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Not sure which training program - BlakeRunner - 31-01-2016

Hi all
I'm new to this site. And it is a great site with great info and feedback. Thanks for setting my account up (forum mods). It seems the right step to make in trying to structure a training program for myself.

Im based in the UK - near Oxford and have been running since Jan 2009 - maybe a little before but I cant quite remember.

I ran my first 10k in May 2009 (44.18) and since then I have progressed to a PB of 38.53 (XC).

10k is my favoured distance. I've only ran x1 half marathon. Reading half back in 2010 and got 1.35. That was all road and I didnt find it very exciting. Although running into Madejski stadium (home of Reading football club) for the finish was pretty cool. No I dont support reading.

XC is my main enthusiasm although I must add that track running is a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. And I havnt been track running for very long - only 6 months and that is purely for training not racing. I'm not even sure there are track races for recreational runners anyway. I think running clubs take part in some but anyways...

I'm not in any running club and run solo pretty much all the time although I welcome anyone to join me and have had all sorts of abilities join me on runs.

I found 5k runs really enjoyable but these have just been Park Run and I used to go to Abingdon Park Run evey week. My PB for 5k at the Abingdon park run is 18.16.

I've come to the point... or learned that I'm needing some experienced insite into how to set up a training program which will put me in good stead to break 38 mins this year.:please:

I did look at the training programs listed and almost just walked away with the sub 40 program but wasnt sure it was right for me as there is another note with it that says for anyone who has gone sub 45.

So 38 mins for a 10k XC light trail is my target.
Apologies if this has already been in discussion I did try to forum search and am sorry to say that I could not get it to work using the term sub 38.

Training, nutrition and rest are all parts of the equation I need to sort out to hit 38mins. I like to think I have it in me and need the wealth of knowledge you have here to aid me.

What info do you need ? I've only had a GPS watch the last year and you are welcome to that data. Ive always been one to run/train how I feel and think I can gage myself quite well because I ran mostly without a watch but I also realise (since ive had the watch) that the watch is a great help for interval training.

I sometimes go on longer runs. Anything up to 15 miles. I say 15 miles as that's the furthest ive ran on a training run but I dont do that regularly. Other than running I use my MTB on my commute to work 5 miles each way, daily. I have found that has helped keep me out of injury (touch wood).

Cheers guys I look forward to any advice.


Not sure which training program - TheEd - 02-02-2016

Hi Gaz, and welcome to the forums

one of the first things we ask for is a 4k time-trial

choose a route that you can use in the future

once you run the 4k time-trial, report back and we will put you on the right 'track'

from what I know there are 10k track races around where I am sure you are able to enter

quickly over to you

ps.. was busy with server things the past 2 days, all sorted now, and hence the slow response
pps. thanks for the donation, it is much appreciated

Not sure which training program - BlakeRunner - 04-02-2016

The Ed

Thanks for getting back to me. Today I did the requested 4k time trial.
Please see attached :


In a nutshell - 15.26 (3.50 min/km)

I use a Tom Tom Runner Cardio GPS Watch. It seems the HR drops out here and there. Not sure why. Probably because the watch is overpriced and sh.. :taped:. Frustrating.

Ok so let me know your thoughts and how to proceed.

Not sure which training program - BlakeRunner - 04-02-2016

Hello The Ed

Apologies if another post on this surfaces at some point (I replied earlier today - weird).

Any how I completed the 4k Time Trail today as you advised.

x10 LAPS / 400m (track)
In a nutshell - 15.26 (3.50 min/km)


If the attachment is not legible / viewable then the figures are as follows :

1 - 01.23 (3.26 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 152)[/SIZE]
2 - 01.27 (3.35 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 163)[/SIZE]
3 - 01.31 (3.46 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 150)[/SIZE]
4 - 01.35 (3.53 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 117)[/SIZE]
5 - 01.35 (3.56 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 81)[/SIZE]
6 - 01.33 (3.50 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 81)[/SIZE]
7 - 01.35 (3.54 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 81)[/SIZE]
8 - 01.34 (3.53 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 81)[/SIZE]
9 - 01.36 (3.57 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 80)[/SIZE]
10 - 01.28 (3.38 min/km)[SIZE="2"] (HR 108)[/SIZE]

Let me know your thoughts.
I included HR although Im quite sure the HR just dropped off mid-way, not sure why. Probably because the watch is a Tom Tom Runner Cardio - overpriced and sh...:taped:

Not sure which training program - TheEd - 09-02-2016

Hi Blakerunner, do you know how to work out your training paces from the 4k time?

here is the Program Tips which provides you with a formula for your pace

we can still get going, as Tuesday is Day 1 and Day 3 Thursday

that is if you are ready to jump on the schedule


Not sure which training program - BlakeRunner - 09-02-2016

Hello 'The Ed'

I think I can work out the times. Should I follow the sub 40 then ? and run the 1000's and 2000's according to what times I work out from the 4k time trial ?

My goal for this year is to break 38 on 10k

I can begin the program tonight when I get home.

Nice one

Not sure which training program - TheEd - 10-02-2016

yes, we start with the sub 40 minute 10k program

and you work out your splits

enjoy, the 2k session is a tester, so start cautiously


Not sure which training program - BlakeRunner - 12-02-2016

Dear 'TheEd'

I have some figures following the 2k session. What a session! omg

The 2 session was very tough. So much so that I felt totally wiped out. Just a lack of experience for this session type I guess.
I have done 1 mile intervals before but not regularly.

- - - - -
So I have some figures following this 2k session. Do you want to see them right away ? or do I just get back to you once I have gone through the program cycle ? and have a filled out form ?

The figures are disappointing in a way but also I done a few things which I wont do next time. That said it was hard - very hard so that means I tried hard.

What I did do :

• Used a road loop that goes around my town as a quiet perimeter road. I ran (easy) to the location there as a warm up and then stretched some more for a few minutes.

There is a cycle lane and pavement all the way which cannot be accessed by traffic.

Lengthy but gently graduating hills that go on for 400m or so. So quite a few ups and downs interfering with the consistency of pace.[/SIZE][/INDENT]

• Used the watch set for 2k intervals
The watch alterted me for each 2k interval and 90 sec rest.

With the watch set for intervals, it could not also altert me for target pace zones so that meant I couldn't have it buzz me in out and of my target pace.[/SIZE][/INDENT]

• Had my target pace based on the calculations from the 4k time trial

I knew what pace I should target.

Inconsistency of pace. I went out too quick and didnt set the watch to alert for pace[/SIZE].[/INDENT]

Next time :

I shall use the watch set for pace and use the track instead.
In the summer I shall have more options for where I can do those sessions.

Ofcourse I could continue with this course for the 2k sessions. It was tough but I like the challenge.

In total. Doing the 2k session at this location meant I ran 13.5k as I ran to the location and then hobbled home.

I really felt lactic build up after the first 2k interval but it dispersed pretty well during the session. Something like that.


Not sure which training program - BlakeRunner - 12-02-2016

Here are the splits for the 2K session

Not sure which training program - TheEd - 15-02-2016

try to find a loop course with less hills in them or try to train on a tartan surface

if you keep this course, then comparison is done related to the course, however with the elevation changes, you will find it more difficult to focus on getting into the groove of things

there are different articles related to the 10k programs and pointers on how to race your best 10k all related to the programs

but for now, simply go through the routine and provide feedback and with the process learn and become a more experienced runner, always with the knowledge that we train to race, and that training is exactly that, training


[I]ps. with more feedback, we shall learn more, thanks for the feedback[/I]