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10K Training Sub38 goal - fabregerson - 27-12-2016

Good afternoon friends!
Initially I would like to thank for the support and excellent website.
I'm very excited to start training with this methodology.

I'll introduce myself first.
My name is Gerson, I'm 35 years old and I live in Brazil.
I met timetorun from internet searches.

At the end of November I finished my fourth marathon, getting my best time - 3:29'. I was training well to make 4:30/Km, but I had problems in training (I could not do all the long runs) and I ended up hitting the wall at Km 35.
Anyway, I was very happy, because I considered a victory.

My best times at other distances are:
5K - 18:40 (2015)
10K - 38:25 (2015)
21K - 1:30' (2016)

In the last month (after the marathon) I gave a good relaxed, doing only easy runs (40' to 60'). I usually run 5x a week.
I would like to repeat and even improve my best time in the 10K.

Should I already start with the 10K worksheet or do a base period?
When is the best time to take the 4K test?
My 10K target race will be March 26th. Does it give time?
I usually bike 2x a week (light training) and do strength training 3x per week. Should I continue?

Many thanks and sorry for the long text and the various questions?

10K Training Sub38 goal - TheEd - 29-12-2016

Hi gerson, and welcome to the forums

let's jump right in and do the 4k time-trial, so you can start on the program from next Tuesday (Day1)

we shall use the sub 40 minute 10k program to provide a structure and we will change the paces according to your needs

for the first week, avoid doing cycling and strength training, after Day8 we can consider re-introducing both into the training cycle

hope this meets your requirements


10K Training Sub38 goal - fabregerson - 30-12-2016

Good morning, TheEd!

As indicated, I did the 4K test yesterday (very hot weather).

1K - 3:52
2K - 3:55
3K - 3:55
4K - 3:58

A little disappointed, but I believe it is the result of December with only light races and no speed training.

I'm very excited to start the sub40 cycle next week, but some doubts remain:

- After the 8th day, what are the best days of the week to do strength training? Is it better on days of light racing or strong training?
- Can I ride my bike on the rest days? And also some other day of light racing, without disturbing the training?
- The end of the cycle (race day) fall on Saturday? What to do when the race is on Sunday?

I also had doubts about the execution of the training on the 17th day.
Is the training 30' easy + 6x (1' race pace + 1' easy)?

Thank you so much for everything!

10K Training Sub38 goal - fabregerson - 30-12-2016

Hi, TheEd!


1K - 163bpm
2K - 176bpm
3K - 179bpm
4K - 182bpm

Have a great new year!!!

10K Training Sub38 goal - TheEd - 31-12-2016

gerson, take a look at 10k ProgramTips

so that you are able to work out your own personal pace for the 2k and 1k sessions

you can introduce cycling after Day8 and consider putting the strength training in on Day10 onwards, according to how it fits in with your routine

add cycling accordingly but for the first 3 week cycle, consider spinning only

hope this fits in accordingly


10K Training Sub38 goal - fabregerson - 09-01-2017

Hi, TheEd!
I hope you had a great new year.

Coming back with the results of the first week (not too happy):

Day 1 - 60 min easy - 154bpm - OK
Day 2 - 30 min easy - 152bpm - OK
Day 3 - most difficult day. I could not keep up with all the intervals.
2K - 7:49 - R90
2K - 7:52 - R90
2K - 7:59 - R90
2K - 8:02 - R90
2K - 8:07

Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - 1h 30 min - 160bpm - OK
Day 6 - 30 min easy - 152bpm - OK
Day 7 - Easy 10K - 154bpm - OK

Excited for next week.
All directions are welcome.
Thank you so much for everything!

10K Training Sub38 goal - TheEd - 10-01-2017

try to develop yourself, where you start controlled and finish strong

if you had reversed the last 2k with the 1st 2k then the session would have been more helpful for you

be cautious while learning about your response to the sessions

easy start, strong finish

on we go, the 1k session is normally a great deal easier


10K Training Sub38 goal - fabregerson - 16-01-2017

Hello, TheEd!

The 1K session was actually easier.
Here the information of the second week:

Day 8 - 6x1K
1K - 3:50 - R60 - 166bpm
1K - 3:53 - R60 - 168bpm
1K - 3:51 - R60 - 177bpm
1K - 3:54 - R60 - 178bpm
1K - 3:54 - R60 - 177bpm
1K - 3:52 -173bpm

Day 9 - 30 min easy (5:10/K) - 159bpm - OK
Day 10 - 60 min easy (5:15/K) - 168bpm - OK
Day 11 - Rest
Day 12 - 5K paced (flat) - 19:52 - 172bpm
Day 13 - 60 min easy (5:14/K) - 153bpm - OK
Day 14 - 30 min easy (5:09/K) - 149bpm - OK

I do not know if the easy workouts are too easy.
Another thing: I have no race at the end of the cycle (day 19). What should I do?
Anyway, i can already feel an evolution in those two weeks.

Thank you very much!

10K Training Sub38 goal - TheEd - 16-01-2017

you going well. Once we know more about you we can comment on the pace of your easy runs, however (most normal) pulse for the easy runs is 140, so when you running the easy runs and your pace is below 5 minutes per k @ 140 - 150, then you know you progressing

for now, just make sure you feel you recovering Smile

if your race is on Day 19 .. do the last Tuesday session

then slot in a easy recovery run on both days Wednesday and Thursday

then do the 6 x 1 minute fast / slow session on the Friday and Rest the Saturday


10K Training Sub38 goal - fabregerson - 16-01-2017

Thank you, TheEd!

I guess I was not very clear (sorry for my English).
I do not have a race on the day 19.
How should my run be on that day?

On the easy runs, I have followed the guidance of keeping conversational.
I'll keep track of the heart rate.