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Pre 10K race tiredness - TGMAC - 12-05-2017

Hi, I have completed the sub 45 mins 10k programme and have my race on Sunday. I feel a bit jaded. Is this normal?

Pre 10K race tiredness - TheEd - 15-05-2017

Hi TGMAC and welcome to the forums

in the final week you should start feeling ready to race

are you able to provide what training you have been doing to this point and a little more background, please?

Thanks TheEd

Pre 10K race tiredness - TGMAC - 18-05-2017

Hi TheEd, in fact on the day of the race I felt good. I did complete the programme a week earlier, so I repeated more or less the last week of the programme, starting with the 6 x 1kms laps. Probably not what you would recommend
As it happens I managed 43:57 on race day. Delighted, the programme worked a treat!:wow:

Pre 10K race tiredness - TheEd - 23-05-2017

congrats on your event.

Correct, not the best to have done the 1k session, that would definitely have added to the tiredness

so, what have you got planned next?