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My 10K Progression - FinnyGM - 15-09-2016


(Complete newbie here).

Many thanks for the 'add' onto the site :-) I've been running for couple of years now, and this last while I have kind of plateau'd.

My current pbs are:
  • 5K - 24:20
  • 10K - 51:47
  • Half - 1:59:42

Yes, I'm happy with my progress from where I began, but I'd like to improve... And get as quick as I can. I'm more than prepared to put in the hard work, and seeing the results from your site has really inspired me.

I was wondering if I could use your 'sub 50' plan?

My upcoming races are:
1 October - 5 miler (might use this as a tester to see where I'm at).
16 October - 10k (not my goal race just going to do it because it's for a very worthy cause).
26 November - 10K (goal race. I had to pullout of this race last year at the 5k point. I had the flu the week before it and stupidly decided to race it anyway).

This last month or so, I've spent running quite easy, with the odd speed session thrown in.

I hope this all makes sense.

Many thanks,


P.S. I hope this all looks ok as I'm posting from my iPhone.

My 10K Progression - TheEd - 20-09-2016

welcome Finny, yes, get onto the sub 50 minute 10k program

run a 4k time-trial so we can provide the pace for your sessions

see if you able to do so today and we can look to get onto the program today

ps.. will receive emails now that I have answered your initial post, as I somehow missed it

My 10K Progression - FinnyGM - 20-09-2016

Hi Ed,

Many thanks for getting back to me. Only seen your message after I got home from work, so I couldn't get near a running track. There is a running track (which I use) beside my work.

I therefore did the 4km Time Trial on a measured piece of road which I run regularly - on an out and back loop.

Before we get in to the splits a couple of things to bear in mind :laugh: I wasn't anticipating a Time Trial tonight so I did 5.5 miles or 9km (ish) last night. I also had an extra bit of travelling to do from work today, so I was pretty shattered.

My km splits for the Time Trial were:

- 1km: 5mins 11 secs.
- 2km: 5mins 16 secs.
- 3km: 5mins 15 secs.
- 4km: 5mins 13 secs.
Total time: 20:56.
Average pace: 5:14min/km.

I also had a 1km warm up, and 1.7km cool down tonight.

Not great (I know) - but it's a start to build back up to where I was, and better :-)

Thanks :-)


My 10K Progression - TheEd - 23-09-2016

are you up for the 2k session today? do the 2k session on the sub 50 minute program at 5.25 to 5.30 per k = 10 min 50 to 11 minutes

then do the long run on Sunday

from next week do the 1k session on Tuesday

hope all good


My 10K Progression - FinnyGM - 23-09-2016

Hi Ed,

I'm so sorry, I only seen your response tonight.

I hadn't seen anything so I went and did the 5 x 1km session last night. My 1km splits were as follows:

1km: 4min 55secs
2km: 4min 55secs
3km: 4min 52secs
4km: 4min 52secs
5km: 4min 47secs.

I also done 1km warmup and 1.7km to cool down.

I hope this doesn't throw things off course too much?

Tonight I did 30 mins and 35 seconds very easy, running 5km at 6:07 min/km pace.

Would it be possible to do my longer run tomorrow, or would you prefer me to do my 2km session tomorrow?

I'm so sorry, I just hadn't seen your message Undecided

Thank you again! I hope everything is going well for you? :-)

My 10K Progression - TheEd - 24-09-2016

no hassle at all Finny, getting into the cycles takes time, achieving consistency takes time as well, however it is most important to enjoy the sessions

on we go


My 10K Progression - FinnyGM - 25-09-2016

Hi Ed,

I hope you're keeping well?

Quick update. Done the longer running yesterday. 11km in around 1hr 5 mins, nice easy pace (4km of which was on grass).

Also done a very easy 5km today on a treadmill with my friend (29mins and 35seconds). My mate called to see if I fancied a jog so I didn't want to say no. Haha.

All set for next week, you said to do the 5 x 1km session on Tuesday, is this still ok?

Also, is it ok to do an easy run tomorrow evening after work? (I normally do a 5 mile easy run on trails and soft surface).

Also - as I had mentioned, there is a 5 mile road race (8km) on next Saturday, is it ok for me to do this? I know the event organiser, so would like to support it. It's not a goal race or anything, but could be potentially used as a way of indicating where I am?

Thanks again,

FGM Smile

My 10K Progression - TheEd - 26-09-2016

Hi FGM, all good

Monday evening run reduce to 20 minutes easy

Tuesday the 1k session

Thursday easy 20 minutes

then Saturday race



My 10K Progression - FinnyGM - 26-09-2016

Many thanks Ed,

Quick follow on question... Is there any particular paces that I need to hit for the 1km session?

Will provide an update following this session tomorrow :-)

My 10K Progression - FinnyGM - 29-09-2016

Hi Ed,

Hope all is good. Only getting posting this now, apologies.

I did the 5 x 1km session... Felt good, did it with a friend of mine who is slightly quicker than me. My splits were as follows:

1km: 4 mins 44 seconds.
2km: 4 mins 53 seconds.
3km: 4 mins 53 seconds.
4km: 4 mins 57 seconds.
5km: 4 mins 54 seconds.

I also did a slow 1.5km warm up with some dynamic stretches, and a 1km cool-down.

Should I still just rest up tomorrow, ahead of 5 mile (8km) race on Saturday? Or should I do an easy 20/30mins? Smile

Many thanks as always Smile