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A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 09-07-2015

Thanks TheEd

I ran the 6K session back and forth on a path. The laps nr. 1, 3 and 5 were especially hard since they were a slight upwards and against the wind. The times on these laps were 4:06-4:09. The times on laps 2, 4 and 6 were 3:57-4:00.

Regarding the 5K paced run on day 12 should the pace be my current 10K pace, the one I run my 5*2K session, 4:10? That is running the distance around 20:50?


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - TheEd - 09-07-2015

you have it right Arnie . start on target time and go quicker over the last 1k, only to build confidence, but do not go out quick and fade

all looking good


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 09-07-2015

Ok, I will do the 5K paced run on a path between vineyards here in France!

I would appreciate your thoughts regarding my question about the easy runs in a previous post from July 5.


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - TheEd - 10-07-2015

Hi Arnie, in reply to the easy runs

where you are with your running is very much at a development stage, and keeping the easy runs at a pulse of 140 to 150 bpm is probably best, so that you are able to absorb all the training without breaking down.

As you develop the pace for the same pulse should in theory get quicker, and you would then cover further distance during the same time

before heart rate monitors became the 'rage', we worked on the following formula:

up to 1hr easy runs . 1 minute per k slower than current 10k pace

over 1hr towards 2hr runs. 90 seconds per k slower than 10k pace

I hope this helps

the programs are progressive, and the longer you on the forums, and the more cycles you go through, will determine the different sessions and paces that get added to the program, so a great deal more to come

all the best


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 17-07-2015

Thanks for your advice regarding the easy runs. It really helps!

Now I am back in Iceland after my vacation with my family in France. I have to admit that it was hard to keep up with all the trainings during the vacation and I had to skip a few easy runs but I did all the quality sessions.

These were my training during the vacation:

Day 7 in the program: easy 30 min run; 5,5 km; Avg Pace 5:28; Avg HR 143
Day 8: 6*1K like I have described in a previous post: Max HR 185
Day 9: easy 30 min run; 5,5 km; Avg Pace 5:28; Avg HR 139
Day 10: easy 67 min run; 12,4 km; Avg Pace 5:25; Avg HR 143
Day 11: Rest

Day 12: 5K paced run. This was my first 5K paced run but in the first cycle I ran a 5K race instead. I ran on a path between the vineyards in France! The goal was to run on my 10K pace, 4:10 on average but push harder for the last km to build confidence: I warmed up with an easy run for 3K and did then some light stretching.

1K; 4:14; Avg HR 151; Max HR 164
2K; 4:09; Avg HR 166; Max HR 170
3K; 4:08; Avg HR 170; Max HR 172
4K; 4:05; Avg HR 172; Max HR 174
5K; 4:02; Avg HR 177; Max HR 180

Total: 20:38

I was pretty happy with the run but I was really tired at the end. I ran easy back home after the paced run for 6K so the total distance covered was 14 km.

Day 13: I had only time for running 2 km this day
Day 14: easy 43 min run, 7,7 km; Avg Pace 5:34, Avg HR 134
Day 15: No time for run ☹

Day 16: 10*400m with 60 sec rest. I did this session now for the first time. I ran back and forth on a path starting really early in the morning, at 7:30. I warmed up with a 3 km easy run.

Lap; Dist; Time; Avg Pace; Avg HR; Max HR/Rest HR
1; 400m; 1:38; 4:03; 144; 162/112
2; 440m; 1:40; 3:51; 151; 167/121
3: 400m; 1:32; 3:51; 153; 168/124
4: 420m; 1:36; 3:47; 155; 170/123
5: 400m; 1:32; 3:53; 154; 170/126
6: 400m; 1:34; 3:55; 155; 171/127
7: 400m; 1:31; 3:46; 157; 173/131
8: 410m; 1:28; 3:38; 157; 172/131
9: 400m; 1:33; 3:52; 157; 172/134
10: 400m; 1:28; 3:43; 160; 176

I liked the session and I felt it easier than the 6*1K session and the 5K paced session. I was pleased with that I managed to finish strong.

Day 17: No run since it was a travel day back home from vacation.

Day 18 is tomorrow, Friday in which I plan to do the Fartlek session.

There is no race taking place here in Iceland the next days so what do you think I should do on Day 19, 20 and 21? Would you recommend that I then start cycle 3 with the same training paces as in cycle 1 and 2? Maybe running the 4K time trial?

Best regards,

A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - TheEd - 17-07-2015

Arnie, run down the days as though you doing a race, and do the 4k time-trial

the idea is to train the mind and body to prepare for competition, so try to run on a route you have used before

after the time-trial, do easy runs to take you to Day1, which on our cycle is a Tuesday.

stick to the paces as to the last cycle and look to run the last 2k & 1k quicker, so you gain confidence from the sessions

with you doing all the runs, you should achieve consistency, which always leads to better results

ps.. where did you do the 400m session?

A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 17-07-2015

I did the 400m session back and forth on a pavement since I had no access to a track. In the future I plan to run the 400m on a track.

Regarding this: "the idea is to train the mind and body to prepare for competition, so try to run on a route you have used before"

When I ran the 4K time-trial for the first time it was on a 400m track. On the other hand, my races take place on the streets or paths. So do you recommend my 4K time-trial to be on a track or on a route where my races take place?


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 24-07-2015

I didn´t manage to get the 4K time-trial into the schedule so I skipped it. I did the Fartlek session last Saturday and started Day 1 on Cycle 3 last Tuesday.

Day 1: Running from work to home at an easy pace
1:01:20; 11,57 km; Avg pace: 5:18. I forgot the HR strap :-(

Day 2: Running from home to work early morning at an easy pace
41:04; 7,53 km; Avg pace: 5:27; Avg HR: 147

Day 3: 5*2K running on a 400 m tartan track. I started with a 2,08 Km warm up for 12 minutes and did then some light stretching.

Lap; Time; GPS Distance; Avg Pace; Avg HR Max HR/Rest HR
1; 8:17; 2,07; 4:01; 169; 176/123
2; 8:18; 2,01; 4:08; 173; 180/131
3; 8:18; 2,02; 4:07; 176; 183/146
4; 8:24; 2,01; 4:11; 180; 187/138
5; 8:22; 2,01; 4:09; 183; 191

I don´t know why the GPS distance for the first lap is much longer than the others. The plan was to run the last lap faster to build confidence but I did not manage to do that. Perhaps the reason is that during my third lap I was asked to move from the track due to some painting of lines that had to be done on the track! I had to jog to them after the lap and ask for permit to run two more laps. Due to this I didn´t get enough rest between laps 3 and 4 as can be seen in my Rest HR of 146 which resulted in slower runs of laps 4 and 5. After lap 5 I was exhausted with a HR of 191. During laps 1-3 I felt I had everything under control but I got out of balance due to the incident after lap 3.

Tomorrow, on Day 4 I plan to rest and on Day 5 I plan to take an easy run for 90 minutes. On Wednesday, July 29 (Day 9 of the program) I would like to take part in a 10K race, my first since the beginning of June. I suggest the following training sessions up to the race which are similar as for the 5K race that I ran in June:

Friday: Rest
Saturday: 90 minutes easy run
Sunday: 30 minutes warm up, Fartlek 6*1 minutes
Monday: 30 minutes easy run
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 10K race
Thursday: 30 minutes recovery

Do you think it would be realistic to aim for Sub 41 minutes in the 10K race?

I would appreciate any thoughts of the trainings sessions up to the race and the goal time.


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - TheEd - 24-07-2015

Hi Arnie, in the future mention the races you want to take part in, as we wouldnt have you do the 2k session on the Thursday

cut the long run down to 1hr, run the first 45 minutes easy as per usual and then increase your pace over the last 15 minutes . above all enjoy

that is the only change


A program to run sub 40 min in 10K - Palmer - 28-07-2015

Ok, good advice regarding mentioning the races in time ! After the 10K race tomorrow I will list up the races which I would like to take part in in August and September.

Last Saturday I did the 1 hour easy run with the last 15 minutes faster:

Lap; Time; Dist; Avg Pace
1; 45:35; 8,51km; 5:22
2; 15:02; 3,12; 4:48

Last Sunday I did the 6*1 min Fartlek session. I started with a 30 min, 5,66 km warm up with easy running.

Lap; Dist, Avg Pace; Avg HR; Max HR/Rest HR
1; 0,24; 4:13; 154; 162/142
2; 0,27; 3:46; 154; 162/146
3; 0,25; 3:59; 156; 165/148
4; 0,24; 4:05; 158; 166/147
5; 0,25; 3:56; 158; 167/149
6: 0,25; 3:55; 159; 168

Ended with a 9 minutes, 1,54 km jog. Total distance 9,58 km and total time 50:08.

Yesterday I had a 20 minutes easy session covering 3,62 km.

Today is a rest and tomorrow is the 10K race.

I ran a 10K race on June 4, 42:56 and a 5K race on June 23, 19:51. My PB is 41:29 since November 2014. My strategy tomorrow is to run the first km at 3:55-4:00 pace, each km from 2-9 at 4:05-4:10 pace (except a downhill part which I might run faster) and the last km as fast as I can, around 4:00 pace. That would give me a total time of 40:40-41:10. My goal is to run sub 41 minutes.