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Improving my running - TheEd - 30-09-2014

yeppers .. 4k time-trial is always a good starting point

do drop in occasionally over the period

a chance to maybe build up your aerobic runs, you are aware of the

off period


build-up period training


enjoy TheEd

Improving my running - PYL - 07-10-2014

yes I probably read every single thing around the 10k programs hehe.

I'll wait a couple days then do the off program for 2 weeks then a 4K TT?

I started swimming and was wondering what impact this has on the training? Other than time issue of course. Should I still do all the sessions despite swimming since it doesn't add any impact.

Completed my 10K on Sunday in 45:37 another PB! I was pretty close to the sub but still missed a little something.

Improving my running - TheEd - 08-10-2014

congrats on the 10k PB .. regarding the off-period, it is wise maybe to take 1 week off and then to go towards a 2 week build-up period

swimming is fine, however when coming back to the program proper, don't do swimming on the quality days such as Day 3, the long run and the 1k session

through our sister site we are working on bringing out our Triathlon Programs which are based on the 10k Program format

more shall be mentioned about this in the future

and yes, 4k time-trial after the Build Up



Improving my running - PYL - 23-11-2014

Just to make sure, you wanted me to do the build-up even if I hadn't really followed the program for more than a few weeks before my injury? It seems a steep increase after going for 30-45 runs to mostly 1h+ runs?

I'm also not too sure how to approach all this considering it will be winter soon. Should I still try to do the 3 hill training outside? (if it's not too slippery of course!)

Improving my running - TheEd - 23-11-2014

granted PYL .. rather reduce the runs to 20 - 30 minute runs

if you cant do the hill session then see if you able to do a similar session on the treadmill (if 1 is available)

hopefully you able to have a pleasant build-up


Improving my running - PYL - 03-05-2015

hello theEd,

I have a question about the spacing of the program. I have a 5K on July 4th, a 10K on August 30th and a final 10K on October 4th.

I've been coming back from my knee injury by alternating running and walking. Started at 5x(1R-1W), now up to 3x(14R-1W) moving up to 5x(9R-1W) then 4x(14R-1W).

I was planning on starting the off training to get myself back to continuous running of 1h then build up then start the cycle which would end right on time for my 5K race on July 4th.

After that I'm not too sure what I should do. There is about 3 cycles between that race and the August 30th race. Then 1-2ish cycle until the last Oct 4th race. Not sure if I should take a break between the 5K and the two 10K so to not have 5 cycles back to back (about 4 months total while the program says to take a break every 2-3 months). Probably overthinking things :p.

So far I'm mostly pain free too!

Improving my running - PYL - 04-05-2015

or maybe do 1 cycle then race then 1 cycle and take the break there? a small buildup or not at all then go at it again for the last 2 races.

I'm not too sure my messages are showing up hehe.

Improving my running - PYL - 22-07-2015

I'll be completing the off training this week and I'll move on to the build up afterward. Things are looking better but we'll see how it goes. I'll report for the time trial which should be around August 10.

Improving my running - TheEd - 22-07-2015

Hi PYL, not sure why I missed your previous posts but now have seen them all

let me know how the Build Up goes


Improving my running - PYL - 27-07-2015

Hi the Ed,

I just had a few questions as I never really trained before and percentage are a bit confusing to me.

Is 65% effort harder than easy? Basically should I speed up or slow down for the 15 minutes of the 1h with last 15 min at 65% effort session?

Is 100% effort considered an all out sprint? So 75% is a decently fast pace? I haven't done any 2K or 1K session yet, so I can't add a minute or a minute and a half to those.

I'm trying to rank these things from easiest to hardest.

Time on Feet, At ease through out, easy, 65%, 75%?

I remember easy was aiming at around 140 bpm. At ease is 130 and time on feet is 120?