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Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 21-04-2015

Daniel, it may be a good time to do the build up

also check to see that your leg alignment has not gone out, that your 1 leg is not currently longer than the other. This is pretty normal for running, and a few stretching exercises can keep everything in balance

on we go


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 30-04-2015

Hi TheEd,

I know I've had minor leg length discrepancies in the past, I've been doing a lot of stretching these past 2 weeks (more on one side) and seem to be OK at the moment.

I'm working through week 1 of the buildup. The longer run in the buildup program is 75 mins but I'm wondering if there is any reason I shouldn't go a bit longer than that, say 90-120 mins?

Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 30-04-2015

If you feel comfortable you can increase it to 90 minutes

the programs do change according to individual, the longer they on the 'cycles'

so as more and more feedback is provided the training becomes more specific to your needs


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 05-05-2015

Things are not going so well at the moment.

I was feeling great during the 50min hills run and really wanted to keep going when it was finished, which is why I asked about increasing duration of the long run.

Unfortunately I ran into trouble on the long run, after about 3km started to get some achilles pain. It faded away but then returned a few times, and after 7km I decided I should cut the run short and limp home slowly.

Unfortunately it was still sore the next day, I have a bump/lump on the tendon and that 'creaky' feeling when I stretch it. I was hoping the day off would be enough but apparently not, so it looks like I may need to reduce load for a while.

I'm doing eccentric heel drops and foam rolling calves and will try running again in a few days.

Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 05-05-2015

best to rest it and ice it for now, sounds like an overuse problem

please look at this article: Achilles Tendonitis - Prevention and Treatment

I think we must do less is better for you when you recover from this 'niggle'

get 'repaired' soon Big Grin


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 04-06-2015

Hi TheEd,

It took a couple of weeks for the soreness to dissipate and for the nodule to disappear. This week I've been able to run 30min every 2nd day without increasing soreness. I can still feel a little soreness toward the end of runs but nothing significant so I'm well on the way to recovery now.

Next week I was planning to try consecutive days 30mins running then a rest day, and if all goes well will try gradually increasing duration.

If you have any advice on how to manage the return to full training that would be greatly appreciated.


Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 05-06-2015

keep things easy, and next week we can look to do a 4k time-trial and look at things from there on


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 05-07-2015

Hi TheEd,

Unfortunately my achilles flared up again after my last post, so I took another week off running, then went on holiday where I started to do some 30min easy every 2nd day. For the past 2 weeks I've been doing easy runs every 2-3 days, 30-60mins at about 4:50min/km pace on average. I'm feeling confident the injury is behind me now, and ready to start back on the program.

I ran the 4km TT this morning, 400m splits as follows:

1. 1:36
2. 1:40
3. 1:39
4. 1:39
5. 1:39
6. 1:39
7. 1:38
8. 1:38
9. 1:37
10. 1:36

Total: 16:18 (4:04 min/km)

Though I've obviously lost quite a bit of fitness I'm happy with that result, it could have been much worse. Also good to see that the splits were quite even, and I didn't fade at the end.

It's a shame to have had this setback as I was making good progress. Hopefully after a couple of cycles I will be back to where I was before the injury. If you have any advice or modifications to the program that would be very welcome.

I will start back on the program tomorrow (Tuesday).

Target times for this cycle:

5x2km - 8:20
6x1km - 4:05
10x400m - 1:36


Sub-40min 10k - TheEd - 07-07-2015

keep monitoring the achilles and let me know the minute it flares up

for the 1k session consider 4.00 to 4.05

all good and may things go smoothly


Sub-40min 10k - Daniel - 08-07-2015

Did the 60min easy and 30min easy sessions nice and relaxed, probably 4:50-5:00/km pace but I'm not sure as my phone which I normally use to record distance/pace/HR stopped working.

Did the 5x2km session this morning. I wasn't feeling great, a bit tired and dehydrated but once I got into the session felt better. Target was 8:20 but I haven't done intervals for a few months so deliberately held back early to feel my way into the right pace. No HR stats unfortunately:

Rep 1: 8:30
Rep 2: 8:22
Rep 3: 8:18
Rep 4: 8:17
Rep 5: 8:10

I'm very happy with how it went, pretty much a perfect intervals session. I didn't keep an eye on the time as I was going, just ran at a pace I felt I could sustain. Rep 4 and 5 were very tough, but I was able to focus on maintaining form and roll through the session.

No sign of any pain in the achilles Smile