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Improving my running - TheEd - 28-07-2015

65% would be around 'easy' to just above, as you develop we should know the best pace / pulse for you

so currently hovering around 140 to 150 bpm should hopefully be suitable

please provide feedback of the pace it turns out to be for you


Improving my running - PYL - 28-07-2015

Well I've been taking things slowly for the past month and a half. Started with 5 x 1 min running 1 min walking. Built up to 4 x 14R1W then started back down again at 30 minutes without walking up to 1h while following the off training program.

So as of now my 1h easy runs are roughly 6:10/km for 140-145 bpm.

As for the hills should I, optimally, be going up and down a single hill for 40-50 minutes?
For the "40-50 simply run the hills" I did 12 hills over the 48 minutes I ran. No idea if that's enough or not. It wasn't too taxing but I figured simply running the hills meant to take it easy.

At least I feel much better now and feel that I improved despite not pushing any of my run for the last 45 days started at 6:20-6:30 and it's dropping slowly. Looking forward to that TT!

last couple workouts' averages were:
6:19/k 145bpm
6:11 142 (48 min hills)
6:10 144
6:20 148
5:53 142
6:00 141
6:13 141
6:12 142
6:20 139

Improving my running - TheEd - 03-08-2015

the incline will provide the training required . if you able to find a course that is 'rolling' light uphills and downhills inclusive of flat sections, then you can run over that course to achieve the time needed .

as you develop the intensity is changed to gain more benefit from the session

for now, EASY would be fine

please ask questions for further clarity


Improving my running - PYL - 12-08-2015

Did my time trial earlier today. Running hard by myself is hard but I'm quite happy with the result as I was thinking I'd get something around 17-17:30. Though I did start out too fast, I tried to do a fast 1st K then 2 slightly slower K and a final faster K. Turn out the last one wasn't all that fast.

We had some heavy rain today so my HR band slipped off after the first 2K. I tried putting it back up but it wouldn't stay. I never really race with them because of that.
Splits Time Cumul Avg HR Max HR
1 03:51 03:51 186 209
2 04:08 07:59 184 207
3 04:20 12:19 156 195
4 04:13 16:32 132 185

Total time: 16:32 avg pace 4:08

Not too sure what this is supposed to tell me :p. Should I go with the Sub 45 but do the 1K and 2K session a bit faster?

While I'm at it, I have a 10K race on Aug 30th and another one on Oct 4th. Doing a cycle before the Oct 4th race means I have to start on Sept 16th. What do I do between the Aug 30th and Sept 16th?

I was going to take an easier week after that first 10K and then was thinking of just doing day 1 to 12 of the program starting Sept 4th then start again on the 16th til the race. I'd get the day 3 to 8 of the cycle then a full cycle.
What do you think?

Improving my running - TheEd - 12-08-2015

yes, start with the sub 45 minute 10k program

and you use the pace according to the calculation under

Program Tips

let me know what pace you come up with

ps.. nice to have you going

Improving my running - PYL - 12-08-2015

I came up with 4:14 which I round up to 4:15? Or is it 4:20?

So far it seems I'd go with the following

2K at 4:15 (8:30)
1K at 4:05
400m at 3:55 (94 sec)

Then again there is no 400m session in the sub 45 minutes program. How sad Sad hehe

Does it mean my 10K race pace should be about 4:15? That would give me a 3 minutes PB!


Improving my running - PYL - 15-08-2015

Did my first 4x2K which didn't turn out too great but could have been worse I guess for a first try.

Still had tired leg from my Tuesday's TT. Also messed up on the 4th split and forgot what my starting distance was... I felt fine but my legs didn't.

time HR Max HR
4:18 167 177
4:16 174 183
4:19 178 189
4:39 167 179

I wasn't very consistent either, sometimes pace was below 4:00 some other it was at 4:3X. Will get some rest tomorrow then long run on Sunday which I'll take very easy. We'll see how the legs will feel for the 6x1K on Wednesday.

First one is in the book so forward is where we go.

Improving my running - TheEd - 15-08-2015

hopefully by Tuesday you feel a lot better

put it down to experience and move on

all good going forward


Improving my running - PYL - 19-08-2015

Did the 6x1K today, Had trouble again with the exact distance... oh well

Avg / avg HR / Max HR
4:07 / 167 / 178 Did 4:12 but it was on 1.02K
4:05 / 184 / 208
4:02 / 177 / 185
4:06 / 180 / 188
4:26 / 179 / 186 Did 4:08 on what I thought was 1K but ended being 930m :taped:
4:14 / 178 / 188 Did 4:04 here but as above it was on 960m instead of 1K :duh:

Didn't seem too bad, wish my watch would reset when I hit lap so I don't have to try and remember if I was at 2.23 or 2.32 while I'm trying not to die Big Grin. 50% of my 1K weren't the right distance.

It was hard but it was fun to push. Didn't feel too bad but quite out of breath at the end of the 5th one. I'll probably try and go at the track next time I do the 2K and 1K workouts, should help with the distance thing a lot.

Now what exactly do I target for the 5K paced on Sunday? Is it still 4:30/K or should I go toward 4:15-4:20? Same question for the 3x5min @race pace. I'm pretty confident I'll go sub 45 but don't quite know what to aim for come race day.

thanks a lot for all your help Smile

Improving my running - PYL - 30-08-2015

Well well, today was my official first race since starting the training gettin ghurt getting back getting hurt and then back again. Could only complete a cycle of Off training - Build up - Sub 45 min 10K program once.

Ended with a 44:06 a 2:30 PB on the course. Not too shabby I'd say.

Didn't start too fast hit the hills so I'm happy with my time. Seems I could have gone a big faster overall.

Splits were:
4:39 hills + splitted a bit long since the first few K seemed a bit long
4:24 / 22:26 for 1st 5K
4:29 dunno! bit hilly but probably that 4:13 was too optimistic? :whistle:
4:30 hill
4:06 / 21:42 for final 5K

44:06 official time.

Next up: 3 days of easy running then day 1 through 12 of the sub 45 program and then a full cycle until October 4th's 10K!