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Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - Tjutapai - 18-09-2014

Hi Ed,

I've really enjoyed reading through the forum posts the past few days.

Bit of background on me -

At high school I used to run track, just average nothing special; 400m (best around 50.5 sec) and 800m (best 2.01 min). After school rowed competitively and continued to run for fitness but never raced or built consistent aerobic capacity. In my twenties I tore my acl, had surgery and a couple of years later got chronic fatigue syndrome. Didn’t run at all after around 25y.o. In my thirties I had a lot of back problems, took a few years to sort out.

Earlier this year I started running again, now at 41 y.o. First goal was to run 30 min non-stop. Took about 4-5 weeks to do that. Then was away on a trip for 6 weeks, no running. Came back in August and started again. After 4 weeks of training entered a local 10km race, ran last Sunday 14/9/14. My time was 45:30. My goal is to go sub 40 min.

Should I try the sub 45 min program first, or go to straight to the sub 40 min program? Currently running 6 times a week, comprising 4 easy runs 30-60 mins, 1 tempo run (3 x 5 mins @ 10km pace, 3 min easy), one long run (up to 90 mins). No pain or injuries running now. A little sore after the 10km, but a couple of days later no problems.

Next race I'm looking at a 15km on November 23rd. Appreciate any feedback on training for this.

Thanks heaps for your website.

Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - TheEd - 18-09-2014

Hi Phil and welcome to the forums, thanks for the feedback and the data

the first aspect is to adapt to the cycle of the programs and then to move the training to the next level without problems

so, start with the sub 45 minute 10k program

this may indeed be easy to start however once you go through the first cycle, you can step things up

ps.. if you like, you can run a 4k time-trial this weekend and then we can work with a pace closer to your current fitness level . see 10k tips

Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - Tjutapai - 18-09-2014

Thanks Ed,

Tomorrow (Friday) is my planned rest day. I can do the 4km time trial on Saturday. I'll get back to you once done.

Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - TheEd - 18-09-2014

cheers Phil .. enjoy


Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - Tjutapai - 20-09-2014

Hi Ed,

OK 4km time trial done. I don't have easy access to a 400m track, so I did my run this morning on a grass oval nearby, distance is according to my new garmin. Details below -

Km | Time | AHR | MHR
1 | 4:13 | 178 | 188
2 | 4:10 | 190 | 193
3 | 4:15 | 195 | 197
4 | 4:16 | 196 | 196

Total time 16:54.

Felt tough, didn't have anything in the tank at the end to kick the final km, could only maintain pace.

Planning a short easy 30 min run tomorrow (Sunday) then start the first cycle early next week?


Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - TheEd - 20-09-2014

nice going Phil

make sure to keep the same course for future 4k tests and then we are able to see the progression

have you got a route mapped out for yourself yet for the 2k and 1k sessions

a 2k loop would work well for this

Day 1 of the program is Tuesday

Thursday would be Day 3 and your first 2k session

for this first cycle, use the sub 45 minute 10km program as is, the pace for the 2k etc

start with 5x2k Rest 90-2min 8min 50 (4.25 per k) .. have added an extra 2k so that when you switch to the sub 40 program you are doing 5 x 2k already

is all this clear?



Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - Tjutapai - 20-09-2014

Thanks TheEd,

Got it. I'll map out a loop for the 2km on Thursday in the next couple of days.

One question on the rest period for the 2km - what would you suggest for me 90s or 120s?


Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - TheEd - 22-09-2014

play it by ear Phil .. maybe start with 90 seconds and increase it to 2 minutes if needed

main focus is to run evenly during the session

on we go


Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - Tjutapai - 25-09-2014

Hi TheEd,

Here’s a summary of the first three days of the cycle. I was surprised at how slowly I had to go to keep HR close to 140 on the easy runs. Grandmothers were walking past me! :laugh:

Did the 5x2km this morning. Tough session, especially the last 2km! Went a little too fast on the first couple, but found the right pace by the end.

Tomorrow rest day then 90 mins on Saturday.

Day 1 - Sept 23rd 60min easy

60:24 | 8.24km | 7:20/k | 145AHR

Day 2 - Sept 24th 30min easy

30:17 | 4.1km | 7:26/k | 144AHR

Day 3 - Sept 25th 5x2000 R90S

2 | 8:41 | 186 | 168 | 149
4 | 8:43 | 188 | 175 | 158
6 | 8:45 | 188 | 173 | 156
8 | 8:45 | 188 | 176 | 158
10 | 8:51 | 189 | 175 | 159

Thanks for the program and your feedback.

Aiming for sub 40 min 10km - TheEd - 25-09-2014

you will appreciate the easier running pace come Tuesday evening Wink

enjoy the weekend and if it is easy, be thankful

on we go