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sub60 10k training - Paddy - 23-06-2015

hi, im new at the forum.
run for like 2 years now but with long breaks, those breaks came becaus i lost intrest and becaus there was no progres in a good way (no injuries).
i mean wich program you need to train if you just start, you dont know.
i started with a 5k program wich made no sense at all to me becaus it was (i think) made for people who where smoking, drinking and eating fries everyday.

my goal first is to run a sub 60 10k comfortable
and on a long term to become stronger on endurance as wel..

i am 28 years young, 85kg, 1,85cm.
no smoker, verry light drinker
try to stay healthy...!

i did my 4k time trail yesterday:
time: 21:38
avg pace: 5:21

1k: 5:23 2k: 5:13 3k: 5:22 4k: 5:15

must say did not take it easy on myself
think i run a bit to fast, becaus i felt i was on my max to hold it for 4k.
the speed felt great, but in the first round i recon already that it was gonna be hard to hold on to that pace
plus i only have a notification every 1k off my pace so i had to do it on feeling..
(the gps watch is comming real soon)

could not direct figer out what my pace should be on the next steps in the program.

have a nice day,

sub60 10k training - TheEd - 23-06-2015

Hi Paddy and welcome to the forums

great to see your 4k time-trial time and your other feedback and data you have supplied

here is the pace for your first 2k session:

3 x 2k @ 5.25 per k to 5.30 for a total time of 10.50 to 11 minutes per 2k

your 1k session will be 10 seconds per k quicker so:

1k @ 5.15 to 5.20 per k

highly recommens to work on pace judgement to start more than trying to run the times set. Give yourself leeway and while running see different 'markers' on the course you are running on

so you know where to be at each point of the course

this will develop your pace judgement and help your development

over to you

ps.. we shall also change the sessions you do for the easy run, so only consider a 20 minute walk / jog tomorrow before the 2k session. The weekend long run reduce to 1hr. The idea is to stay fresh and enjoy the running while developing

sub60 10k training - Paddy - 23-06-2015

hi TheEd,

thanks for your advise..

did the 20min easy run today avg 6:28 felt realy relaxing..

lets see if i can do the 20 min tomorrow becaus i have a bussy day diving tomorrow and always have to wait 6 hours befor dooing any sports..
but i will always try to get out..(safty first)

so the long run 60 mins @wich pace?

..paddy.. Wink

sub60 10k training - TheEd - 23-06-2015

no need for the 20 minute run tomorrow

1hr good @ around 6.30 per k



sub60 10k training - Paddy - 25-06-2015

Hi TheEd..

just did my 3x2k 90sec interval

it felt really good and i was full of energy because i bought a polar m400 today before my run.

off i went... first 2 intervals were ok not to bad had a good feeling and felt fresh

last 2k 1st round still fine....
last 1k round killed me .. burning inside me.. and could not hold up to the pace.

time heart pace
10:51 158 5:25
11:00 155 5:29
11:27 174 5:43

should have been between 5:25 and 5:30

tomorrow i will go then for a easy 20-30min run/jog
and sat off
sun 1hour @ 6:30 pace

..have a good day..
..paddy.. :yes:

sub60 10k training - TheEd - 25-06-2015

things will get better . pace judgement and experience go hand in hand

congrats on getting your first 2k session behind you



sub60 10k training - Paddy - 25-06-2015

hi TheEd..

sorry forgot to tell..

pace judgement was a bit difficult this time..
1 new watch offcourse need to get used to it..

2. strong winds hill up
wind in my back hill down

so going down went easy peasy.. but up was difficult..
so i decided to go a bit faster down and a bit slower up
and so to get at more and les 5:25/5:30
not sure if this was a good strategy

..Paddy.. :great:

sub60 10k training - TheEd - 25-06-2015

don't be too worried about it for now , the 1k session is always more fun


sub60 10k training - Paddy - 28-06-2015

hi TheEd,

did on friday my easy 20mins runs
avg 6:30
(with the whole .fam.) good fun

then sat off and today the 1 hour run
took my girlfriend and my doggy for the first 3k again..
then went on all k`s between 6:10 and 6:30
could resist to go a bit faster the last 5 mins
avg 6:22 9.5k 60 mins

then we went for a 45min walk in the evening with the dogg..

got 1 question:
when i do longer runs i have after the run a amoniak smell in my nose ..
its in my nose only people around me do not smell it..
what can it be..

i do eat 2 hours befor i go running
and i do drink after every 10 mins..


sub60 10k training - TheEd - 30-06-2015

Hi Paddy, took a little longer to get some feedback from Doc Andrew Bosch

'Sounds like the smell of ammonia is from ketones; happens when you are on a diet and trying to exercise, or restricting food in some way that your body resorts to producing things called ketone bodies to provide glucose.'

he will be writing an article about this, however it may take quite a number of weeks

The 11th July .. there is a 10.6 event in Playa Blanca .. we will be participating, will it fit in with you?