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Sub 48 hilly race - edmuli - 12-09-2016


First post at the forums, but I lurked quite a bit when I used the sub 45 training program a couple of years ago. Was on the right track to 43:30ish, but got a stress fracture between 8 and 9k, and finished with great pain just above 45 min. Now I am 37 years old, 185 cm, I guess around 80-82kg, and not in the same shape, but I guess it could've been worse. I am going to run a race (9,6k on gravel roads) the 15th of October, which has a bit hilly profile. Not the longest uphills, but sure is enough of them and they are quite steep (not allowed to post links yet, but if you google “nøklevann rundt GPS-høydeprofil”, pick images, it should be the third picture).

Question 1: Would you alter the training program to get more prepared to the incline/declines in the race? I live in the same area, so usually most of my easy and long runs will be with this profile. Is that enough or would you recommend for instance uphill intervals?

Question 2: I did a 4k test saturday at roughly 4:40 min/k, mostly flat asphalt. I felt afterwards that I could’ve pushed it a bit harder, but who knows. Based on that, my plan was to adjust the program to a sub 48 one. Lately I have been training mostly by biking or running to work. Which has usually been 4,5k - 8k, depending on my mood and rush to get at work or back home. A few longer runs in between but no plan behind anything. With 5 weeks left to the race, I planned to do 1,67 cycles, just by starting at the day 8 of the first cycle (6x1k) tomorrow. Does that sound like a decent plan or would you recommend otherwise?


Sub 48 hilly race - TheEd - 13-09-2016

Hi edmuli, and welcome, thank you for the thorough info

the only thing we would change is to include rolling hills into your sessions

so in week 1 .. where it is the long run, shorten the run by 15 to 20 minutes, but try to find a course, which is easier than the race course. find a slightly hilly route that should be easy to run but still provide the change in incline.
please ask for more info here if needed

in week 2 of the cycle, you can turn the run on the weekend into a rolling hill session. running the same course, you choose as above, but this time you work the hills harder

now over to you and let's see what more can be discussed


Sub 48 hilly race - edmuli - 13-09-2016

Hi, thanks for feedback!

So, if I understand you correctly, day 5 will be 1h15min slightly hilly route. In the second weekend there is a 5k@race speed and 1h easy run. Replace the 5k one?

Did the 6x1k today on a flat gravel path. Aimed at 4:35 with 80 sec rest. Usually did these sessions at threadmill with 1 degree incline, found it easy to keep the correct speed.
1: 4:29
2: 4:37
3: 4:33
4: 4:35
5: 4:40
6: 4:35

Did not use a heart rate monitor today, it's still in a box after we moved last summer. I guess I should do an effort and try to find it Smile

Sub 48 hilly race - TheEd - 14-09-2016

that's it edmuli .. do the run on the Saturday replacing the 5k paced

and thereafter do week 3 as normal

hope it all works out

ps.. when you find the monitor, you can start putting heart rate data in your posts Wink