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Build Up Period - OsirisD - 17-02-2017

Hello Gavin,
First of all I'd like to thank you for the lots of helpfull information on this site.

So, to get things going:
I started at the end of last year the under 40min 10k training plan, I finished about 1 cycle. I got an respiratory infection, got it treated for 6 days but wasn't able to train for about 3 weeks afterwards due to extremely low temperatures.

I got totally out of shape and I started doing some easy runs at the end of January and I decided to start with the build up period. Today is day 5 and I wanted to get some info on the HR during these runs. My HR max is 185 and I ran the first 3 sessions like below:

Day 1 - 9.12km @ average 134bpm @ 6:35/km
Day 2 - 8.82km @ average 135bpm @ 6:48/km
Day 3 - 9.06km @ average 137bpm @ 6:38/km

Is this ok regarding HR load?

Also, regarding day 5, what do you reccomend doing if there are no hills in my area?

Some info about me:

I started running about 3 years ago, my PBs(last year) for 5km & 10km were 19:56 & 42:08.
But after reading over here I believe I did not train properly. And I say this because most of my training sessions were ran in zones 4 & 5.

Because of this I believe I did not build a proper aerobic base. I realized this after the 3 weeks of pause after my respiratoty infection: before the infection on a 10km run @ 5:40/km I was at aprox 140-145bpm avg HR; I tried running like this(approx 6:00/km) after the 3 weeks pause and my HR was around 165-170 bpm...

So after some very easy runs at the end of January, I decided to start with the build up period, thinking that it could help me develop an aerobic base.

Build Up Period - TheEd - 18-02-2017

Hi Osiris, and welcome to the forums

your easy paced runs are fine presently

we normally only have athletes going onto the Build-up once they have done a few cycles

so, if we can have you running a 4k time-trial and we can then go straight onto the programs, and when you come down you can graduate to the Build-up

ps.. please do ask questions, if need be Smile

Build Up Period - OsirisD - 18-02-2017

Thanks for replying Gavin.

Temperatures over here are below 0 at the moment(the runs above and runs on days 5 & 6 were ran at around -2 C) and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to force my throat(ie gasping) on a 4k TT at least for a week or 2 untill temperatures are around 4-5 degrees C.

I see a few options at the moment. What do you think?

1. do a 4k TT anyway and start from there
2. continue with the build up for a week or two untill temperatures are above 0
3. ditch the build up, do some easy confortable runs untill temperatures are above 0 or even some strength training

Later EDIT: looks like the weather forecast for middle to end of next says it should be getting warmer. I'll try to do a 4k TT then.

Build Up Period - TheEd - 22-02-2017

O, I somehow missed your post

have you had an opportunity for the 4k yet?


Build Up Period - OsirisD - 22-02-2017

Hi TheEd,
I completed the 4k TT a few minutes ago with a new HR Max of 188bpm recorded. You can check the lap breakdown below:

Km Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 04:12/km 174 182
2 04:12/km 182 185
3 04:13/km 184 186
4 04:11/km 186 188

I also sent you a PM with a link to the Garmin Connect activity.

About me:
Name is Daniel, will be 33 years old in a couple of months, 72.5kg, 171cm.

Build Up Period - TheEd - 24-02-2017

A good start Daniel

do you know how to work out your training paces?


we will learn more about you as you progress

Best to start the program next Tuesday with Day 1 .. so for now continue with runs up to 1hr as you feel

ps.. I went to link but nothing displayed, would I need to login?

Build Up Period - OsirisD - 24-02-2017

I'll ty to adjust the paces based on the tips and post them here tonight or by tomorrow afternoon latest, so you can take a look and see if they are properly adjusted.

Regarding the Garmin Connect link, it should work, privacy is set to public for the activity.

Build Up Period - OsirisD - 24-02-2017

So, my 4k TT was 16m48s, and as per instructions,
* this results in a 5k of 21m,
* a 10k of 43m(+1m adjust),

* 2k session pace of 04m18s, rounded at 04m20s
* 1k session pace of 04m10s,
* 400m session pace of 04m00s

Now the questions:

* what time should I aim at for the 5k run?
* at what HR should I run the easy runs? My aerobic zone(based on %HR Max) is between 132bpm - 150bpm. Should I be aiming for lower or upper limits, or middle?
* at what pace or HR should I run the longest run?

Build Up Period - TheEd - 24-02-2017

to start with, focus on day 3 to day 8 . the 2k session . long run up to 90 minutes, at lower range, so 140 to 150 max .. if you running below 140 bpm and you are comfortable then keep the pulse lower

day 8 is 1k session and thereafter focus on running easy runs at around 140 bpm or add 60 seconds per km on the pace you would like to race the 10k in.

so if 10k aim is 43 minutes, work out what the pace per km that is and add 60 seconds per km to that pace. then see how close you are to 140 bpm when running at set pace

the 5k run = half of 43 minutes, if that is your 10k time you aiming for

hope this helps and do ask further questions


Build Up Period - OsirisD - 24-02-2017

Gavin, thanks for the explanations.

Regarding the easy runs, if I run by pace and add 60s on top of the 10k race pace, I find myself running in Z4(lactate threshold > 150bpm). Hopefully, during training cycles, the HR will drop while keeping the same paces. My 10k aim is ultimatelly sub 40m, but I understand that it's a long way 'till then.

Regarding the 5k run, I was asking because I saw on some training programs(sub 40min 10k for example) that "you should not run faster than 19:10". So I was wondering, based on the time trial results, what limits shoud I run within.

I also cycle(road & mtn bike) and do some strength trainig at home(with dumbells). When do you think it's ok to add these in the program?