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Sub 40 Goal - bedingfield - 02-05-2017


I was 54 this past Sunday and ran a 10K. The goal was, to go sub-40 after some extensive training. On the day, I only managed 41:11.
I bombed at around mile 5 where my pace really suffered (6:56).

I had trained so well and hit all my training targets.

Five days before the race I ran 3x 20 minutes at the threshold pace which I am now beginning to question was wise as I am sure my legs would have still been tired.

Here is an example of my plan:

Wc 20 March:
Monday - 30 mins recovery
Tuesday - 5x 1 mile (2 mins). Target: even reps: 6.30m/m, odd reps 6.25m/m
Weds - 60 mins easy
Thurs - 3x 15 mins threshold
Fri - REST
Sat - 45 mins steady
Sunday- 90 mins

Wc 27 March:
Monday- 30 recovery
Tuesday - 2x (5x 400m). 90s between reps; 3 mins between sets. Target 1m 25s
Weds - 45 mins easy
Thursday - 10x 200m (200m). Target 40s.
Fri - REST
Sat - Parkrun
Sun - 90 mins

Wc 10 April
Monday - 30 mins recovery
Tuesday - 4x 2000 (90). Target 8 mins. Then 5x 200m (30). Target 40s.
Weds - 60 mins easy
Thurs - 4x 10 mins at threshold (90). Target 6:40
Fri - REST
Sat - 45 mins steady. Target 7:00 - 7.10m/m
Sunday- 90 mins easy

So do you think I could improve if I use your sub-40 plan?

Thank you.

Sub 40 Goal - TheEd - 05-05-2017

Hi bedingfield

we can give it a go, starting with the cycle as Day 1 next Tuesday

for this weekend, you could run a Parkrun, so you can use this as your marker

I guess, your 5k should be OK after the 10k

there is no reason you should not get improvement from the program

on we go


Sub 40 Goal - bedingfield - 23-05-2017

Hi there,

I am doing a 10K next Monday, I will you that marker and post back.

Thank you.

Sub 40 Goal - TheEd - 01-06-2017

how did things go?