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Time to do it...sub 45 !0K - PhilD - 20-06-2016

Hi Ed

I surfed on here for ages without actually loggin in.. now ready to crack on with an aim for a sub45 10K (I think) I've managed 46:30 last August but am nowhere near that this year. around the 50-51 minute mark but not run for ages.

Not sure whether I should be doing the sub 50 or 45 program so will do a 4K time trail tomorrow and post back.

Appreciate all your input and advice, WLT do a sub 1:45 min Half this year but might of left it too late.



Time to do it...sub 45 !0K - TheEd - 21-06-2016

welcome back Phil, will await your 4k feedback Wink



Time to do it...sub 45 !0K - PhilD - 22-06-2016

Hi Ed
I ran out of steam towards the end mind...

Time to do it...sub 45 !0K - TheEd - 24-06-2016

always good to have a starting point

do you know how to work out your starting paces from the 10k Program Tips



Time to do it...sub 45 !0K - PhilD - 24-06-2016

Think so.. (logged here mainly for my reference)

4K = 19:14 @ 4.49 per km
5k time = 24:03

10K = 48:06
10K + 1 min = 49:06

5 x 200m @ 4:55 per K with 90sec rest.

6 X 100M @ 4:45 per K with 60 sec rest

10 x 400M @5:05 per K with 45-60 sec rest.

Do I start out on these paces above or follow the pace in the program?
I also have a race on Sunday but not really done much recently to get sub 50 time..

Time to do it...sub 45 !0K - TheEd - 29-06-2016

you start with the paces you have calculated

hopefully it goes well

please, provide feedback