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Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 16-01-2015

Hello Smile Smile

Thanks for the opportunity to be in this forum!

My name is Fábio, I'm from Brazil, living in Paris right now, and I'd like to start running a decent 10k Smile

To give you some info:

I'm 5'9" (176cm), 69kg (idk that in pounds Tongue), 21 yo.
I have a background in triathlon, having done sprint tri's all the way to an Ironman. Right now I'm just running cause I left my bicycle in brazil, but I'm probably gonna pick up swimming and biking later in the year.

I had an injury last year after I tried running a 21k hard after 3 months with no training and got better halfway through december (no signs of it anymore), so since then I have just been running whatever I feel like in the day to regain fitness, usually around 10-12k, but I feel it's time to do some serious training again Smile

I don't know my pb's for 10k or 5k, but I have run a 23m 6k and a 1:32 21k.
Since at my best I don't think I could have run a 10k under 38min, I was thinking of starting with the sub 40min plan on tuesday, so I have time for the 4k time trial I've seen you ask in some posts before that to get some more info. What do you think?

thanks again TheEd, look forward to getting new pb's with your help Wink

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 16-01-2015


Forgot to mention I ran my first intervals today after starting running again, 6x1k at around 3:50 per interval. I felt fine although I felt a little out of breath by the last ones, which happens a lot to me in the cold, as I'm used to running in Brazilian heat.

I also have 2 questions:

Would you prefer that I report in metric or imperial? Big Grin

I like running in a park which has a lot of hills, is that ok for some of the sessions? which?

thanks! Big Grin

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 17-01-2015

great to see you on the forums Fabio

yes, 4k time-trial as soon as you can and then we can place you into a program and get things going

look forward to your feedback and enjoy the 'heat' Wink

on we go

ps.. metric better
pps. using the same course, even with hills, helps to measure development

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 18-01-2015

Hey Ed!

It's great to be here Wink

Just got back from my 4k tt, I am overall really pleased with my time since I haven't really been training, just running for fun Smile

I finished the 4k in 15:33, a 3:53/km avg pace, with 10kph winds.

I went out a little too fast, cause I guess I overestimated how fast I could go somewhat, which I noticed halfway through the 2nd km, so I slowed down a little. My splits were:

I'm excited to get the training started Smile
hope all is well

ps: i noticed that ever since I came back from the knee injury I had around october/november/december I have been pushing more with the right leg than the left one, which was the injured one. any tips on how to fix that? ty!

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 19-01-2015

nice going Fabio, are you able to work out what your pace should be for the 2k session for this coming Thursday? If not, I shall provide and then give you a link for future 'self development'

as for your legs, look to do the ITB stretch to loosen tight muscles and check to see that when you sit down that your 1 leg is not longer than the other, this is common, so don't see it as a problem. You need to maintain your muscles and keep yourself in alignment

let me know how this works out for you

ps.. we should do a series of videos on 'self maintenance' however finding the time is the problem
pps.. will add you on twitter shortly, thanks

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 19-01-2015

hey ed!

following the formula on the program tips I calculated 4min/km pace for the 2km and 3:50 for the 1k's. Does that sound ok?

starting with day 1 tomorrow, I'm excited Smile


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 20-01-2015

1st day done:

63 min easy, at 5:05 pace, total distance 12.37km with 129m elevation gain
10 kph wind, -3.3°C thermal sensation

Tried to run feeling easy, without looking much at the pace in the watch. Pace fell a little because of some stairs/hill
I'm gonna look for my HR band so that I can start using that to have a better sense of my effort level.
Stopped for ~8 min with around 56 min of running at the park to do some sit-ups/pushups
felt great overall Smile

have a good week ed Wink


Improving my 10k - TheEd - 20-01-2015

great Fabio . you have your calculations for the sessions near enough, you can look at running 5 seconds slower per k for the 2k session to start, as it is a tough session

if you feel good after 3 then increase the pace by 5 seconds per k

look forward to the feedback


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 23-01-2015


day 2 with 30m easy done at 4:59/km. There are some stairs where i run, so i threw some in for fun. Is that ok?

5x2km done as well, but with a slight problem. My right calf had been hurting since last monday or sunday a little, and yesterday in between the 4th and 5th interval I was crouching, which might have engaged the calves a little too much, because it hurt a lot when I got up, so I stopped at 200m of the last interval to avoid getting injured.
My splits were:


My calf is significantly better today. Luckily it's a rest day Smile


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 27-01-2015

Hey TheEd!

unfortunately, my calf was weird and hurting even when just walking during the weekend so I didn't do those workouts for fear of injury, it sucks that that happened during the first cycle and specially between days 3 and 8 Sad
I did, however, do monday and today, as it now only hurts a little while running or going down stairs Smile

my calf hurt on monday at the end of the workout, but not too much, and today at the beginning, but stopped when it got warmer, so I think it's ok

monday was 10k easy, done at 4:55/km, 157m elevation gain. It was warmer than usual, so it felt good hehe

today was the 6x1k
my splits were:

done in the track with normal weather (2.2oC, 6kph wind)

felt really good except for slight pain in the calf mostly in the beginning. had to hold myself not to go too fast on the 1st one and ended up going to slow Tongue

look forward to hearing from you