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from sub45 to sub40 10k - dibber - 01-11-2016

I (37 years, 185cm, around 80kg) have been running for a couple of years.
I've completed 3 weeks of the time-to-run sub45 training plan, ending with 10k in 44:36.
I have 'upgraded' to the sub40 training plan. Of course, I can't make the jump in one go. In the sub45 cycle, I did the 4x2k in 8:50, 9:00, 9:16, 9:24, so I won't be able to go to 5x2k in under 8 minutes each. Similarly for the 6x1k and the 5k run. What is a reasonable improvement to aim for?
I've now done 5x2k in 8:18, 8:24, 8:34, 8:40, 8:52 (so around 15-20s/km faster than the previous cycle). Should I aim for more consistent times (i.e. 8:40 throughout)? Is a 10s/km improvement per cycle realistic?

Also, I simply can't run almost every day. It doesn't fit into my life. Should I simply skip the 30min easy runs, or is it better to make the other runs longer to get the same time-on-feet?

Eventually I'm hoping to get to sub40 10k, but more importantly I would like to be able to do sub45 10k 'easily' and sub50 10k with 'easy running' (at the moment I'm on roughly 5:20-5:30/km on easy runs). I don't do 'races' but am happy to do timed runs (of course).

Thanks for any pointers!

from sub45 to sub40 10k - TheEd - 02-11-2016

Hi dibber, and welcome to the forums.

Congrats on the sub 45 minute 10k, shows you have some latent talent buried there.

We would recommend for to stay on the sub 45 minute 10k program routine for now, and work on the pace of the 2k session. I am sure you see that the 1k pace is 10 seconds per k quicker than the 2k pace.

look at starting with achieving 8.40 to 8.50 for the 2k this is 4.50 to 4.55 per k, and then has you running the 1k session 10 seconds per k quicker

provide feedback and do ask further questions so that we can assist you

[I]ps.. once you close to 42.30 for 10k, then we can switch you to the sub 40 schedule, we can also balance what you can and cannot do.[/I]

from sub45 to sub40 10k - dibber - 07-11-2016

A small update:
I did the 6x1k at a fairly constant 4:15min/km (last cycle was similar). It got cold here, so I wore long trainer bottoms and a running jacket and got very hot. I ditched the jacket after 3k and that was much more comfortable.
I have just completed the 5k run in 21:25 min (that's 4:17min/km). Last cycle it was 22:45 min.

I seem to be slower than average between 2/3 and 3/4 through a run. Both in my timed 10k and in the 5k runs the pace is noticeably slower. Also, I seem to run the first km too quickly, but can't stop myself.

Compared to the fairly unstructured running I did before, I run less, but more intense. I still felt the 1 hour easy run from Saturday a little today, so wonder whether I should try to have longer 'cool downs' (say 4-6k easy jog) after the speed sessions.

I think I'll aim for 4:20/km (giving 43:40 for 10k) next week.

from sub45 to sub40 10k - TheEd - 08-11-2016

Hi dibber, take a look at this article:

how to race your best 10km

the article discusses applying training to racing

take a squizz and then ask questions relating to the article

also note, that it was recommended not to look to speed up after the race, as sometimes the body can take a dip, and then you need to focus on consistency, and not push for performance

on we go


from sub45 to sub40 10k - dibber - 18-11-2016

Another small update.
Due to various timing issues, I did the 10k timed run today only. Result was 43:20 (so 4:20/km), which was what I aimed for. But: it was really not fun. Somehow I never got into a flow, was close to stopping after about 2k, almost decided to give up after 5k (21:11min) etc..

So, I think I'll do another 3-4 weeks (with the timed 10k scheduled for either 11th Dec or 15th Dec depending on weather and how I feel like). I probably won't run on the track but in a park (with gps watch) and without any specific aim in mind. Then I'll take a break and do 6 weeks of the build-up (possibly including longer runs if I feel like it).

from sub45 to sub40 10k - TheEd - 18-11-2016

dibber, it is difficult to do a 10k time-trial on your own, and is not recommended by us, rather consider a 5k, 6k or 8k.

Somehow, the 10k seems to take all the fun out of it, when on your own

get some training buddies to do the 10k with you, for the future

on we go