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Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - chim - 23-07-2014


I caught the running bug late last summer training for a 10K race. I ran a 54 minute 10K in September 2014. Two months later in a race in November I ran a 48:27 on a completely flat course. I did this with no focused training, but simply upping my running from 1 time a week to 2-3 times a week with a running group mainly running 10-12K steady state runs, and 500 meter intervals.

I feel as if my overall fitness base is better now, but my results in my last few 10Ks in 2014 haven't really beared that out.

I ran a rather comfortable 48:16 a 10K in April, a rather excruciating 48:58 10K in in June where I was in distress for the last half of the race, and then a comfortable 47:32 10K on a completely flat course last Saturday. I've also run one half marathon in 1 hour and 51 minutes which I ran in a conservative fashion.

I think of myself more as powerful heavier runner, good at intervals (with rest periods) and shorter distances, but I have trouble with hillier courses, and holding a pace at the 7K, 8K, and 9K marks of a race.

I have two planned 10Ks coming up, a race on a very flat fast course on August 17, 2014, and then another which is my goal race in September 13, 2014. My goal is to run a sub-45 10K.

I'd love any advice you can offer me to help me achieve my goal.

My splits from my last three 10K races this year are as follows:

1 04:43.7
2 04:42.0
3 04:34.6
4 04:41.6
5 04:46.3
6 04:45.6
7 04:47.3
8 04:50.2
9 05:00.7
10 04:38.5
Summary 47:32.0

1 04:36.5
2 04:41.0
3 04:40.6
4 05:01.0
5 04:48.5
6 04:40.4
7 05:13.5
8 05:08.8
9 05:13.4
10 04:34.4
11 :20.4
Summary 48:54.0

1 04:28.4
2 04:42.3
3 04:37.5
4 04:40.1
5 04:55.3
6 04:50.7
7 04:58.9
8 04:56.6
9 04:50.8
10 04:39.6
11 :41.4
Summary 48:21.5

Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - TheEd - 25-07-2014

Hi chim, and welcome to the forums

nice to see your enthusiasm, this is always helpful in achieving goals

are you able to do a 4k time-trial over the weekend, please?

also mention what your longest run is currently and what routine you have currently, then we can personalise things for you

do provide height and weight

and if you use a heart rate monitor

then do include such data

over to you


Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - chim - 26-07-2014

Hi TheEd. Thank you for your help!

I ran a 4k time trial this morning. Below is the main data from my run:

Split Time Distance Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 04:21.1 1 4:21 141 151
2 04:24.4 1 4:24 153 155
3 04:46.6 1 4:47 152 155
4 04:32.8 1 4:33 153 159
5 :01.6 0.01 3:06 159 159

Sum 18:06.6 4.01 4:31 150 159

Something odd happened as I finished the 2k and started the 3K split. Even though I felt I was running at a consistent pace, my Garmin was telling me that I was actually running over a 5:10 lap pace. So I tried to speed up after that to get that split back up to race pace, but couldn't make it up. As I started that split, there was a big metallic building which I had to run around, so I'm not sure if that effected a GPS signal, or I unconsciously slowed up.

My routine with my running group is usually as follows:

On Tuesdays - I usually run a 4K out 4K back for a total of 8K - I usually run this between a 4:50 to 5:10 pace and its relatively flat. I try to run this every week.

Every other Wednesday - I run intervals with my running group - this consists of 6 - 500 meter intervals, and - 1 km interval with lots of rest (as there are runners that run at different paces on the intervals and we need to wait for everyone to finish), and slow jogging between the intervals.I usually run the 500 meter at 3:35-3:40 pace, and the 1K interval at around a 3:55-4:05 pace.

On Saturdays - I run a steady state 11K - usually at around a 5:10-5:20 pace - there is some elevation gain in that loop.

I have also been doing long runs very sporadically (maybe once a month) but trying to up this. My long runs usually consist of 17K at about a 5:30-5:45 pace, but with some breaks during the run.

I have not been using a heart rate monitor in the past for my runs, but just this past week had to replace my old Garmin watch, so my new Garmin has a heart rate monitor, which I ran with this morning for the first time.. and can use it every run if the information is helpful. Perhaps related to that, I was tested 4-5 years ago, and I was told I had a low resting heart rate like Bjorn Borg.

As for my other stats:

Height: 5 feet 10.5
Weight: fluctuates even in a 24 hour time period.. but recently anywhere between 203 to 208 lbs - I know this is an area I will have to work on in order to see real results!

Here is the rest of the data from my run, sorry for the formatting..

Split Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Avg Run Cadence Max Run Cadence Avg Vertical Oscillation Avg Ground Contact Time Avg Stride Length
1 8 16 196 215 6.8 212 1.17
2 3 9 184 201 7.8 216 1.23
3 11 -- 181 191 8.1 216 1.16
4 19 20 181 193 8.1 217 1.22
5 -- -- 180 181 8.6 214 1.79
Summary 42 46 185 215 7.7 216 1.2

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - TheEd - 27-07-2014

Hi chim, thanks for all the data

one thing to recognise, the most important part of the 10k training program is between day 3 to day 8

thereafter you can juggle things around a fair amount

so if we were to look to start on the program,Thursday would be the 2k session
(will provide pace for that)
Then long run on the weekend and 1k session on Tuesday

are you able to achieve this?

over to you


Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - chim - 28-07-2014

Yes. That schedule works for me.

Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - TheEd - 28-07-2014

The first 3 week cycle will be aimed at adapting to the 'cycle'

don't be too concerned if you consider the pace to be too slow to start

things will move to the next level in the next cycle

starting Thursday: 3 to 4 x 2000m Rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes

pace 4.45 to 4.50 per k

Saturday longer run .. up to 12k to start

Tuesday: 6 x 1000m .. 10 seconds per k quicker than 2k session

will await your feedback from the 2k session

ps.. please ask questions for clarity

Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - chim - 29-07-2014

TheEd Wrote:Tuesday: 6 x 1000m .. 10 seconds per k quicker than 2k session

Starting to program the interval sessions into my Garmin now.

To confirm, the rest session for the 6 x 1000 m is 60 to 90 seconds?

What is the best way to decide how long I should rest (60 s vs. 90 s vs something in between) - e.g. should I wait for my heart rate to come down to a certain level, or should I just rest by feel e.g. if feeling tired after a particular interval rest a little longer..... or feeling good after an interval rest shorter.. or should I try to keep each rest period the same time.

Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - chim - 31-07-2014

Results from the first 2K session - had to slow myself down for the first 2 2K intervals.. but then had trouble keeping the pace especially for the last 2 and was breathing pretty hard.

1st 2K 9:30 - (avg 4:45 per km) 136 Avg HR, 145 Max HR
2nd 2k 9:29 - (avg 4:45 per km) 140 Avg HR, 145 Max HR
3rd 2k 9:38 - (avg 4:49 per km) 141 Avg HR, 146 Max HR
4th 2K 10:10 - (avg 5:05 per km) 138 Avg HR, 144 Max HR

Didn't feel that good this morning going into the run but powered my way through. Took the max 2 minute break between intervals -- couldn't hold the pace for the fourth and last 2K interval.

Resting heart rate measured as soon as I got up was around 72.

If there's any other data that is needed let me know. I tried posting the link my garmin connect data, but I do not yet have enough posts.

Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - TheEd - 01-08-2014

yes, Rest for 1000m session is 60 to 90 seconds between each 1k

good to have you doing the 2k session

this is a 'meaty' session and hence why the 1st cycle is to adapt the 'power' of the 2k session

once you get to doing 5 x 2k with Rest 90 seconds you will be at a different level

enjoy the weekend session

good to have you onboard Smile


Sub 45 Minute 10K by Sat Sept 13 - chim - 05-08-2014

Glad to be on board!

Switched the days up as my long run with my running group was on Sunday

Saturday -

2.16 K Warm up 5:48 min/km Avg HR 124
6.05 K Run 5:15 min/km Avg HR 135
2.25 K Cooldown 5:48 Avg HR 130


Had already committed to a long run with my running group prior to starting this program and we were slated to run 24K, so I took it slow.

24.41K 6.00 min/km Avg HR 117 bpm


strapped on my heart rate monitor as soon as I woke up on Monday morning and I was between 51 to 59 bpm.

Was a bit sore from the long run, so decided not to do the 30 minute run, and instead did the stationary bike for 30 minutes, and walked for about 45 minutes to loosen up.


Had a good workout... had to work hard for the last two intervals, but got it done. Splits and HR information from the 6 x 1 k below - did them a little faster then what I was targeting... but I always feel much more comfortable doing shorter intervals then longer intervals, and knew I could keep them under 4:30. Took the full 90 seconds rest in between each interval and definitely needed it.

1 4:24.6 Avg HR 138 Max HR 147
2 4:23.2 Avg HR 140 Max HR 149
3 4:27.9 Avg HR 143 Max HR 151
4 4.28.5 Avg HR 142 Max HR 148
5 4.28.1 Avg HR 144 Max HR 153
6 4:24.3 Avg HR 145 Max HR 152

Looking forward to seeing what's next...