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sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 05-07-2010

it all sounds fun .. always remember for the future to start at a slower pace when it is hot, rather building up speed than losing speed


sub 40 or 45 min program? - rook - 11-07-2010

Day 14: 30min late night jog

Day 15: 10x400m R70-90 93sec avg (program was 10x400m R60 88-92sec)

I did this workout during a very hot afternoon so I took longer breaks to drink and cool down and did the runs slightly slower.

Day 16: 40min late night run (felt good at about 4:50 pace)

Day 17: 15min jog + 6 x 1min race pace / 1min easy + 15min jog (with a few water breaks)

Day 18: Rest

Day 19: 10K in 42:59

I did the 10K in the morning but it was still very hot. I started with a pace closer to 42:00 but I had to slow down after about 5K because I was starting to really feel the heat.

This hot weather is certainly making my training more difficult, and it is supposed to stay hot for the next couple weeks. I'm not too concerned about my slower times, but I wish I could train a bit harder to have better results in the end.

sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 13-07-2010

put the training in the bank, you will have the time to benefit from the interest when the market is right



sub 40 or 45 min program? - rook - 18-07-2010

Thanks Ed. The weather is still pretty hot here, but it's less humid so it feels a lot better.

Day 20: missed recovery run - didn't have time

Day 21: 45min relaxed

Day 1: 65min at 4:50 pace - felt comfortable

Day 2: 30min easy

Day 3: 5x2k R90 (aim 8:10-8:20)

8:12 - AVG HR 169, PEAK 192
8:08 - AVG HR 168, PEAK 175
8:12 - AVG HR 167, PEAK 177
8:12 - AVG HR 168, PEAK 174
8:06 - AVG HR 170, PEAK 175

HR went down to about 110 between runs.
I felt strong throughout the workout. I went later at night so the heat wasn't as much of an issue.

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Long run of 26-27k in 2h15 (about 5:05 pace)

AVG HR 147, PEAK 168
I took some energy gels along the way and it made a big difference. My legs started to feel a bit tired toward the end but my energy level was still good and I felt like I could keep going.

Day 6: 30min easy

sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 19-07-2010

this is a good series of days training

very good actually .. how are you feeling other than the heat? Are you feeling more consistent and stronger?

How easy are you finding the recovery runs?


sub 40 or 45 min program? - rook - 19-07-2010

Yes I'm feeling more consistent and stronger than I did in my first 3 cycles before taking a break. I haven't really had any issues or serious muscle fatigue since getting back on the routine. I guess I'm learning to be more reasonable and let the progress come naturally rather than pushing too much.

I usually feel ready before the bigger workouts, but the recovery runs are actually the hardest ones to start. I usually feel more tired and not as fluid when I start, and then toward the end my legs start to feel lighter and I can go a bit faster. Is that normal? I would say I usually start with a pace around 5:30 and end with something closer to 5:10. The speed increases but my effort stays the same.

sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 20-07-2010

as you develop the recovery runs will become easier and will change to supplementary runs, the fact that you feel better towards the end of the runs is good and the main purpose of these runs - to promote recovery

its all building blocks


sub 40 or 45 min program? - rook - 30-07-2010

Hi Ed,

Things have been rolling along nicely the last couple of weeks. :jive: The weather is much more tolerable so the training has been easier and more fun.

Day 7: 10k relaxed in 47:30

Day 8: 6x1k R60 aiming 3:55-4:00

I lost the stats except for the last run. I did the first 2 in about 3:50-3:55 and the next 3 in about 3:45. Last one:

3:37 - AVG HR 171, PEAK 190

I felt fast during this workout, and it was comfortable even with the faster times.

Day 9: 30min easy

Day 10: 1hr easy run - felt tired during 1st 30min, then ok

Day 11: Rest

Day 12: 5k paced run

AVG HR 170, Peak 181

1:38 - AVG HR 153
1:38 - AVG HR 163
1:37 - AVG HR 167
1:36 - AVG HR 169
1:37 - AVG HR 170
1:35 - AVG HR 172
1:36 - AVG HR 172
1:36 - AVG HR 173
1:36 - AVG HR 172
1:34 - AVG HR 174
1:34 - AVG HR 175
1:32 - AVG HR 175
0:45 - AVG HR 174

Finish Time: 19:54

I pushed myself a bit for this one, but nothing excessive. Without the heat bothering me I could definitely see that I gained some strength.

Day 13: 65min at 4:50 pace

Day 14: 30min easy

Day 15: 10x400m R60 88-92sec

I didn't push myself too much and kept my times between 88 and 90 sec.

PEAK HR was around 175, HR went down to 105-110 during the breaks

Day 16: 40min easy - felt ok

Day 17: 30min easy with 6x1min race pace + 1min slow - felt good

Rest tomorrow and then I have a 10k race Saturday morning. I'm feeling ready for this one so I'm going to try to run under 42min. I'm feeling pretty confident after the 5k paced run. I will start with about a 4:10 and see how it goes from there.

sub 40 or 45 min program? - TheEd - 31-07-2010

look forward to hearing your feedback as the training has certainly been well on par for a sub 42 minute 10km



sub 40 or 45 min program? - rook - 31-07-2010

Hey Ed,

I got a new PB of 40:27 !! Big Grin The race went really well and my only regret is not starting with a faster pace. I felt strong throughout, but I didn't want to push my pace too much below 4:00 to make sure I wouldn't break. There was also a hill to climb in the 10th km so I needed to keep some energy for that one. The weather was perfect and there wasn't too many people which made it enjoyable. The only difficulty was that the course was a 5km with a short dog leg that we had to do twice, so in total we had to turn around a cone 7 times. Still I'll take that over hot weather any day Wink

Lap Times:
1k - 3:55 (downhill)
2k and 3k - 12:09 (small uphill)
4k - 4:02
5k - 4:20 (uphill)
6k - 3:58 (downhill)
7k - 3:57
8k - 4:09 (small uphill)
9k - 3:53
10k - 4:00 (uphill)

1st 5k - 20:26
2nd 5k - 20:00

This program is really paying off! I beat my PB from last year by 4:30 after 5 cycles (or 4.5 because of injury). Thanks for the help along the way Ed. Part of me really wants to continue training for the 10k now that I'm so close to 40min, but that will have to be next year's goal. Now I'll take a bit of a break and start the marathon training after.