other things I feel like doing (swimming, agility/strenght course once a week, spinning etc.) ?


Improving my running - TheEd - 22-07-2014

we can guide you through this however you need to let all thoughts of performance etc out the window for a short while

we would go into a 4k time-trial and take it from there

would see how you go for 2 cycles and then consider what to do and plan for from there


first, we have to see how things go after a few more relaxed runs

do you use a heart-rate monitor?

Cheers TheEd

Improving my running - PYL - 22-07-2014

Hello TheEd,

Yes I have the belt that came with my garmin watch. No idea how reliable it is but it should do the job and I used it a few times lately.

I was definitely considering going for more relaxed run so I'm glad we agree. Be it just to build back my confidence that my injury is only a memory.

Also I never really ran much more than 10K a week other than the 2 weeks before my injury (25 then about 40... possibly "helped" me get my injury) so I don't know how seriously or ready my body is for running more than 10-20K.
This week I'm on my way to a 13K week and each and everyone of them are easy relaxed run.

How long/far should I run those relaxed easy runs? Do you have a target HR? I usually aim for 140s. (I'm 29) Next step seems to be 30 minutes for me. Haven't tried running hard since I came back to recovery.