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Improving my 10k - TheEd - 28-01-2015

you should be able to recover over the next couple of days, make sure to keep the calf muscles loose

keep us informed


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 03-02-2015

hey ed Smile

calf all better!

did the 10x400 today, tried to follow the pace in the program but i thought it was 84 sec, not 86, so here are the splits:


felt really good, except for the fruit salad I had just before going out, which wanted to come back the way it went in after the 8th and 9th interval :p guess i should eat less before going out, or leave more time before the session so I feel less nauseous

Also, I'm not sure I understand day 17, is it 30 min easy and then 6x3min being 1min fast, then 1 slow and then 1 @ race pace, or are those 6x3min within the 30min?

look forward to hearing from you


Improving my 10k - TheEd - 05-02-2015

nice Fabio, where did you do the 400m session, are you able to do this on grass or a tartan track?

do make sure to relax the calf muscles after this session

then the 6 x 1 minute fast with 1 minute slow

1 minute fast @ anticipated race pace

then 1 minute easy then 1 minute fast

you do fast running 6 times

you should come out of this session wanting to race

enjoy and good luck


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 05-02-2015

Hey ed!

Yes, I run in a tartan track that's like 2km from where I live, so I use the 2km as a warmup/cool down, it's perfect for all the interval training (the 400s, 1ks and 2ks).

I don't have a race scheduled for this weekend, what should I do instead of it?
I have to get some medical letter saying I'm ok here in france to be able to race, so I'm gonna try to get that in time for the end of next cycle so I can do an actual race Smile

I'm really enjoying the training btw hehe


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 07-02-2015

Since I didn't have a run scheduled, I ended up just going for a run and trying to push myself a bit. Wanted to run 10k, but I had something to do so had to stop a bit earlier cause I was late. Didn't push as much as I would in a race, but was somewhat tough because of the hills there. Overall I felt good Smile


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 07-02-2015

Here are the splits for the run Smile
[Image: 14altn7.png]

Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 09-02-2015


gonna start 2nd cycle tomorrow.
Did 10.8km or so today at ~4:53, with ~210m elevation gain

gonna try to find a race to do at the end of this cycle

cheers Smile

Improving my 10k - TheEd - 10-02-2015

onwards Fabio


Improving my 10k - fabiogelbcke - 13-02-2015

Hey ed!

I delayed the 5x2km by one day cause I woke up with headache and feeling bad yesterday, and you always say days 3-8 are the core of the program, so I wanted to do them right. I repeated day 2 yesterday, 30 min run easy-ish.
So, on to the 5x2km:
I felt like I did the same effort as last time, even though I went faster and there was a very annoying wind (and I only did 4x2km last time). First cycle already showing results hehe also, I might be a little lighter Smile
I didn't mean to go faster, I wanted to respect the 4:00 - 4:05 /km that we had agreed on, but I was running with the watch showing instant pace, and there was a strong wind, so I was going 4:10 pushing hard on one straight of the track and 3:50 not pushing that hard on the other straight, and had no idea what the average was. I felt really comfortable on the first 2km, somewhat tired after the 2nd 2km (the one with most wind) and almost quit after the 3rd and 4th haha. I see now why you say this is a "mental endurance practice".
The limiting factor is not my legs, they feel fine, I just feel somewhat out of breath. idk if that is an information that might help taylor the training better.
anyway, on to the splits:

3km warmup at 4:40/km

5x2k (23 km/h winds):
7:44 (3:52/km)
7:49 (3:55/km)
7:50 (3:55/km)
7:52 (3:56/km)
7:48 (3:54/km)

2.3km cool down (4:57/km)

1st one was the only one without wind, hence the faster time.
You can clearly see the 2 straights in the pace map haha with one fluctuating between 4:05 and 4:15/km and the other between 3:55 and 3:45/km

looking forward to rest day tomorrow heheh


Improving my 10k - TheEd - 13-02-2015

if ever you can find someone to share the session (and pain) with, it would be most helpful to you

certainly does develop mental toughness

have a good weekend