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Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 15-01-2015

Hi TheEd,

Thanks so much for the forum access, I've been very impressed by the advice you've given people on these forums.

An introduction - I'm 44 years old (nearly 45), about 187cm, 78kg. I've been jogging (not really running) since I was about 18 but never competitive. I ran a few fun runs and races and a few half marathons. In the last 18 months I have started joining local runs and races and set myself a goal of achieving sub-40min 10k. I lowered my 10k PB from over 46mins down to 41:35, and my 5k PB down to 20:03. Unfortunately in Sep 2014 (6 weeks before my goal race) I picked up a fibular stress fracture. I wasted a month trying to recover before seeing a physio, was off running for 10 weeks (did some cycling and swimming but not enough).

I'm now on week 5 of a 7 week 'return to running' plan and all is going well though obviously I have lost some fitness. I would like this year to avoid injury and finally achieve a sub-40 10k, with a sub-20 5k along the way.

I'm not sure where to start once I complete the return-to-running plan. At that stage I'll be running 5 times per week, total 2hrs 40min including a tempo run, some strides and long run 55min. Prior to my injury I was running 55-65km per week with long run 24km, 1 intervals session and 1 tempo run.

I'm guessing I should start with the sub-45min plan and progress from there, but I feel I will probably need some conditioning before I'm able to start that program as I am not doing much high intensity running.

I'd appreciate your advice on how to prepare to start the 10k training.

Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 16-01-2015

Thought I might update this week’s training and the plan for next week to give a better idea of where I am currently:

Mon 12th - 31:50min, 6.41km, average pace 4:58/km, AHR 142
Tue 13th - 39:20min, 8.06km, average pace 4:53/km, AHR 138
Wed 14th - Rest
Thu 15th - 36:43min, 7.85km, average pace 4:41/km, AHR 144 (30min easy then 6x100m strides)
Fri 16th - 30:01min, 6.31km, average pace 4:45/km, AHR 140 (performed on treadmill at 1.5% incline)
Sat 17th - 40:01min, 8.35km, average pace 4:48/km, AHR 148
Sun 18th - Planned Rest Day

Totals: 2hrs 57min, 37km, 4:49/km

Next Week Plan:

Mon - 15min warmup then 15min tempo (first tempo session since injury)
Tue - 30min easy
Wed - 45min easy
Thu - Rest
Fri - 40min easy + 6x100m strides
Sat - 30min easy
Sun - 50min easy

Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 17-01-2015

Hi Daniel, welcome to Time-to-Run forums, great to have you onboard

will learn more about you and your running over the next couple of posts

we will need a 4k time-trial, as a marker and then we can start Day1 on Tuesday

please keep me informed, if you have any aches or pains, so we can nip it in the bud

with the 4k, treat it as a marker, and use a course you can use all the time or a tartan track is best

over to you


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 17-01-2015

Thanks TheEd,

I still have 2 weeks to go on my recovery program so I'll complete that then if all goes well will schedule in the 4km TT. I'll update you weekly on my progress between now and then.

Great to be a part of this forum!

Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 19-01-2015

great stuff Daniel

on we go


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 25-01-2015

Here's the summary of my last week of running:

Mon 19th - 30min tempo

First tempo run of the return to running program, haven’t run a tempo in >4 months so just went by feel with no particular pace target in mind. 3km easy warmup (a bit over 5:00/km pace) then 15 mins tempo, started slow and gradually increased pace working towards 'comfortably hard'. First km was 4:26, then 4:18, then 4:13. Final 750m was mostly uphill and pace slowed to 4:20 though the intensity was still there. Probably started a little too easy, HR was 155-158 for the first 2km then climbed to low 160’s for the third km. Finished up about 164 which is probably about where I should be targeting. Happy with that as an easy return to higher intensity running, quite an enjoyable run.

Warmup - 15:21mins, 3km, average pace 5:07
Tempo - 16:08mins, 3.74km, average pace 4:19
Total - 31:29mins, 6.74km, average pace 4:40/km, average HR 146

Tue 20th - 30min easy

Performed on treadmill at 1.5% incline. 6.31km, average pace 4:45/km, average HR 141

Wed 21st - 45min easy

Slow it down, easy and relaxed throughout. Picked up the pace a little over the last 2km. 47:23min, 9.56km, average pace 4:57, average HR 142

Thu 22nd - Rest

Fri 23rd - 40min easy + 6x100m strides

47:59min, 9.71km, average pace 4:56, average HR 149. Was trying to keep HR below 150, struggled with that for the first 5 or so km, the legs kept wanting to pick up pace. Found a good rhythm in the second half and enjoyed running into the misty rain.

Sat 24th - 30min easy

31:56min, 6.57km, average pace 4:54, average HR 137. Slow and easy, running in unfamiliar territory in very high humidity.

Sun 25th - 50min easy

51:03min, 10.82km, average pace 4:43, average HR 149. Very humid again, was soaked by the end. This is the first >10km run I’ve done since my injury. Still in unfamiliar territory so I ran an out and back course, very flat. Felt strong in first 5km, struggled a little from 7km to 8.5km but then picked up again.

Total for the week:

6 sessions, 3:59:50hrs, 49.66km

Next week is the last of my return to running plan. The schedule is:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Easy 35min
Wed: Tempo, 15min WU the 20min @ 15km race pace
Thu: Easy 35min
Fri: Rest
Sat: Easy 40min + 6x100 strides
Sun: 55min

I’m still not sure if I’m ready to start on one of the 10k plans. This week is the first time I’ve run 10km since my injury and my longest run in 3 months has been 50min. By the end of the program I will only have done 2 tempo runs and 3 sessions of 6x100m strides so my body is not used to higher intensity running. On the positive side I’ve not been feeling any soreness at all and quite enjoyed the running. Maybe I need to modify the program a little or spend a few weeks building up?

Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 26-01-2015

Daniel, the 10k program is different and in a good way

we highly recommend rolling towards the cycles, and you do not have to be afraid, take things in your stride, judging from what you have been doing, the program should be fine

just need a 4k time-trial for assessment purposes


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 26-01-2015

Great, thanks for that. I've been a bit paranoid since my injury, it's the first time I've had a stress fracture and I definitely don't want to go there again.

I'll finish off this week of the return to running program, that should get me to 55min on Sunday. If I'm feeling ready I'll substitute one of the runs this week with the 4k TT or if not will do it Monday. Either way I will look to start the program Tuesday (4th Feb).

Looking forward to that Big Grin

Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 01-02-2015

Hi Ed,

I've had a good week of running and also completed the 4km TT.

Tue was 35min easy, 7.16km average pace 4:53 average HR 142.
Wed was tempo run, 15min easy followed by 20mins at average 4:18/km.
Thu was 35min easy, 7.49km
Fri rest day
Sat didn't run - had to travel early and couldn't find the time.

This morning I ran the 4km TT on a grass 400m track that I can use anytime.

Recorded both the 400m and km splits as follows:

400m | 1:33
800m | 1:39
1200m | 1:39
1600m | 1:39
2000m | 1:41
2400m | 1:41
2800m | 1:40
3200m | 1:40
3600m | 1:41
4000m | 1:38

1km | 4:03
2km | 4:10
3km | 4:12
4km | 4:10

Total: 16:35
Average pace/km: 4:08

If I understand correctly then my training paces would be:

For 2km session: 4:14/km (8:28)
For 1km session: 4:04/km
For 400m session: 3:54/km (1:38)

My first target race is a local 5km fun run on 14th March. If I start this Tuesday that should be enough time to get through 2 cycles. With such a long layoff I’m happy targeting a 5km race to start with, there are some 10km races later in the year that I will also be targeting.

I’d appreciate your advice on where to start. While my time trial suggests sub-40 plan I’m thinking it may be a good idea to start with sub-45 for first cycle (using the target times above for key sessions) then all going well move to the higher volume in the sub-40 plan for the 2nd cycle.

In either case I’ll probably do a little less than 90min for the day 5 long run as I haven’t run >55min in 4 months. I’ll probably aim for 70min in cycle 1 and 80min in cycle 2 if you think that’s OK. With target race being 5km I hope that won’t be too much of a problem.

I'd greatly appreciate your advice.

Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 02-02-2015

OK, great stuff, Thursday should be day 3 with Tuesday being Day 1

warning . the 5 x 2k session is tough, so be mentally prepared, and if you are a little concerned, do the first 3 x 2k at a slower pace, maybe 4.20 to start and then go quicker over the last 2

try hold back, and simply get the program under your belt

onwards and enjoy