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sub 35 attempt - Kornel - 03-08-2015

Hi TheEd,
Thank you for registration. And traditionally for very useful running portal – you are doing great job here!
As stated in title I would like to try hitting sub 35 10km according to your training program. Moreover, as I really appreciate value of time-to-run forum I would like to share training experience with other runners – thanks for giving a chance.
The age is 33, weight ~69 kg and height 179 cm. 5 years running experience - first three just jogging (no races, timing etc.), last two marathon training programs (usually 5 days per week and since December 2014 6 days per week Hanson’s training plan). No sport background before. No major injures so far.
HR Max 190 (but I am tracking HR since April 2015), current rest HR (just after waking up) 40-45 bpm.
5 km 17:26
10km 35:49 (beginning of April 2015)
21km 01:25:23 (two weeks after marathon – I feel like I didn’t had chance to race it 100% this year)
42km 02:57:48 (End of April 2015)
From May to June (after ~2 weeks of post marathon no running) I’ve run several 10 km races with ~37 min result, with aerobic runs and interval work in between. In the middle of June I felt so jaded that decided to slow down a bit and decided (despite your red color notes .. I know it is not a good start:/) to try your training off schedule fallowed by 4 weeks build up period (second week repeated twice).
Yesterday I made 4km test you can see results in attachements
After calculations it looks like I should aim 3:35 pace for 2km, 3:25 for 1km and 3:15 for 400m.
As to planed races in future weeks I’ve created some kind of schedule below I will try to fallow it if my health will allow me to do so 
I’ve you can see major mistakes here I would be grateful for any feedback.
Best regards

sub 35 attempt - TheEd - 03-08-2015

Hi Kornel and welcome to the forums, thanks for the detailed feedback and data

your target times to start should be fine and for the first cycle we will look to 'adapt' to the routine more than anything

2k session should be placed on Thursday, so day 3 to Day 8 goes over the weekend till Tuesday

will await your first 2k feedback, and if you provide heart rate data we can also work with that

ps.. shall also read your attached data, currently on the road for another week, so time online not as consistent

sub 35 attempt - Kornel - 06-08-2015

Hi TheEd,
Adapt to the routine – roger that.
Monday 46 min easy
Day 1 90 min easy + 30 min of upper body and legs gymnastic
Day 2 ~30 min easy + 15 core gymnastic
Day 3 5x2km R90 3:35 pace
Detailed data in screen shot attached (also HR – I could add graph if this will be helpful)
In simple words quite hard training – especially last 2km Wink but I’ve managed to meet the required pace and rec times.
Those nasty 90 sec rec – I was able to jog a little for the first one, walk for the 2, stand for third, sit for 4-th and .. lay after last 2k Wink
Other thing is that is very hot in Poland now. 34 * Celsius during the day and it was 27 during the training (between 22:45 and 24:00)
Day off tomorrow and long run on Saturday.
PS if you still have problems with attachments I will retype most important data
Best regards

sub 35 attempt - TheEd - 07-08-2015

Kornel, the 2k session looks to be a very pleasing session, consistent and pace judgement good (I was able to see the image)

have a good weekend and enjoy the long run

do take care of yourself and here is some further reading regarding the training program:

[URL=""]Thoughts Behind The Programs



sub 35 attempt - Kornel - 14-08-2015

Hi TheEd,
Thank you for this article, I can now more understand the compensation to super-compensation rhythm of quality Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with recovery aerobic runs in between now.
Quick training log:
Day4 off
Day5 118 min run (~25 km, avg hr 138) – pleasant one although I had to wake up at 4:45 to avoid the heat
Day6 30 min easy (bit above 75%HrMax – avg 145 bpm)
Day7 80 min easy
Day8 6x1km R60s (3:25 aimed) – not very proud of myself – I’ve managed to run only 4 and decided not to start the 5th one after 60 sec .. went home Wink Quite rough session because of those 60 sec’s but more probably because of unusual heat here since almost 2 weeks, it was again ~27 *C during the training (between 20:30 and 21:15). I have to fight harder during this session next cycle Wink
Nevertheless please find data of those four attached.
Day9 60 min easy
Day10 73 min easy
I am going to rest on Friday and will try to run ~ 3:35 5K test on Saturday early morning (to avoid the heat) Hope with better than 6x1k result.
Hope your travel was pleasant.
Best regards

sub 35 attempt - TheEd - 14-08-2015

things will get better and as you complete the sessions you will gain more confidence and the results will follow

all looking good and the long run impressive

have a good weekend


sub 35 attempt - Kornel - 16-08-2015

Hi TheED,
Hope you are ok. Second week of cycle finished.
Day11 off
Day12 68m easy (I had to swap 5k test with easy)
Day13 5k test = 17:52 – results attached. I’ve planned to increase the peace for last two but forced headwind during the last kilometer ..
I have 10k race on 23.08 in Day20 .. so small modification will be needed. I am going to run:
Day14 40m easy (recovery)
Day15 10x400 R60s (3:15 peace)
Day16 40m easy
Day17 10km easy
Day18 off
Day19 30m + 6x1m/1mR (3:35 peace)
Day20 sub 36m race
PS I am going to race another 10k race on 05.09 (quite important one) so another modification will be needed  Do you suggest only 2 first weeks of your plan? (+ eventually 30m+6m? just before the race?)
Best regards

sub 35 attempt - TheEd - 17-08-2015

Kornel, please try to do the 400's on a track . tartan or grass

if you are unable to, then consider 3 x 5 minutes @ 10k race pace with 2 to 3 minutes light jogging in-between

then for the run down, swap the last 2 days before the race around

so you have the Rest Day before the race and the 6 x 1 min f / s the day before that

hope this all makes sense


sub 35 attempt - Kornel - 22-08-2015

Hi TheEd,
Yes it makes so far. Next days were:
Day14 30m easy
Day15 3x5m R120s - small mistake during the gps watch settings therefore I do not have my “fantastic” datasheet this time but according to post run graph it was:
1) Avg 3:34 min/km; 1,41 km; minHR 111bpm; avgHR 156 bpm; maxHR 166 bpm
2) Avg 3:35 min/km; 1,41 km; minHR 130 bpm; avgHR 165 bpm; maxHR 175 bpm
3) Avg 3:33 min/km; 1,42 km; minHR 137bpm; avgHR 169 bpm; maxHR 176 bpm
Day16 60m easy (recovery)
Day17 10k easy (avg pace 4:36; avg HR 134 bpm )
Day18 30m easy + 6x1m f/s + 10m easy (datasheet attached)
Day19 rest
I am going to race 10k tomorrow according to your Race your Best 10km strategy so 7km with ~3:35 as much relaxed as possible and will try to push harder last 3k 
I’ll give feedback tomorrow
Best regards

sub 35 attempt - Kornel - 27-08-2015

Hi TheEd,
Hope you are fine.
I did race 10km on Sunday .. at least part of it - 3,70 km to be more precise with avg pace 3:38 until stop (see attached data). After 3km I felt so exhausted that I just went off truck and after short while decided not to proceed further. Nothing bad happened (injury, colic, etc.) it just my legs were not responding in proper way that day. As to race I’ve tried to control the pace and relax as it was planned, decided to slow down at first km when noticed that going too fast (as usual) and then forced strong head wind at second and third km – because I’ve tried to stick to sub 3:40 pace so there was no relaxation at all :p After that I felt as tired as on 8km of usual 10km race (and had ~ 6 km to go). When I am thinking about it now - my major mistake was fighting too hard to achieve sub 3:40 pace, whilst I should try to survive bad conditions even with slower speed and look for opportunities during the rest of the race.
Just to summarize “bad hair day”, but I believe when you are running at the edge of your potential it just will happen from time to time so I’m looking forward to take revenge on this race next year.
Nevertheless I run ease 60m on Monday +
Day1 75m easy
Day2 30m easy
Today is Day3 so I am going to run 5x2kmR90 late evening and I’m wandering about target pace – treat Sunday’s race as accident and repeat 3:35 or cautiously try 3:40 (we could agree it was just poor 4K test (3,7km) :p)? What do you think about it?
I am going to go on with plan so rest tomorrow, long run on Saturday (Day5) .. 6x1kmR60 on Day8 but the problem is I had another 10km race next Saturday (Day 12). Do you think I could do the 30m+ 6x1m f/s on Day10 and rest day before the race? (hope this all make sense too ;D)
Best regards