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Off training and build up periods - dareios82 - 20-05-2015

Hi everyone,

I am 32 and I started training constantly since December last year for 10k to 10mi races. My PB on 10k is 43:16 posted at the end of February and for the 10mi is 1:09:52 posted mid April. Since then I found your website and completed one sub40 training cycle. I think I need to relax for a few days and then would be a great time to get started with the off training and build up periods. I would love to have feedback on the following doubts:

1. Since I have a HR monitor, I wanted to know what HR targets should I set for the different sessions.

2. My goal is to try a 10km personal best in October. Would you recommend 1 or 2 build up cycles? Summer here in Washington DC is very hot and humid (should weather be factored in the choice?).

3. I also wanted to ask you how to decide what pace to try for the 4 km test.

Thanks guys for creating such cool website!


Off training and build up periods - TheEd - 21-05-2015

Hi Dario and welcome to the forums

for the easy runs, we find that 140 bpm tends to be the average for most runners, so start off at that pulse and provide feedback, it may seem very slow for you or very quick, so provide feedback and we can take it from there

the heat is often difficult to train in and it goes a great deal on the individual, you may need to train at the coolest time of the day if it is possible

for the 4k time-trial, start off slow and build up to finish strong, a positive experience is the aim and then we can work from the time as your marker

hopefully answered questions adequately